WP Electric Carousel - Full Width Touch Responsive Lazy Load Slider

WP Electric Carousel - Full Width Touch Responsive Lazy Load Slider

Version 2.0 Touch/Swipe now works with Electric Carousel! Also added delayed autoplay, improved pre-loading and animations. Supports Wordpress 4.2.

New in 1.8 Added breakpoints for responsive websites! Update also includes a new left/right paddle style, pre-loader image and support for Wordpress 4.1

New in 1.7 Big feature update adds support for gallery image captions and shortcode options to control Auto-Play, Opacity, Layout (full or boxed width), Time Delay, Animation Duration and Controls.

New in 1.6 Added support for Jetpack-Photon (CDN) images and “random order” of gallery images.

New in 1.5 Added support for links using the WP Gallery Custom Links plugin.

A Wordpress plugin for displaying a series of high-resolution images on full-width pages. Built-In Lazy Loader allows for infinite hi-res images while helping to optimize page-load.


  • Great for Displaying Lookbooks, Editorial Photography and Large Images
  • Built-In Lazy Loader Lets You Add Many Hi-Resolution Images Without Hurting Page-Load
  • Automatic Centering Displays Tall and Wide Photographs Beautifully
  • Nothing to Learn – Just Add/Edit/Manage Galleries In Wordpress

Super-Easy to Use: Create Sliders Using Native Wordpress Galleries

Wordpress Full-Width Image Carousel Slider Plugin for Lookbooks and Photography

How To Add An Easy Shortcode to Your Wordpress Gallery with Electric Slider Plugin

Add Post or Page Content Around the Carousel Shortcode

Wordpress Gallery Plugin Shortcode Tutorial for Inifinite Slider

Pro-Tip: Upload Images at Equal Height for A Seamless Slider

The plugin automatically centers every image in the slider, so this is optional.
Full Width High Resolution Lookbook Photography Plugin for Wordpress


2.0        2015-07-15
****NEW! Added touch/swipe support for mobile devices
****Improved pre-loading and animations
****Updated for Wordpress 4.2

1.8        2014-09-16
****NEW! Added attributes for 4 responsive break points to specify height: xsmall_height, small_height, medium_height, and large_height.
****Updated graphics for loading icon and control paddles
****Updated for Wordpress 4.1

1.7        2014-06-04
****Now supports Wordpress image gallery captions
****Added auto_play option
****Added inactive_opacity option
****Added layout option
****Added delay option
****Added animation_duration option
****Added controls option
Fixed jQuery bug not calculating height of slide.

1.6        2014-02-11
****Added support for Jetpack-Photon plugin.
****Added "Random Order" option to carousel.
Removed jQuery noConflict method - using global jQuery instead.
Enqueue scripts and CSS using wp_enqueue_scripts hook.
Trigger resize on first few slides.

1.5        2014-01-29
****Added support for links using the WP Gallery Custom Links plugin
Removed element .electric-carousel-overlay.
Fixed bug causing left offset when parent element has padding.
Updated style .electriccarousel-viewer { position: relative }.
Removed style .electriccarousel-anchor { z-index: 10000 }.

1.4        2014-01-18
Removed attribute argument parsing in shortcodes to fix error "Argument #2 is not an array".
Removed z-index from .electriccarousel-viewer container.

1.3        2014-01-17
Added alt text to gallery images for improved SEO.

1.2        2014-01-17
Added default value for argument in shortcode hooks to fix "argument is not array" warnings.

1.1        2014-01-14
Updated documentation.