Discussion on WP Domain Checker

Discussion on WP Domain Checker

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Do you need an monthly paying subscription @ whmcs for this to work?


cosmins Purchased

Hi! When will be an update to work with Php 8.1? Thank you!

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to bring your attention to an issue that I have noticed with your Whois system. While your system provides information for all domains, it does not display Whois information for any Pakistani domain such as .pk or As a user of your service, I kindly request that you include .pk domains in your Whois system as well. Other websites are already able to show the Whois information for .pk domains, so it would be great if your system could do the same.

I have found a free .pk Whois API that you may find helpful in including .pk domains in your system. Here’s the link to the API: If possible, could you please check if it is feasible to add this custom Whois API in a plugin?

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


lenneno Purchased

When you come with a update? It is needed urgently!

PLUGIN ABANDONED Reported to Envanto.

I can’t find the option to enable the ‘Transfer Button’. Where is it?

Hi want to check, I see that the last update on this plugin was in 2021. Is it still being maintained? Also is it compatible with PHP 8 and wordpress 6.1.1?

Can it do a lookup on domains? (south Africa)

Hi, will this work with Namecheap affiliate program? I am affiliate with Namecheap on shareasale and the affiliate url they provide me looks like this:

Thanks in advance.

Hi, the plugin used to work just fine. But after upgrading to Wordpres 6.1 and PHP 8.1 it stopped working. If I have PHP 8.1 enabled the plugin doesn’t return any results (from the search) and freezes the site for everyone. If I switch to PHP 7.4 the plugin works (there are result from the search) but with over 30 – 45 seconds lag. With Wordpress 6.0 and PHP 7.4 it used to work fine. Any suggestions other than downgrade to Wordpress 6.0 which is not an option?

Will this work with namecheap? I’m an affiliate via shareasale.

Hi! I have the plugin installed on my site. While it does searches ok these searches do not register with WHMCS logs. All settings seem to be correct and the WHMCS URL on its own in the browser works fine and the searches are registered in the WHMCS logs. But not while using the plugin for domain searches.

Can you please advise what might be the issue?


Hi can you tell me why if I put HTML link inside custom text, it prepends my base URL to it ie. How do I fix this? I am trying to link to a custom WHOIS external link

Hello. Can this plugin be used as a tool for us to track (automatically) domain name expiry dates, and perhaps set an email alert as to when it expires? I want to use this for external domains, not domains associated to our wordpress installation. Thanks

Hello, you can check the domain search plugin does not work with php 8 and 8.1 (it works with php 7.4) you can update the plugin for php 8 thanks

If it does not have support, they should remove the article so that they do not continue buying something that does not work

Im waiting for your response, Please answer

Hi, I have got this plugin with hostiko paid theme. I am getting this following error when i activate hostiko plugin. I contacted hostiko support and they told me to contact with plugin developer.

“Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given in /home/shajal1989/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hostiko-domain-checker/titan-framework/lib/class-titan-framework.php on line 287”

Moreover, if i change any settinf in the plugin, the setting are not being saved.

Please help me.

does this work without WHMCS or have you got to have WHMCS ???

How can I add the pricing to the search results when using WHMCS?

Hi, why can’t I search for .ch domains? The system says that .ch domains are not available and its not the case. On your demo it seems to work though.

I have just bouth your script, just to see you are not supporting the software. Please refund me


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