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Please answer my support Ticket! Very big Problem using your plugin. A User add a domain to cart, the cart shows the correct price but then in the next step (checkout) the domain price will be 0,00€! Horrible

Picture of what happens: the product price is set to 1k to prevent using this bug… when product pric is set to 0,00€ the Checker shows correct price, but in cart the price is zero instead of correct checkerprice! Not good, wait for an reply since 8 days… (Support Ticket)

Please update your plugin, it will fix the error.


Hi, is the wp domain checker compatible with Avada theme. Looking forward to hearing from you ASAP

it should compatible with any theme.

Now, when any visitor click on order button, does there any commission for me if he complete his purchase?

If you use woocommerce, it just record the domain name, then you need to register the domain manually.

Hi, Looking to use this with my WordPress Site (Avada) and WHMCS. Does this work with any registrar or only selected? Also does the WHOIS button always go toy your site or can it go to mine? Look forward to your reply

Yes, it should working with any registrar.

The whois button will go to your whois page, so you need to create whois page and put whois shortcode there.


Hi, Thanks for replying. Does it work with the latest WHMCS 7.2? Can it show all the TLDs my registrar offers or only ones you have set the plugin to search?

Hi, I have sent an email 10 days ago but I have not received any answer. I have send again a email today. Please answer us

Thanks in advance

Hello, I know this is not the right place to make my question but just applying for the quick reply here…. After installing the free version of Ajax Domain Checker, the plugin overwrite some of css at wp-admin. Can you explain about the issue…?

Is it multilangual?


vordenx Purchased

Hello, have you resolved the issue with the lookup, we have installed the latest version of this plugin and now the lookup does not work properly. it shows domains are taken when they are not.

Hi, Can I contact you via email address please? I have a few pre purchase questions. The page: doesn’t send emails out it just stays on send with the loading icon. Please send me an email address I can contact you on.


tropene Purchased

Have bought and installed this plug-ins but I do not understand how to implement it with my WooCommerce store. When someone tries to order the domain it has look up, the shopping cart remains empty. How can I connect this plug-in to the product called “domain” in my product catalog so that when someone tries to order the domain they have lookup, this domain with the domain name they have lookup and correct price is added to the cart?