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Do they have to be clients? Or can they just have an envato acct.

For example, if I want to teach a group to use Envato as their internal media production asset, team, design archive, I can mandate that they have an Envato acct to let them subscribe to my WP site?

Sure anyone can register. Its up to you to decide if they need to be clients or not.

Nice product, now we can say you’re ready to ask your badge mate ! Good Luck With Sales


Hi Tunafish,

I just saw there was an update. Any information as to what was updated?



Only the path to the css files used for the admin. It was linking to the wrong folder.

Great plugin! Works like a charm. Anyone thinking of purchasing it’s definitely worth the price and more.

Can’t seem to get on your support forum though. It’s telling me “Error Creating User”.

Just a quick question, I’m getting a blank value for “support_amount” on my install. I’m not sure if it’s a setting in my app (maybe need to add an additional permission)? I thought it was a similar issue to this thread:


But I think this is supposed to be resolved on Envato’s end. Are you seeing this on yours as well?


Yes “support_amount” is empty for us as well. We do get a value under “supported_until” we added this option in the latest update.

About the support forum issue. Did you already had an account maybe? anyway it should still work but I would like to know why you get this error.

Hello Tunafish,

Just purchased this plugin. Looks great so far.

However, how do I know what values are saving to the database? Its not listed in the Admin? is there any way to list all registered users with collected details?

Another plugin do somewhat similar. See this :

Is it possible to list these inisde wp-admin?



Each time we click Login with Envato, it re-asks permission. I think that’s not needed. Envato will pass a refresh token, that we can use after an hour. See : https://build.envato.com/api/#oauth

I would recommend you to use our helpdesk for support. Thanks.

Hi, I tried that before, but I couldn’t find a matching category. Anyway I’ve added it now in the Plugins category.

Thanks in advance


Is this really necessary?

View and search Envato sites View your name, location and account balance (??) Download your purchased items Verify purchases of your items Verify purchases you’ve made

I think the only permissions should be:

View your Envato Account username View your email address View your purchases of the app creator’s items

This is kinda scary to give access to account balance for example.

Hello, what’s wrong with sales, this item should have been featured


Purchased it mostly to see how you did things as I was trying myself and kept getting an error “invalid_grant” when trying to call the API. Looks like your plugin is having the same issue (when I test the code manually as I couldn’t use the actual shortcode do to errors – http://cl.ly/2W0i3C240704 ).

Anyway I am actually using wp_remote_post on my project (I’m just creating a login for my own site http://wpexplorer-themes.com/support/ ) – http://cl.ly/1Z0p3s421C2t

Do you have any idea why I would get the following response? Any help would be appreciated – http://cl.ly/2p343H1p2L2O

Thanks! AJ

Hi, Could you please add this to our helpdesk. Developers only answer questions over there. Thanks!

Never mind I figured it out ;) But Thanks for the quick response!

Hi, Does the plugin use the new Envato Api? If yes I will definitely buy it. Thanks!

Yes, its the new API.

Hey, Cheers ON THIS!!! Im curious and please keep in mind im noob to the new API and app creating. I created my app and everything, but, did I miss something? Never do I or did I see anything about “Envato API Client Secret”. I found “Envato API Client ID” Just fine I see that clear as day. Again sorry if im impatient and this is emailed to me or something, as I said, im a noob haha.


Wait??? Is this my App Token Number? And does that make this an extremely stupid question?? haha

The client secret is the token you get when you register your app on the Envato API

you know why I receive this error?


I already add this to the helpdesk but I have no received reply a yet :-(

I would greatly appreciate your help :-)


Please use our helpdesk for support.

Hi i am interested to buy this. i have one question What happened when purchase expired ? is this showing any warning to when they try to login ? how we know this user support licence expired ?

Thanks for great product

HI, This plugin just handles the Envato Login for you and provides the user data including sales. What you do with the data is upto you.


When I tested your demo, after I click approved button to login with my Envato account, it showed me “Only client can be registered”, so is it possible to allow all envato users login whatever he is buyer or not?


Yes, thats possible.

Hello, it’s showing “Error creating user” how can i fix it? http://prntscr.com/bbfav7

Can I also protect a page with your plugin

If you make the page visible for logged-in users only, you can use the plugin to let your users log in to access the page.

Hi, I got this error when I try registration . Error creating user.



Hello ?

Please use our helpdesk for support.


Hi, can I see the docs before the purchase?

We have no online docs available for this plugin.

Hi. You could specify a little more functionality. It only does the registration with envato. Then how does it follow, there is a dashboard …?

hi this is a pre sale question , it will allow to login with envato account or after login , user have to complete reigstration ??

i want a system live visual composer support give to there users , just login then you will redirect to the dashbored , ?? is it , or user have to register after login through envato account ? please reply as soon as possible