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The plugin works seamlessly with wp-ecommerce, but the shipping information is not being passed on to authorize.net. Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks, Pete

Hello Pete, this plugin is built to process the payment amount only. That is why it does not pass the shipping info to Authorize.net. If you need it to be customized for you please email at developers@solvercircle.com and they will provide you custom development service.


Does it comes with Echeck option also, along with Credit cards? I want to buy it, and I can only buy it , if this has the functionality. because as per “docs.woothemes.com/document/authorize-net-cim/” this link – there is the functionality

but how come the same plugin with woothemes claims that – “echeck option is available” http://www.woothemes.com/products/authorize-net-cim/

may be this depends on the Merchant Code “some merchants who are pre approved of Echeck” can only see that functionality and others wont”

These two are completely separate and different addons for two different plugins. WP E-commerce Authorize.Net is the addon module for WP Ecommerce Plugin and it implements Authoirize.net AIM payment method and the link that you provided implements Authorize.net CIM for WP Woocommerce plugin. I hope that makes sense. Please feel free to ask if you still have any confusion.

The plugin did not come with the ability to AVS match the billing which I manually programmed in. With out AVS it’s usually a higher percent for the transaction. It also seems you are forgetting to relay the ccv though you are capturing it. If anything, please add the ccv to future versions.

$sale->card_code = $card_ccv;

Also a very very important update which I added to the plugin; instead of a generic response saying there was an error from the credit card processor, you should reply back with what the problem is. You should change $_SESSION['WpscGatewayErrorMessage'] to $_SESSION['WpscGatewayErrorMessage'] = $response->response_reason_text; which is much more helpful to the customer and clients.

PS. I had my client purchase this so you’re not going to see it under my e-mail.

Hello iPoint, Thank you so much for your valuable feedback. We shall surely add these features at our future releases.


One more thing, I’m not as familiar with WP-eCommerce as I am authorize.net. When I do test transactions using the test plugin my clients and Administrator get an e-mail. Using this authorize.net plugin – no e-mail is triggered. Do you know if there is a line or something I need to add to the code so clients and administrators get notified?

Nevermind, resolve this by adding wpsc_send_admin_email( $purchase_log ); to the approved section. Can’t get the customer one to work though. Sad day

Does this work with an e-check as well? The only option I see is for credit card.

This extension is used for integration of Authorize.net AIM and it supports only Credit Card payment.


I have a client who had a falling out with the people who built his WP e-Commerce site. The site apparently is using your Authorize.net plug-in. I upgraded WP e-Commerce on the site and oops, the Authorize.net settings disappeared. Luckily I had made a backup first and was able to restore. Hopefully, you can tell me what I need to do before and after upgrading WP e-Commerce to keep your plug-in working. Any help is appreciated.

Thank, Gary

Hello Gary, we provide custom development service. So, please contact with our support team at developers@solvercircle.com and they will let you know more. Thanks

Does this plugin still work? With current version of WP? Cannot install through WP or by ftp- never shows up in plugins list even when load by ftp. I am very familiar with installing plugins, do it every day. Please advise.

Hi there, we have submitted an update for this plugin and hoping to get it reviewed soon for approval, so please download the updated plugin from your account here on Monday and use that one.

I’m facing a weird problem with this plugin. After activating the plugin the whole site does not respond and the db queries are endless….finally “sleep” please help me out

Hi there, please submit your issue to support.solvercircle.com and our support team will check it out. by the way, this is the first time we are getting such info.

I added the plugin to the site, now I don’t get email notification when there’s a sale. Also, my customers don’t see the order confirmation and don’t get an email confirmation as well :-(

Please submit your site FTP and admin access information as per the request.

As I mentioned earlier, I have included a question which is related to the request. How can I just submit it, without getting a clarification/ reply first? If the support would read my question properly, which is related to the FTP request, I won’t be asking about the status here since I didn’t get a reply for a week.

we just sent you the reply in the comment at the ticket system. Sorry, we are confused, which question are you talking about.

You can email us the access information to developers@solvercircle.com if you are having issue to submit the info. Thanks