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I have a few questions about this before purchasing.

Can I remove the purchase domain section? As we don’t want to offer purchasing just searching.

I noticed when I tested wasn’t showing up? If this shown in the search or is there anyway to make this the first domain to show as this would be our primary TLD.

Thanks, Jamie

It’s the default title. Try put “space” in the widget title.

or use shortcode in the text widget. Just add text widget and put [wpdomainchecker size=”small”] in the content.

If still getting trouble, please contact our support for more assistance.

I am having an issue with the search loading. It seems to be taking a long time to give results for a domain name.

Is this a configuration issue or something with the product?

Still waiting on a reply to this? I have sent you an email and this comment?

I need the product to work, at the moment it isn’t loading although previously it has been.

hey there, one year ago some guys asked, if there would be the possibility to add a domain-suggestion feature… this got implemented, or how are the plans? greetings :-)

Sorry, it’s not implemented yet.

Your plugin is no longer supported .pt

Error Message: Whois Server Is Not Found for That TLD


How can I solve this problem ?

We got timeout respond from .pt whois server. Seems like there is problem with .pt whois server. (


How I can add more zones? like .shop or .travel?

I have this module on and some new TLD not work, error: WHOIS server not found for that TLD

Please contact our support to add new TLDs.

Hey there!

We were wondering if you guys are working on making the plugin WPML compatible? If you could provide us with some info, it would be great!



isheka Purchased

anyway we can make this work with hostbill?


isheka Purchased

well i guess the developer is on vacation for the past 23 days and counting.

Is it possible to bulk check domains?

Do you mean multiple TLDs?

It’s support check multiple TLDs, please try the demo here


I want to be sure how it works. I have to create a product in woocommerce for the domain? I set the prices for the domains? The client pay me, and then I need to buy the domain right?

Correct, you need register the domain manually.


osverton Purchased

I’m leaning towards buying your plugin. Just want to ask if it can be custom integrated into Clientexec (a hosting billing platform just like WHMCS)? How open source is your code? Thanks.

No, It’s not integrated with Clientexec.

How often is whois list updated, especially for the new gtlds ? And do you already support the current ones like .shop .clinic, bayern etc.?

We update the whois lists when we update plugin to new version which is when the plugin have new features or fixing some bugs.

.shop & .clinic is available, you can try our demo here

Ok, when is the next update and is there a list of the current supported tlds? When I takte a lookat the top-20 of gtlds and checked on the demo, most of them are missing:

Can I connect this to my ENOM API?

Sorry, but how do you get the whois button to work?

Also does this plugin allow users to buy through my website?