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Hey there,

Currently when trying to use any calendar function that needs to use showPage.php, is coming up with 404 not found error. This includes managing time slots or trying to add time slots. This also includes trying to delete calendars.

No updates have applied to the webpage recently that points to why this would suddenly not work.

Any help is appreciated

Hi jaldag,
could you please send us a private message using the form in our profile page with a link to your website and your WP admin access? So we can make some tests and find a solution to the issue.
Thank you.

Pre-Sale Question:

If I have a weekend event on a Saturday and Sunday, can I sell tickets for both single days and the whole weekend? Does your plugin account for that a combination of ticket types on a multi-day event?

Hi cavtec,
our plugin doesn’t manage tickets sales. Our plugin is only a show case for your events where you can add a link to another page or website where people will be able to buy the ticket, but payments/reservations are not managed by our plugin. Please let us know if you need more information about it.


Depuis le mise à jour de Events Calendar, je rencontre un problème d’affichage. En effet, il m’est impossible de lire les événements précédant et suivant le mois actuel. Le calendrier bloque sur le chargement.

Pourriez-vous m’aider ?

merci d’avance Voici ma configuration :

Site web : www.flying-devil.ch/events

Wordpress : 4.8 Event calendar : 4.5.4

Hi mdupraz,
we’re sorry, this doesn’t seem to be our Events Calendar, the layout and functioning are totally different. Also, our latest version is 1.1.1.

Hello, I just bought your event pluggin. I have configured two events but I have a problem in displaying on a page. I am in full page and my calendar is displayed on 1/4 of the page. Can you help me please, Thank you in advance.

Hi jeanmarc974,
could you please send us a private message using the form in our profile page with a link to your website and your WP admin access?
So we can check your configuration and see if there’s something wrong. Please also add all the details to reproduce the issue.
Thank you.

Hello, I wanted to point out that I managed to install the calendar on my page in full size. My current problem is that I can not enter the schedules when creating a second event and I do not have the save button either. I lose my event every time. Thank you for helping me.

Hi jeanmarc974,
could you please send us a private message using the form in our profile page with a link to your website and your WP admin access?
So we can check your configuration and see if there’s something wrong. Please also add all the details to reproduce the issue.
Thank you.

Hey I bought WP-events calendar and I still dont see installable word press file only option, the zip I downloaded failed. I really needed this for tonight, why doesnt it work?

We answered to your last post :)

This plugin is so frustrating how do I get my money back?

How can I add events? where are the instructions?!?

I click Events Calendar in the menu and see a message that says “use menu above to and content” but there is NO MENU

why can’t there be a simple ADD EVENT button. This is so infuriating

Hi Artsparkdesign,
sorry, that sentence is wrong. You need to use the menu on the left, not “above”.
In order to add an event, you need to adjust the settings first (“Settings” section in the left menu) and then add at least a calendar (“Manage Calendars” section in the left menu). After doing that, you’ll be able to click on “Manage Events” in “Manage Calendars” section and add the events.
you can find the documentation in the package you downloaded on CodeCanyon. Just double click on “Index.html” file in “documentation” folder and the complete documentation will open. You can also find the online version here:
Please let us know if you need further information about our plugin.


I am interested in buying this Word Press plugin as I like the general look and feel of the plugin.

Do I have access to the source code to make modifications to the design and implement my own personal functionality?

I am looking to be able to 1) Modify the way the calendar is displayed on the page 2) Allow users to set calendar preferences so that they only see events that are relevant to them.

Can you please confirm that I have the ability to make the changes that I require.

Also can you please provide me with a estimate for you to implement the custom functions that I have requested?

Kind regards

Johnny Ioannou

Hi Johnny,
you can fully customize our plugin by altering the code.
1) it depends on what you need to do. If you change the code of the plugin, you can potentially customize everything about the calendar
2) we’re sorry but this feature is not available. Anyway, if you customize the code (and we think you could need to customize also the database for this functionality), you can develop everything you need
Regarding the estimate, we don’t write them publicly, so, please send us a private message using the form in our profile page. Explain in details what you need (how you want the calendar to be displayed and how you determine if an event is relevant for a user) and we’ll send you our best offer.

Hi Wachipi

Your plugin looks very interesting. Can you tell me something about managing recurring events … Once I have set up a series of recurring events (say for every Monday afternoon at 3pm for 3 months) – can I make a change to the whole series (for example if I made a spelling mistake)? Or can I only edit one event at a time?

Another question – how are these events stored … are they custom post types? Thanks.

Hi jana5,
we’re sorry, but the recurring options is only during creation, to save you time when you need to create the same events for multiple dates. Once they’ve been created, you will have to modify them one by one. The events are not custom post types, our plugin has its own database tables and you can find them by checking the ones that have the “wp_events_” prefix.

I have a pre-sale question. I want to use this to promote music festivals. I would like to be able to tag bands/artists and if people click on artist A in one event they can see other events they are performing at. Is this possible? Plus a tag list (or an A to Z of artists)

Hi muckajay,
we’re sorry, but this feature is not available. Events cannot be filtered by artists, there’s only a textual search available.

OK but can you please answer my other questions below…

Just purchased this from you (I already have your WP booking calendar for another project and love it).

So I have set up my first event. Pretty straight forward and similar set up to the booking calendar. I have just a few issues that I would like sorted please…

1: Multi day events (most of my events will be multiple days). On the event I set up 17th and 18th February 2018 for an event. On the list view it shows the dates but when you click read more it only shows the start date and doesn’t even specify the month. For example on this one it sats 17 Saturday at the top. I put the custom times to start and end both days but they do not show up on the event page itself.

2: Is there any simple way to have an extra tab with description, gallery etc to have artists playing the event? I would like to have them as tags if possible.

3: If extra tabs can be done, can we have a social media one as well for each event?

4: Can we change the number of characters for the exert descriptions in the list view of the events? So that we can set that to a number of characters?

If some of these features can be made but at a cost for custom, please let me know.

Hi muckakjay,
we assisted you via email :)

Hi, Is it possible to use the calendar only in back-end? The main wp-users only should create appointments in calendar back-end where they add new appointments of their patients. Is this possible? In a quick ajax-like style? Doctor’s assistant records appointments for 2 different locations. Is it possible to have such views of 2 calendars for different locations? Also, I would like to have different doctors coloured with different colours of their own appointments. They use wordpress 4.7 I think and for now it can not be updated yet…

I need only in the backend

Hi miskojunak,
we suppose you’re talking about our WP Booking Calendar plugin.
We’re sorry, but the calendars cannot be used from back-end, but only from front-end. Anyway, you can allow only WP registered users to book time slots and protect the public page with a password, so that only the doctor’s assistant will be able to book appointments. Regarding locations, yes, you have to create 2 different calendars, one for each location. Regarding colors, we’re sorry, but this feature is not available.
Anyway, we’re available for customizations so, if you’re interested in, please send us a private message using the form in our profile page with all the details of what you need and we’ll send you our best offer.