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Ok. Thanks

can I change myself?

Yes, no problem. And when you’ll update the plugin next time, it will works too :)

Please do not include .git directory into the plugin resulting zip archive.

Hi you’re right, this is a mistake. I’ll remove it in the next release.

Hey b-web,

when using the plugin for envato items I received “item not found”.

[wp-pic type=”envato” slug=”10859045” layout=”large” scheme=”scheme1” align=”center” margin=”0” ajax=”yes”]

WP.org works fine.

The files inside the “all files” package were there right one, success ;-)

Configured and tested it and it works so far but there are some wrong/missing data: e.g. https://coder.flowdee.de/amazon-bestseller-for-wordpress/

1.) Avatar url is not set

2.) Showing 0 followers which is wrong

3.) You’re displaying the amount of sales of the item above but in my opinion it’s misleading at this position: I expected it to be the total amount of the authors sales, because you placed the number below the AUTHOR name and AUTHOR followers. Displaying the amount of sales for the specific item is cool but should be placed below the item name, before the last updated date. Inside the author box there should be the amount of authors total sales or maybe replacing by amount of products on codecanyon.

Hi, Cool to hear you got the right files :)

1.) & 2.) Works for me ! Thats really strange. I don’t know what’s going wrong. Check the demo page I’ve updated with your item (first of large layout) ==> http://b-website.com/wp-envato-affiliate-card-powered-envato-market-api

3.) I’m not agree with you because this is a “product” card, not an author one. But you can use the hooks to fetch extra data from the user json and to display them in a custom template.


Avatar and follower count now are correctly being displayed.

Yeah i don’t agree as well, I just said that you wrote down sales directly under the AUTHOR datas which is simply misleading at this position in my opinion.

When reading the sales amount i think it’s the total sales of the author and not the item above.

Do you have any user guide for this on how to install and use?

Hi, Evything is documented on the product page and on Wp Plugin Info Card page on Wp.org : https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-plugin-info-card/ Let me know what you do not understand. Best,


I just bought this plugin to use with Envato. However all the instructions is for Wordpress Plugins. I cannot seem to figure out how to get this plugin to work with Envato. Can you please give me instructions specifically for envato? thanks

Hi, Evything is documented on the product page and on Wp Plugin Info Card page on Wp.org : https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-plugin-info-card/ Let me know what you do not understand. Best,


Seems the plugin i downloaded here on codecanyon isn’t the Envato Affiliate plugin but the normal wordpress one. Can you please give me a refund for this product. I’m too frustrated to go further with this plugin.



Hi, You should have two plugins in the archive you downloaded, the free one + the Envato add-on. Please, note that I’ll do a update in a couple of days. Best

I would like to know if i can add in the entire product offerings for all the 8 different affiliate categories on one master page for each of them, and then people who visit my site can search there etc.

Is this possible?

Hi, Unfortunately this is not possible with this plugin. Best,

Hey there. I’m very interested in purchasing this tool. Is there any way to remove the “sales” section of the card? Some of my newer items don’t have any sales and I don’t want “0 Sales” to drive anyone away. Thanks!

Hi JackWinn, Thanks for purchasing the plugin. Here’s how to do what you want : (quote from the plugin description)

You may easily overload the plugin render. You need to create a new “wppic-templates” folder into your theme folder, then copy the template you want to overload from WP Envato Affiliate Card “wppic-templates” folder.

You may create your own template file. You need to create a new ”wppic-templates” folder into your theme folder, then copy the template file “wppic-template-envato-large.php” from WP Envato Affiliate Card ’/wppic-templates’ folder. Rename the file like this “wppic-template-envato-NEWTEMPLATE.php”, edit it as you go and add your own CSS rules. Finally, call your new template by adding the following parameter in your shortcode: layout=”NEWTEMPLATE”


I’ve downloaded the new version, but was surprised. Its code says about stable tag = 2.2.1. While the version of the plugin that I have on my site is 2.5.1. Seems versioning is wrong. Could you please fix that?

Hi, this is not a problem since the mains plugin (the free one) is directly updatable from wordpress.org. Best,

good morning, How can i use this plugin in section portfolio on Wordpress? can i set a category for every item?

Hi Paolo, I’m not sure to understand what you want to achieve with this. This plugin can only display a nice card for a specific item with it ID. Best,


I wish to show only a few element like ratings, sales for Codecanyon items and ratings and downloads for wordpress.org plugins

Is this possible through shortcodes or is there a different way?


Hi, You can achieve this with some shortcodes. Please see examples on the product page. Best


I’ve a (little) problem with the plugin: when defining custom image for an evato item (my own screenshot), it does not change the card view, the envato image is still displayed. Normal, or did I miss something?

Have a nice day a thanx in advance. Best regards, Pascal CESCATO.

Hi, Can you give me your shortcode ? Best, Brice


J’ai trouvé la solution dans le fichier wppic/wppic-templates/wppic-template-envato-large.php il faut mettre un elseif à la place du second if : //Plugin banner $banner = ’’; if( !empty( $image ) ){ $banner = ‘’; } elseif( !empty($wppic_data->live_preview_url) && empty( $wppic_data->audio_url ) ) { $banner = ‘’; }

Je suppose que ce n’est pas le seul endroit où il faut le changer, mais pour le moment, ça me suffit.

Bonne soirée Pascal Cescato


Oh No I didnt see that the last support was 6 months a go !! Is there a video or guide to setup ?

I bought this thinking it was able to insert a image card advert into a post of of a envato product complet with a link and associated with my affliate id …after an hour Icant get it to do anything very dissapointed

Hi firstly apologies no one should be yelled at for $7 ! 1. you have told me the plugin is working your end so the problem is mine 2. I have some wordpress knowledge but I had a real problem following your instructions I am not a programmer so I didnt follow. Seeinga sthough you are still about (i saw the last response was 6 months ago and thought you had gone) I will have another go Its sunday not at church so lets see will get back to you

Ok a better start I uploaded the plugins to a vanilla wordpress I dropped the ine [wp-pic slug=”adblock-notify-by-bweb” layout=”large” scheme=”scheme1” align=”right” margin=”0 0 0 20px” containerid=”download-sexion” ajax=”yes”] into a post and got https://wpfyi.xyz/2017/11/26/test/ better! I went to the plugins setup again First question 1. “Please refer to the plugin URL on wordpress.org to determine its slug – https://wordpress.org/plugins/THE-SLUG/ -” What url on wordpress org? What is a slug? What slug do I put there? Do i just put the slug or do I put the whole url when I find it?

Do I need to fill that out at all? As when I moved to the post and tried using the plugins action there after a fiddle i found that just entering the envato code creates the card! https://wpfyi.xyz/2017/11/26/test/ and i get the nice neat image So the problems were mine The plugin is working fine Could one say ” All you need to do after install of the plugins is to add your enavato id in the settings page and enter the envato code in the drop down box that says Plugin and Voila!” Now whilst I am here The next important step is to get a nice post in twitter automatically as you can see from the four diffrent attempts that has to be achieved https://twitter.com/wordpressfyi


The slug is the plugin “machine name” on wordpress.org, so it is like in the following URL : https://wordpress.org/plugins/THE-SLUG/ (the words in the URL after /plugins/ or /themes/). You have to paste this words (not the full URL) to the shortcode slug parameter.

To use the envato card, you have to use two parameter in your shortcode (see description and example) and your done : 1 – type: envato (default: plugin) and 2 – slug: envato product ID

Sorry but I did not understand your last question about twitter.



gnfb1234 Purchased

Hi Had not used this for awhile and I seem to have forgotten where to embed / place / add the affiliate id gnfb1234??


gnfb1234 Purchased

Earlier message dont worry I sorted it out it was the old two diffrent plugins issue


gnfb1234 Purchased

This is not really your problem but any insight would help. When I add the the shortcode into the editor it creates the advert as suggested. My theme and I know a lot of other themes require a featured image to be able to display on the frontend. Can you suggest a way that a featured image can be created form the shortcode?

Hi, You mean create a feature image automaticaly? If so, this requieres some dev. If you only want to use the product image (retrieve it manually) you can retrieve it easyly with the following methode. Regarding to the ENVATO API, you can do the following : - Retrieve the item data from the API : https://marketplace.envato.com/api/edge/item:9917232.json (replace numbers by the product ID, exactly as when you embed a shortcode) - Find the value “live_preview_url” (the last one) - Copy the image URL and past it in a new tab - Save the image

This proces is quite easy, but it can be easier. You juste have to replace the item number in the image URL by the item you want the image, and you’re done.

https://s3.envato.com/files/116700789/envato_image_590x300.jpg https://s3.envato.com/files/ITEMNUMBER/envato_image_590x300.jpg

Hope this helps. Best,