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I cannot access your demo. I tried firefox and chrome. I would like to see the demo.

It works now. Thanks so much.

Hi, I have tried emailing you but no reply as of yet? I am experiencing issues with the hover state, namely the black boxes with the names being out of alignment with the images.

I would appreciate your help with this!

Hi. The update doesn’t work, I don’t know why. Can you please help me?

Can you clarify it? Please go to this page, then shoot me a message.

Can this be used to display latest blog posts?

No, it can’t.

Hi The plugin is not working for me in chrome

The plugin has stopped working on Fasthost shared hosting as it tries to call xmlrps.php which has been blocked by “Bot protection”. Is there a fix for this?

Hey man I want to change the layout of the dropdown panel thing, Could you provide some assistance on that? I’ve already tried emailing you

Did you buy my item? Anyway, do override CSS may helpful.

I’m working on a site and my company purchased your product

If I have images in different sizes.. does this plugin support it without cropping my images out? Or all the images have to be shown in same sizes?

And what is the backend demo?

My plugin will crop images base on your configuration. I closed backend for demo, because too many images were uploaded, so it made my demo look awful.

I received no documentation for this plugin. Within the ‘documentation’ folder there is a link that goes to a page with a link to ‘demo’ that does not work. The documentation for the ‘older version’ goes to a different plugin that does not have any instructions either. I can tinker with this to look at the code from the firefox inspector, but since I purchased it with the understanding that I would have instructions. The demo was the reason I purchased the plugin to begin with.

Please provide instructions for the plugin.

Thank you!

Can I access your dashboard? I want to check the issues. Thanks.

I think there may be an issue in the code. When I deleted the project, I got a fatal error: Fatal error: Call to undefined method EgridModel::get_images_by_project_id() in /home/content/83/3794883/html/wp/wp-content/plugins/wp_elastic_grid/model/egrid_model.php on line 53

Could that be causing the issue?

Send me an email where I can pm you.

How do I do an update

Just remove the old one, then re-install. It does not delete your data.

Having an HTTP error 404 when uploading images. Also, when trying to sort alphabetically it keeps randomizing the content. Please advice

is there any way to use this with woo commerce product grid?

I don’t know how woo product grid works. Just let you know that my item is using shortcode to embed to your post/page.

hi, is there any way that I can configure my images in html code format instead of JavaScript ? I am looking for HTML website not wordpress plugin.

Hi, We have purchased this plugin and installed. Facing issue about uploading thumbnail image in the thumbnail gallery. Please help us to fix this. Thank you,

I was replied to you guys via email billing@str…. You used this email to contact but It seems like you never open it up. Please check your inbox. Thank you very much.

Ive just purchased your plugin Elastic Grid for wordpress and can’t get it working.

I’ve followed your instructions on the manual, but get stucked on uploading images after placing project in project count section. I also tested the plugin shortcode [wp_elastic_grid id=”1”] without the Enfold theme.

I’ve already answered via email.

I also purchased your plugin in 2017, and now can not upload images, can you send me the solution to Thanks