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Perfect, that worked! Thanks, much appreciated.

Thanks for the purchase and comment!

Does this not work on a Multi Site installation?

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I see why it doesn’t work. It was an easy fix.

Just me or is the demo not working?

Im moving my site to a new HDD , it will be back up in a couple days.

Is this still supported and working on the new WP platform??

Hi. Widget stopped working after the change of theme. Everything is configured properly. That suggest? At the bottom of the footer – “Themeforest”

Hi, Ive gotten a few emails in the last week about this. Im looking into it. Expect a reply in the next week.

The plugin works, but … 106.534 Clickthroughs 0 Registered Members 0 Deposits ??? Any idea?

After they leave your site it is completely up to them if they want to buy something. So I really cant help you with non buying customers. Ive had maybe 5 of 50,000 clickthroughs make purchases.

My site Link: hhtp:// This plugin is not working. Last 4 days work fine. but from today it not working and showing following error:

Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /home/amdadhbd/public_html/ on line 439

My Purchase Code: e1cae9d3-f779-48f8-ae2f-94ac703a7614

Please take a look and give me a solution

Problem solved. I just deactivate the plugin and delete it. then re-install and activate it. It’s working fine now again

Very Strange

I get a 404 error on the live preview link.

the plugin must be dead

Plugin is not working well with new wordpress vers. An update is required please.

Just looked at the ‘demo’, the 404 page is confusing.

Looking at the thumbnails on the right, the left most thumbnails display the pop-up OK, but then the rest are cut-off as they open. Being cut-off the canvas I assume.