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Really like your calendar, but have a question.

I see in your admin overview that I could disable “calendar selection”, “search box”, and “views buttons”, but I don’t see any options for the event tabs.

Is it possible in admin to disable some of the event tabs, such as “Map”, “Twitter”, “Flickr”, etc.?


Hi JoomX,
thank you!
If you do not insert contents for those sections, such as a Map, a Twitter or a Flickr hashtag, those sections won’t appear by default.

Excellent, thanks for the reply…

Hey, when i try to add an event i can’t put in a date for the event. The calendar are set for published, and when i try to add event the date area remains grey and i can’t put any values in it. What to do?

HI tcoach84,
could you please send us a private message using the form in our profile page with a link to your website and your WP admin panel access? So we can check if there is any conflict with another plugin or with your theme and find a solution.
Thank you!

Hello. I’m looking for a special kind of plugin, which can manages multi reservation, more than 9 differente places with many time slot. And I also want to know what are the different types of payment included. Thanks you

Hi jon66,
we think that the plugin you were looking is this one:
With our Booking Calendar is possible to manage as many calendars as you need (one place could be one calendar in your case) and add as many time slots as you want. The only one thing that is not possible to have with our plugin is multi-days reservations. Only reservations within the same day and the same calendar are allowed.

I am unable to download and upload the Plugin into my WP Site..”Error Message..No files..

Purchase Code: 01768e0d-b143-473f-ab9b-7bce293150bb

Hi LvNites,
what zip file did you try to upload? You must unzip the package you downloaded here on CodeCanyon and inside you’ll find a zip called “wp-events-calendar-plugin.zip” which is the one to be uploaded in your WP website.
If you’re already trying to upload the correct zip file, please send us a private message using the form in our profile page with a link to your website and your WP dashboard access data, so we can try to install it by ourselves and see if there’s something wrong.
Thank you!

I have never been able to use the plugin I purchased several months ago.

WP features an auto installer, so I don’t have to worry about the plugin being installed incorrectly. I am just not able to download a zip file with the correct folders and info inside.

This is the error message I am seeing:

Installing Plugin from uploaded file: codecanyon-5025660-wp-events-calendar-plugin (1).zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Return to Plugins page

Hi LvNites,
that file is not the one you must upload. You have to unzip the package you downloaded and inside you will find a zip file called “wp-events-calendar-plugin.zip” which is the one you have to upload in WP.

So looking at this plugin and looks good…now few questions:

1.Can any user sign in and the post unlimited events per day?

2.Is there a membership, let say i let 2 for free per day and then charge for 3 and up?

Some updates need it to the plugin:

3.Is nice to have a organizer picture on the left side at top.

4.Also nice to have “Going … 1,2,3 people…” and “Maybe…0,1,2,3….” like facebook has and other event or meetup sites.

The plug in looks a nice one and i may need for one of my projects but need some of those options to have.

Also what is the difference to this: http://codecanyon.net/item/wp-booking-calendar/4639530 from the plugin here?


Hi suceava20,
we’re sorry, but none of these features are available, only administrators can post new events, there is no membership or users management.
Anyway, we’re available for customization, so, if you’re interested in, please send us a private message using the form in our profile page with all the details of what you need and we’ll send you our best offer. The difference between the two plugins is that the Events one is only a showcase for events, with no booking functionality; while the Booking one allows people to make reservations at specific times and days, but there is no “event” management, so you cannot show photos or other media about what people are going to book. It can be used by doctors to let the patients book an appointment of for hourly rental services for example.

Hello, may i know if i can add images to the month view calendar? I want to have an event calendar that looks like this http://www.zoukclub.com.sg/events

Hi cucumberninja,
you can find the code of the calendar in “public/ajax/getMonthCalendar.php”. There you can make a query to the database to find the events lists per day and put one of the images in background. Anyway, we’re also available for customizations, so, if you would like us to do it, please send us a private message using the form in our profile page with the details of your request and we’ll send you our best offer. Best

i have problem with colors

when i change them in admin for some not all it will not effect the calendar

Hi Arndigital,
could you please specify which colors are not applied to the website?
Thank you!


We’ve been trying to set up the calendar and everything works out fine except one bug.

When we try to select the time for an event, it opens up a daily selecting option instead of an hourly selecting option.

Can you fix this?



Hi JP,
it seems there’s a conflict with another plugin, it’s already happened with other clients. Could you please send us a private message using the form in our profile page with a link to your website and your WP admin panel credentials? So we can confirm the cause of the error and develop a solution.
Thank you!

We only have one “Venue” so if we leave this blank will it ignore/not use the venue feature?

Hi dyounglas,
yes, if you don’t fill in the “Venue” field, it won’t be shown on the event.

Hello, I’d like to know if this plugin includes a sidebar/widget calendar. If it does, can you post a screenshot?

Hi CrissSeregni,
we’re sorry, but this plugin does not include any sidebar/widget. You can only add the calendar to a WP page/post.


kcor Purchased

hi in the admin section when selecting times all that appears is a calendar so I cannot select any times only dates? www.thepurpledragonfly.com.au

Hi kcor,
it seems there’s a conflict with your theme or other plugins. Could you please send us a private message using the form in our profile page with your WP admin panel access, so we can make some tests and find a solution?
Thank you!

hi, I sent a mail I have problems with the colors of the fonts.

Hi showsarg,
we assisted you via email :)

check your mail because I wrote two days ago

Im having a problem with the font color not showing up, the gray is really light and Ive looked at all the color options and non of them change it..

the dev site is here http://sharkdigitalthinktank2.com/event-schedule


Hi griffin12000,
there’s a conflict with your theme which is overwriting our CSS rules. To solve the issue you should add the color you want for the text directly in the “mainstyle.css” file you can find in “public/css” folder of our plugin.
On line 588 you’ll find the rules for “events_container” class. Add this line to that rule:

color: #333 !important;

If you want a different color (not #333), just put replace that code with the one you need.

Let us know how it goes!

Good afternoon. I have a problem with the translation. Instead of the Cyrillic question marks after saving the settings. What to do?

Good luck. Thank you! I’m OK with that. I had another problem. Now not selected the date and time when creating an event.

Hi soulexpert,
we assisted you via email :)

Yes, Thank You!

Hello! I bought your plugin and i like it a lot. Can i have a short code to insert as a list view on a sidebar? I want to have it with the calendar view on all the pages of the web site, but on some, specific ones, i would like to show it as a list. IS this possible? Tks a lot. KR. Alexandre

Hi Alexandre,
we’re sorry, but the settings you configured for our plugin are valid for all the pages where you put the shortcode. So if you’ve chosen to have the calendar view as default, you’ll have it everywhere in your website where you put the shortcode.
Also, it’s not possible to put it into a sidebar, as it’s not a widget. You would see it very badly ant it wouldn’t usable.


I purchased the WP Events Calendar. (Dcd94d68-0972-4a4f-88d4-e4e2d2009fd7 -)

How can I show all calendars into one list? Shortcode which should I use?


Derk ter Beek

Hi Derk ter Beek,
you cannot display all calendars into one list. You can use the general shortcode [wp_events_calendar] to show the calendar in one of your posts/pages and then the users will be able to switch between the calendars using the dropdown at the top right corner of the page.


I see the date on the calendar and list before the event. But after clicking on Read More, there is now only the number of the day and the day (Tuesday 13) but not the month. I would like to see stand Tuesday December 13, 2016) there. How can I make it?

Cordial greetings,

Derk ter Beek.

Hi Derk ter Beek,
the only way to do that is to edit the code of the event page.
The files related to the event view are the following:
We can also do that customization for you. If you’re interested in, please send us a private message using the form in our profile page with all the details of what you need.
Let us know!

It would indeed be nice if it is modified.

I would like to see the next date format in detail (for example): Monday, 6 February, 2017 (and the name of the activity). Instead of 06 Monday see: http://josvdheuvel-coaching.nl/agenda/#!event_2017_02_06_1_1_1_Cursus+Mindfulness

You can log on to: http://josvdheuvel-coaching.nl/wp-login.php Username: wachipi Password: * dngJ EBL & P * Q * nFn7NDkJFtB

Whether you need the FTP information?

Thank you


Derk ter Beek,

Hi Derk ter Beek,
what do you mean when you say “the name of the activity”?
The access you sent us is not working, could you please check?
We also recommend you to send us the new access using the form in our profile page, to prevent others to access your website.
Thank you.

I installed the plugin successfully and create a calendar, but when I go to MANAGE EVENTS it takes to me to a page that says:

WELCOME TO EVENTS CALENDAR CONTROL PANEL Use the menu above to manage all configurations and contents

The problem is I don’t see a MENU.

Hi fillinthebrand,
there is an error on that sentence. The menu is not above, but on the left, inside the WP menu.
You need to click on “Settings” menu item and configure all the options first. Then, before creating events, you’ll need to create at least a calendar by clicking on “Manage Calendars” menu item. Please let us know if you need further information about that.

I have configured all the options and created a calendar.

Hi fillinthebrand,
please send us a private message using the form in our profile page with a link to your website and your WP admin panel access, so we can check what’s going on and find a solution.
Thank you.

Hi, I have been looking everywhere for a calendar to function the way my client requires it to:

She needs a basic calendar that we can add in events on certain days, just as text and manually put a link in, to a page on the site (not an event page, a pre-made page of our choice).

My question is: Is this possible with your plugin, if so how would you go about doing it? Kind regards

Hi jamie951,
yes, you can insert events only with a title, a text and the link you need (you can put it either in the text or using a specific field that generates a nice button on the screen for which you can change the text). When the user will click on a day, he will see all the events previews and will be able to enter the event (event page) or directly click on the link (button). You can also show the events previews as the default view, instead of the calendar one.
Anyway, it’s not possible to disable the event page, so the user would always be available to see it.
Please let us know if you need further information about it.
Thank you.

Front end submissions

As I research themes and plugins for an event calendar website, one of the most dominant requirements is front-end submissions. With that is the ease of use for customers, if the website wants to charge a fee for the event posting at the front-end. To restrict submissions to the Dashboard area, labours the front-end submission unnecessarily.

My suggestion is to offer both functions, front-end without having to create an account or register (there are other plugins that do this) and the second would be to create an account for return clients which offers more features for clients.

This would also need payment integration for front-end submissions (with and without an account).

I offer these suggestions because of the many plugins I viewed and tried, I really liked the way your calendar is designed. Very few developers think mobile when designing despite their claims of responsiveness.

If you do take my suggestions, that will definitely boost your design and make it far more versatile and fit better in the eCommerce market as well.


Hi FWD2016,
we’ll take your suggestions in consideration, they’re very interesting.
Thank you very much for taking the time to write us!