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Hey there! Great plugin. Got it up and going in no time. =)

Quick future request: It would be nice to have an option to type out the message you would like shared (with the already existing link).

Cheers! and again, great plugin. ;)


Yeah we were planing to add that feature but sadly we are currently limited by social API + themes + way of current plugin workflow :( but we will try to implement it in future.

Thanks for your purchase!


do you plan a future update: we would like to upload OWN, CUSTOM icons, for example a custom image resp. PIN IT button.

Any plans? Thank you.


We do not plan to provide that function on Envato items. We can create custom items for you only.

Hello, its possible to show the icons on all post images automatically? (without having to add manually on each one)

No, sorry

Hi, i just wondered if your plugin works on images that are added via JS. I use the Auto Grid Responsive Gallery.

Sorry no

I have trouble with this plugin. Everytime I upload it to my blog site, it doesn’t show up on any images when activated. :( I’ve owned it for quite a while and have never been able to use it.

Sorry, your support is expired (Envato).

I tried to renew and it explicitly states that you do not allow renewal//you no longer offer support on Envato, so how am I to get support then? And I’ve contacted you in the past prior to my support expiring and never heard back.

Sorry to hear that, but we are no longer working for $7.95 (that’s actually the amount we get from $15 sale).

Also we must point out that usually the problem was peron has already a WP Theme which is using some image effect upon hovering, and when activating our image effect… you can’t have two different plugins doing same action on same image. There was simply a collision.

Also you can try to contact theme developer and see if there is an issue with the theme, as from our experience people used to have themes which already had 2-3 or 10 errors which were visible simply by using web dev console (F12 key in chrome).

Also take care that this plugin does not work with Visual Composer or any similar plugin.. it requires to be used with default WP image handling.

You can also try asking envato for a refund if the refund period is not over for some reason. I can’t give you a refund personally as I only receive 50% of your payment.

Hi! I’m really excited about this plugin because it would appear that it also prevents people from right clicking and saving the image (yay!) which would encourage link image sharing :) ... but I’ concerned about one thing, usually these types of plugins open in a small window, but when go to pin or share on your plugin it opens in a whole new full screen tab… is there an option to make it open in a small window?

Plugin is not working. By klick on icons the lightbox opens up. Same problem as Easy social share buttons plugins. Now I bought two plugins and nothing works!

Will it support for featured images in my site


Thank you I just download your plugin, but i cant make it works

This is my website :

I used Visual Composer to make images.

Best regards