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Hi WPProducts, I have a pre-purchase question, My customer would like to use a news widget (can we position the widget left side underneath other widgets?) for small news and also to announce dates on future meetings etc, can your news widget take links? (something like “read more” to take the visitors to a page with the full article (not blog, my customer will not have blog just WP pages) Thank you in advance, Kind regards, Filipe

Yes, this is a widget plugin so you can place it anywhere at widget area, below or above other widgets. The news description allows HTML content so you can easily create hyper link and read more to take the visitors to any page :)

Thank yo for the quick reply :)

Hi WPProducts, I’ve looked at your demo and the title is always the same “Top Movies” Can I insert different titles like “agenda” with two items come up and then insert title”News” with another two or three items? or do they have to be always with the same Title? The customer wants to put “general meetings” and also “Latest News” Is it possible? Thank for your reply I really like the widget :) and would like to purchase it for my customer site.

We have sent you the update :)

Hello wpproducts, There are several issues with the plugin with the latest wp 4.5, I have sent you an email several weeks ago stating the issues and you have said that a update would be out next week (this was weeks ago) So far nothing yet from you. The plugin is not working properly with the latest Avada Theme. The transition is not smooth any longer and when tried to add new “News” it gives the message “error has occurred please refresh page and try again” but to no avail. Can you please advise my customer is not happy :( Thank you

The plugin works with latest wordpress version and default theme, so we did not have to release an update yet, However, we shall check again and will try to release an update by this Month. Please submit a ticket with your site FTP and Admin access info along with the issue details at support.solvercircle.com

This is what mine looks like:

Please use correct HTML and tag syntax. You can also email us, so that our support team can take a look at your html code. thanks :)

Hi WPProducts, As promised I have purchase your great plugin, also sent via PayPal the development agreement. Best regards and thank you so much.:) Filipe

Thank you :)

Thanks a million, great plugin and the support is second to none. GLWS :) now that you have upgraded the plugin.

hi just one question: is it possible to drive this by hand ? with arrows or anything else but automatic srolling or sliding drives me mad and also many of my users ;-) thanks in advance and greetings

We have added the Next and Previous Arrows/buttons along with some more configuration features in the admin. Please get the latest version for your site. Thanks

hi, I purchased now but there are a few problems:1. next and prev buttons are missing though I purchased after your anouncement and I cannot stopp sliding or fading 2. no matter how long I set the length of headline and text, it always jumps back to 8 letters headline and 3 lines text … 3. I can only use new uploads from my harddisk and not images from my wp-mediacollecton witch means that I have to upload images twice – hard because WP is making a lot of copys and its filling diskspace and slows down the system … 4. I did not find a possibility to load in articles that are already published – like in a slider … 5. Did not find a possibility to use several scrollers – there is no option to chose whicht articles should show up in which scroller .. so I can only use one of them showing my whole collection of news I made for it … e.g. I want in the small sidebar a scroller with “Short News” in green and in the wide sidebar a scroller with “events” in blue .. you write one can use endless scrollers but it seems only one after another and not at the same time … please help – thanks

hi there thanks for the questions. Did you download the latest version ? can you please set the default wordpress theme for your site to test ? Maybe your custom theme is causing any issue ?. It works with a single set of multiple news so, all news scrollers will show the same articles form the same set. However please submit your issue with site access information at support.solvercircle.com and our support team will check it out for you too.

Hi, I have same question as brittadn I guess, is it possible to make the scrolling stop on mouse over or touch (IOS) so users get time enough to read and to use the clickable link in the article ? With more than 20 articles in de scroller, the user has to wait to long till the article comes by again. And if on mouse over the user could scroll with mousewheel or arrows thru all the articles by hand would be very much appreciated. Is this an option you could implement?

Regards, Eric

Our support team had a look at your site and they found you were using the older version. So, they uploaded the latest one. Please follow the support ticket and let us know your feedback there . Thank you :)

Thank you, the new version doesn’t work so why should I have it installed?

the new version has the next and previous links. Please supply the answers to our support team through ticket :)

Hi, I would like to have a Twitter follow button in most of my articles but it is only visible in the first ? http://www.bonnieraitt.eu/blog/ <a href="https://twitter.com/earthjustice" class="twitter-follow-button" data-show-count="“true"" data-size="“medium”" data-dnt="“true"">Follow @earthjustice</a> <script>!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);js.id=id;js.src=p+'://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js';fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document, 'script', 'twitter-wjs');</script>

Regards, Eric

Please try to use HTML content only.

Hi, Unfortunately that isn’t solving the “problem”

Regards, Eric

sorry, the news description content does not allow script,

Hello WPProducts,

Asking for support, is this the rightplace ?



Hi Eric, Please create a ticket at support.solvercircle.com for any fixing issue and for any customization/new feature, please email us to developers@solvercircle.com

Presales Question: My site uses 3 languages and uses WPML to handle the pages and widgets. Can news be translated correspondingly by WPML?

Alternatively, can the news be grouped under different languages as a category?

Sorry, these features are yet to be developed.


Can this widget be used for google news as seen on https://www.mbocapital.com/mbo-capital/ ?

Will require custom development at additional cost to integrate with third party news source.

Will require custom development at additional cost to integrate with third party news source.

Hi Wpproducts, I have updated the Avada theme to the latest version and the WP Easy News has stop working. Not showing anylonger on my customer Website My support has expired but I hope that you can help since it must be needed for an upgrade to the plugin. Awaiting your reply, Thank you Regards

You can wait for our next release or you can hire us for immediate solution.

Hi, I already have paid you once for development, and agreed that you could use that development on your plugin upgrade on Envato which you did. It does not seem fair to pay for something that should be your responsibility to provide plugins that work not for customer to pay you every time that there is an upgrade. When are you thinking of release your next update? Thank you

The update maybe released next week.

Hi wpproducts, I have an issue with the plugin since the latest wp and Avada theme, the slide effect does not change anylonger (I cannot change from fade into curtainY for instance) Also the transition is very hard now. Not a smooth transition, can you please do an update my customer is not happy. await your reply (I have reported the issues several weeks ago and you promised an update. Thank you Regards

The plugin works with latest wordpress version, so we shall have to check with the site specific theme.

Hi wpproducts, As requested I’ve opened a ticket on the support with all the wp access and ftp also add a jpg (printscreen) of the error. Awaiting your reply, Thank you Regards

We have resolved his issue, though the support period was over for your site. Thank you :)

Hi wpproducts, what is the latest version? I believe to have the latest one installed on my customer site. Since you don’t have a log with the versions released I’m obliged to ask here. Await your reply, Regards

We are on leave for this week, so we shall be able to get back to you next week .

What is the latest version? You come here and reply “We are on leave this week” What is stopping you from answer customer questions? ;( NOT HAPPY with your support I have given you access to back office, you are aware of the problems and decide not to HELP???!!!

We were on Leave for last week due to Eid. We areback andwill check your issue this week.

Can I get a reply? What is the latest version?

Our team has already resolved your issue at your site. Though your support period was over, however we have tried our best to help you. So, we hope you will be happy now. Please stay tuned with us and take care :)

I would like to buy your pluging but i want to know can i us it with shortcode?

Currently it works on widget section.


how can i set the border? I saw it in your examples but when i choose theme its appears without any borders and i didnt find anywhere to change it

Maybe you can set the Background color and the News Description color in such a way to implement your expectation: http://www.doc.solvercircle.com/wordpress/wp-easy-news-scroller/#!/admin_widget_area

Is it possible to add this to any part of the page eg shortcode?

It can be shown at widget, so please place the widget at your selected location of the page.

Can I have 5 images which continually rotate but only 4 are displayed?

sorry, could not understand what you mean. Can you please explain with example and email us to developers@solvercircle.com ??