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The code to enable zip files on your site is better suited to being placed in the functions.php file of your parent / child theme instead of index.php as you suggest, agreed?

Not sure, if the user activates another theme he would have to copy/paste the code again. I don’t think a user would change his theme 10 times a month, but still.

My point is that if it doesn’t have anything to do with the theme or is not part of the theme, it doesn’t belong in the theme functions.php

Hi uWebic, What a fantastic idea! I’m gonna promote this one!

Good Work!


thank you

Hi uWebic,

i have the same question as @WPWiseOwl , how can i activate your plugin directly with my fonction.php ? do i have to copy/paste all your index.php or just a part of it ?

thanks best regards jessy

That’s not what WPWiseOwl was referring to. I don’t know for sure if you can activate a plugin using code.

Any chance you’re going to integrate this w/ WPD ?

Do you need this for WPD ? You can always use the shop add-on. Or is there something specific from this plugin that you prefer?

Before Purchase: There are a file dimension limitation? can i upload 2GB zip file?

the only limit is set by your own host. If your host allows 2GB files to be uploaded then you are good. But we did not set any limit in the plugin itself.


Is there a way to display the last file published on the homepage of the site? Similarly, is it possible to display the last 5 files in the sidebar?

Is there a limitation in the number of characters in the display file summary, present in the list of files?

thank you for your reply.

Currently no but we can always build it in. The plugin uses a custom type where the content in the editor is displayed in the detail page and for the summary the WordPress excerpt is being used.


1.After adding new download I get a message that says “wrong file type.” I was uploading a pdf so I’m pretty sure that’s an okay file type.

2 The plugin breaks my theme pretty horribly. How can I prevent this?

3. When a logged out user clicks the Download button, they are just taken back to the homepage.

1. Currently it only accepts zip files. I will update the plugin so you can specify your own file type.

2. I’ll add a setting to disable the styles. You can always manually remove the styles. Comment line 146 & 148 in classes/wp-downloader.php

3. Maybe I did this on purpose, I need to check this

I will keep you posted

1 and 2 has been resolved but I cannot replicate the last problem. Can you give me a link to your site so I can check this out.

hi, trying to upload pdf files, but gets the wrong file type error… when will you release an update to fix this…?

best regards

Hey, If I’m not mistaken I think I added this but forgot to put it on codecanyon. Apologies for this, I will check asap and upload it on codecanyon. (in +- 6 hours)

My apologies I forgot to upload the plugin. It is now in the review queue. But you should be notified by email as soon as the update was approved (if you checked the email notification option next to the purchased item in the downloads page)


I have a few questions to be answered before buying it. Please do not ignore because I am really going to buy.

1. If I am logged in, will the download start download when click on the “Download” button? 2. Can I customize where the download button to put? 3. Can I change the download button image/colour/shape/size.etc?


2. My Wordpress theme is very different from others, so if I can’t customize, I can’t imagine where the “Download” button will be.

We will add the option to overwrite the standard layout so you can customise it to your needs and we will provide some documentation on what you need to do. But for this, an update of the plugin is required. I will be able to implement it this week.

Please inform me whenever it is released the update.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/ecoescue/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-downloader/lib/wpelements/wp_elements.php on line 407

Did you download the latest update?

Your software did not include the css file. I have the latest version of WP too. Not sure why your zip file would leave out a css file. Plus instead of sending me a complete version you only offered me a Envato store credit.

I wanted to add a feedback rating but it doesn’t seem to be an option.

Dear, I just looked and the CSS file is present. it also looks like the main zip file is correct. I’m not sure what you mean with the Envato store credit?


Is there anyway that you could display visuals in regards to how this plugin and others (that you create)? Maybe you can do a few videos with better live demos?

I’m really trying to wrap my head around how all your plug-ins coincide with each other.

We will try to add some videos soon.

Your live preview is coming up with 404.

Sorry about that. I forgot it was still on the old website. Thank you for letting us know.

demo doesn’t work, and your screenshot doesn’t really help.

Quando vou ativar o plugin diz que não foi possível ativar devido um erro Fatal. O que faço ?