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I just purchased this plugin. When I click on checkout and go to the payment page (Stripe), upon returning to the page, I get a -1.

Payment is successful though.

I am using woocommerce subscriptions. Can you help?

.xyz domain name search does not work too.

We’ve replied your support message.. Thanks

Hi, i got ur plugin with a theme i have bought here in envato, and im having troubles with idn domains search results is “Already taken” i have INTL enabled and my WHMCS IDN availibility is working well … any idea ?

ah it’s outdated version. Please ask your theme author to update the WP Domain Checker plugin.

the author responded me and his not responsible for this issue since IDN Domain checking has been added to ur plugin since 2015 Version 1.3

Changelog: v1.2 – Jan 7, 2015 Added IDN domain check support

Please is there a fix ? i have version 3.3 wich is so far from 1.2 and should work with no problems

there is some few bug fixs that we don’t add the details in changelogs. And it’s better to use latest version instead outdated version.

So, please ask the theme author to use updated plugin.

or if the theme author don’t want update the plugin, you can ask the theme author for their WP Domain Checker purchase code and let use know the purchase code then we can help you to fixs it.

Contact our support here if you get the purchase code from the theme author.


Slangs Purchased

Just a note that the latest version 4.3X enlarges the Sidebar Widget search results (text + Order button) so much as to make them unusable on my site. I use Small as my size setting (it works perfect on my search bar) but it looks like with 4.3 the Large result format comes up.

I would estimate that the sidebar “Domain Result” text and button is easily 4-5 times larger than with 4.22 and I have gone back to this older version for now.


Please try add this css code to Custom CSS section in WP Domain Checker settings. It will improve the UI for small widget.


Brother, i need to knov that if this plugin can let me get payments via paypal on subscription basis? i mean i have clients from all over the vorld. they pay me every year via direct bank transfer. I need to create a system for my client so that they can pay me on subscription basis for their domain and hosting. i am looking for a plugin vhich can help me.

Hi Brother,

Yes, you can. But the only subscriptions plugin compatible for now only this plugin


hi. is it possible to sell domains with this plugin and without whcsm? maybe by integrating it with a reseller plan of a third party registrant or something like this? thanks


Yes you can use it without WHMCS, you can integrate it with Woocommerce or use custom url to link it to your affiliate link. But, currently the plugin can’t integrate with third party registrant.


ok, so if I don’t have whmcs, I can sale domains by woocommerce? if this is the case, it’s great because I don’t need to buy whmcs license, but then how does my customers manage their domains or renew them, etc? how does it appear the seller in the who is? thanks.

As we said before, the plugin can’t integrate with third party registrant, it mean you need register the domain manually through domain registrar. This plugin only capture the domain and noted it on order details.

We just release an update today (v4.3.1 – 3 May 2018) regarding issue with Woocommerce Integration that occured since version 4.3.0

Change Log

v4.3.1 – 3 May 2018
Fix – Can’t add to cart on Woocommerce Integration
Fix – Wrong custom pricing when TLD in Uppercase
Improvement – Improve UI on Widget

v4.3.0 – 1 May 2018
New feature – Invisible Google Recaptcha (You may need create new Site Key & Secret Key)
Fix – Compability issues with Woocommerce Subscriptions
Improvement – Minor code fixes
Improvement – Added new template tag and available to use in custom url. ({domain} – {sld} – {tld})
Improvement – Ability to Custom whois button url & whois button text
Improvement – Ability to put link in all results box
Improvement – UX & UI improvements.


Slangs Purchased

Does this latest 4.3.1 update fix the 4.3.0 bug with the sizing issue on the Sidebar Widget results?

I appreciate the CSS code, but I’ve got enough extra CSS right now and I think I’m treading in site-slowdown territory.


Yes, it does same as CSS code I gave to you before. New UI on widget looks like this now


Slangs Purchased

Thanks very much, and I really like that option for a WHOIS custom link and button, and does the WHOIS Custom Link also support the {domain} variable?

Yes, it appears to support this and seems to be working fine. Kudos!!

One thing I wondered about is if there is any way to make the order of the extensions (.COM..ORG. etc.) load in a set order, or is that not possible? It would be nice seeing .COM, .ORG, .NET, etc. come up consistently like 1-2-3 that, pertaining to the order you entered the TLDs into the “Multiple TLDs check” field. .

Thanks again for the updates.

Yes, it does. {domain}, {sld}, {tld} supported in whois custom link.

We use asynchronous method on multiple domain check availability, so it mean the first tld get response from tld whois server will appear at top. This is the best method so far to get fastest results on multiple domain check. So in current version it’s not possible to set the order.

But no worries, we still working on it, will add this feature soon.


ok i see. then i think i’ll need to buy whmcs. let me buy my license and I back with your plugin. thanks.

You are welcome!

Hi, I am very interested in your domain checker plugin. I have a question. I like to integrate into woocommerce.

I like to provide a free domain, no cost, for a few of my products. But I also like to sell the domain through my woocommerce. So, either i give it $0 for my products, or I sell the domain maybe $10 as a standalone.

I went through your install guide I saw nothing i can manipulate. How do I do this above


Thank you for interested in our plugin.

Our plugin can only have one price per each TLD per search form. For example: .com = $0, it mean you can’t have another .com for $10.

So, seems like our plugin can’t handle your case above.


Thanks for the quick reply. I will get a license to test.


The plugin is not compatible to Hide My Wordpress any more. Please fix that. The CSS is mess up when Hide My Wordpress is activated. All other plugins are compatible. Screenshot here:


Problem solved by adding custom CSS :)

Great, glad to see the problem solved now.

Does your system work apart from WHMCS and what Reseller APIs can it connect to?


The plugin connecting the domain search form in WordPress to search form in WHMCS. There is no need reseller APIs.


I would like to add others tlds to search in wp domain checker, how can i do it? there is a lot of new tlds. How can i enable search of domain with new tlds?


Just send us the list of tlds you want to add.



F8N1 Purchased

Would you consider adding support for premium domains in a future version? Basically, in the back-end, the admin would have access to a list of domain with individual prices, that would override the WHOIS check. If a searched domain is listed as premium the customer could add it to the cart and pay the asked premium price instead. Thanks!

Not sure, because from the whois server itself, there is no feature to check premium domains availability.


F8N1 Purchased

This feature would only be for domains that are already owned by the website admin. So, in this scenario, a whois status check for these particular domains would be unnecessary, since they’re already owned by the admin. Domains and their prices would be manually added to the premium domain list by the admin – directly in your plugin back-end. Like us, I’m sure there are many hosting companies that also have premium domains for sale, but currently only use external marketplaces like SEDO, Afternic, Buydomains and GoDaddy.

Oh, I see. If the premium domain you mean is domain that are already owned by you not the registrar, it’s still possible to implement. Ok, we will add this to our todo list, but we can’t estimate when we will release this feature, because it’s need time to code and testing.

Thanks for the suggestions.


turner2f Purchased

Currently using WooCommerce Version 3.3.5.

The Domain Checker v4.3.2 stopped working after i upgraded to WooCommerce Version 3.4.0.

The search function on the front-end would “time-out”.


Please contact our support and provide your site url and wp admin details.