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Hm… Interesting stuff! :) Can I upload my own custom background patterns?

I will add that feature in next version! :) And will add some extra background patterns!

Good stuff man! Exactly what I wanted to have! :) Thanks!

Thanks! Glad you like it :P

Cool work!

Thanks ;)

great item, good luck with sales !

Thanks :)

Love it! Great product! :)

Thanks! :)

Can I upload my own custom background patterns? 5 DAYS AGO AUTHOR Brickr REPLIED I will add that feature in next version! And will add some extra background patterns!

Please add a changelog on the items details page so that we can see the progress.

Thanks. ;)

Hi, Change log will be added as soon as some changes happen :) Thank you for noticing ;)

Hi, your plugin looks close to what I’m looking for; however I would like to know if it is possible to change a specific background image that is applied as a css attribute to a section that applies to all the pages and not the actual background of the web page. Like for example I have a title bar that spans across a boxed theme webpage on every page, it’s got a very bland background image right now, but I want to apply a different background image to each title bar on each page. Is this possible with your plug in?

Hello Phylox, Sorry but my plugin currently doesn’t have that feature.. you can only specify the page body background on global basis or on per page/post basis. So each page/post can have it’s own background style.. But You can’t add backgrounds to specific html elements currently. I will add that function in future versions.

You should update the plugin and that one could choose the background color depending on the category.

Hello Jucapuna,

Please be kind and send me an e-mail with that idea so I don’t forget about it and so it doesn’t get lost in all comments, and I will integrate it in my next update :)


Hi, I uploaded my own patterns in the background directory from this plugin and it works fine for me! Thanks Greetings Manuela

Glad you like it! :)

Thanks for your support!

Hi , I need to change my theme background image .. But not as a pattern …Full image. i know how to replace one of your patterns with my image but would it work with no repeat ?Is there such option ? Thanks


Please send me your purchase confirmation code to and I will deliver you the customized plugin.


Thank you for the outstanding and excellent support! Quick to respond and assist, nothing is a problem to help with!

Will gladly continue to support and work with Brickr!

Big ups!

Not a problem! :) Thanks for your support!

@Brickr hey i want to buy the WP Easy Background Switcher for my website. But my question is when i buy it will i be able set it for my website member to choose their profile background.?


No, This plugin does not offer that option. But it can be customized to work like that. For further information please contact me on


dear sir, is multisite supported? thanks..


This item does not support multisite. Thanks!

hi, my theme has a footer which looks like this page’s (that you are reading the my comment on – evanto page) footer. if i apply a background will it also affect the footer? thanks..