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Great work!

Thanks! :)

The documentation gives 404.

Looks good. GLWS

Fixing it! :) Sorry for the problem!

Fixed! :)

Nice one! GLWS

Thanks :) Glad you like it!

Kolega, dodao sam te na skype. Imam mali problem s pluginom. Pozzz

We will be in contact :) thanks

Can I use this plugin for pages. I dont have any posts on my site, I want to use this plugin for pages and on pages. On click I want it go ti a page.

Yes you can, just on image you need to setup linking to any page or post.

This looks great. But how about if I use this for a post and I have a theme that fetch posts/images to front page, can there be conflicts?

For example, I use the Metro theme (demo.wellthemes.com/metro). Can I use this with such a theme?

Okay, thanks. I bought it, and will try it out! :)


Thanks for your support! If you have any request please send me a mail! :) Thanks!

Sure thing! :)


Great plugin and fast, exceptional customer support. Buy with confidence. Highly recommend Brickr’s work!

Thanks! :) Glad you like our service :) Thanks for your support! :)


Is it possible to put html in these captions (for example: links, audio player embed codes)?

Sorry for late response. No you can’t insert HTML in captions.

I need to have captions always visible and disappear on hover (so basically the opposite of what your plugin does right now).
Would you be so kind and let me know how to achieve this?

(if it saves time & effort I don’t need that functionality included in the admin editor screen)

one more thing
when I add your classes to an image in a text/html widget – I get the effect but my image is no longer responsive. Did I miss something?


support is provided via info@wpbrickr.com :)

I’ve just download this plugin, but it cuts off the image! How can I fix this?

Hello Carrie,

I can’t know what’s the problem if I can’t see the site… please contact me on info@wpbrickr.com and we will fix it.

Hi there! I tried your demo in IE8 and even if it says IE8 is supported in comatible browsers list it’s not working.

IS it supported (and I have some other problem) or isn’t it? Thank you!


We have removed IE7/8 support due to problems with those browsers.

Is it possible to ad a link to caption text?


Yes. In case of any problems contact us via mail info@wpbrickr.com


Can it be used on thumbnails? I’m going to use it for Book Your Travel theme on the thumbnails at the homepage. (http://themeforest.net/item/book-your-travel-online-booking-wordpress-theme/5632266)


Sorry, in original form it cannot be used for thumbnails.