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Hi, About to purchase but one thing holding me back.. can I use shortcodes?

i did an update for one of my client but i not plublished it on codecanyon. with this update you can call a page via ajax, in this page you can put what you want including shortcode, but plugin can’t create this page, you have to do it manually.

So are you going to include this function in the plugin on codecanyon? and when would this update be? If you do can you include instructions on how to do it manually? Really appreciate it..

i prefer to do it after purchase via skype, because not all client are able to do manual modifications.

Ok purchased.. Please give me your skype so I may add you and be able to do it. Thank you very much in advance.

my skype is MrPlugins

I added you kindly accept. Thanks

Were you able to add the zoom in effect with the magnifying glass?


it’s not a immediate update, i’m very busy in this period. when i’ll do it i’ll call you ;-)

PLEASE do it very soon! :(

sorry but i’m very busy, when i have finish i call you. contact me on skype: MrPlugins


Thanks for the plugin! I just tried making a dialogue box by adding my own content and style and it worked well. After I previewed it, I wanted to make changes to the style. However, when I highlighted the shortcode area (for example: [jqdial code=”dial8290cffed0”]test [/jqdial]) and clicked the Dialogize button, it only gave me the option to create a whole new dialogue box. Is there anyway I can edit my dialogue box after I preview it, without having to re-enter all my content and style choices?

Thanks, I appreciate it! Genevieve

tahnks for your purchase.
in this version is not possible edit a dialogbox, i’m working for a release to do it.
sorry for this, i try to do it asap.
if you want stay in touch with me better please contact me via skype
my skype id: MrPlugins

Hey there

I run Wordpress 3.5 I tried to install this plugin & everything seemed to go well until i tried to use the plugin on one of my pages.

The button on the control panel doesn’t work

I tried to deactivate all the plugins, one by one & all together, but the button still doesn’t work. Maybe the plugin isn’t updated enough for Wordpress 3.5.

Please let me know if you can help me with this or put an update up there .

hi, i try to use plugin on my wp 3.5. and it plays good.
please can you give me a link where i can see the plugin in action?
can you create an account for me in admin. panel?


How can I fix width of dialogize box. and it shows extra “br /” tag in popup box. Please give some solution to remove it.

link is working

i see the link, but i don’t understand what you want. can you contact me on skype please?

I sent you request “Nitasha Rohilla”

Hi I bought this plugin for my site – tested it first on your live demo, it worked on the live Demo but will not work on my site.

I wanted my header image once clicked on to have the pop up box with information. I have done it however it is not working, I also tried it on just text and the pop up would not appear. Can you help me with this please? is my site.

you have an error into a js file (general.js). fitVids function give you this error, it’s not a file of my plugin. please solve this problem.
to see error please open your site into chrome or firefox and take a look their console

I don’t know what you said means… (I’m not a developer) Iv started a Skype Convo with you.

How do I edit pop up text?

i’m sorry, in this release you can only delete shortcode an tahn create another pop up, in this moment the plugin not allow edit text on created popups.
in the future i’ll work on it to update and solve this inconvenience

If I deactivate the plugin and after sometime I activate the plugin, will shortcode work again?

no, because when you deactivate plugin it delete database tables and so all popup will be delete


When i added content to the dialog box, I used html code to insert list. When i saved and previewed the dialog box, it shows extra “br/” tag in popup box. Please give some solution to remove it.

Click on the first link which is “BARRIER REEF INSTITUTE OF TAFE”

Hi, I like the plugin- just one thing I am struggling with: I want to change the colour of the close button (the orange) How can I do that?

Thank you in advance

hi, thank you for purchase.
to do what you are looking for you can use (into “functions” option) the “Before Open Dialog” and write this:
so you can change an image for each dialog ;-)

Hi … I apologize for not being the smartest person in the world, but just a couple of questions:

  1. Can this plugin turn any page on a website into a downloadable PDF document?
  2. When opening a PDF using this plugin, is there an option to email the PDF so an end-user can share the page more easily?
  3. Does this plugin essentially make the need for a lightbox-related plugin (lightbox, fancybox, colorbox, thickbox, etc) defunct?

The plugin looks great; I just want to know exactly what I’d be buying it for if I bought it. I think it’d be really cool if I could just plug it in and turn all 400 posts and pages on a domain into downloadable PDFs that may even have an “email” option. Thanks!

1. yes it can turn any page into pdf (not all themplates are able to do it – read plugin’s description)
2. At this moment the plugin can’t send email, to do what you are looking for , i have to do some updates
3. It not replaces lightbox but it opens pdfs into another windows to read them.

please for more info or specification take a look to the example, there is a demo to show how plugin works….
thank you

Thank MrPlugins. I’m running the Catalyst framework with Dynamik child theme, so I doubt it would be a problem. But I’m going to read the documentation and see the demo right now.

Basically, I want to know why this is better than ... and once I can figure out why, I’d have no hesitation in purchasing it and recommending it to others.

Thanks for your response!

Mr. Plugins, I’m having a conflict with a separate plugin, so I was forced to deactivate Dialogize (for now).

I’m a plugin junkie, but not a programmer. I’m sure this could be easily resolved. Where may I reach you at for a support question?

I added you on Skype, btw

accepted your contact ;-)

Anybody else having this issue with the upgrade to WordPress 3.7?

I have to go back through my posts and redo all of the dialogized links (PDF reader, simple dialogue, image zooms, etc.) ...

The problem is, in many of my simple dialogues, I don’t remember what I had in there and there’s no way of knowing.

Anyway, I love this plugin … it’s very very useful. I just wondered if anybody else had this issue, and if so, if there’s a solution.

you are right, only anothr client asked me this.

i try to do something about it in next time

Thanks Mr. Plugins! I still highly recommend this plugin; it is very useful. I use it in almost every post or page I publish in WordPress!

I look forward to the update!


Is this plugin Wordpress 3.9 ready. I has stopped working for me

Thank you

hi, unfortunatly tinymce editor change its api and so this plugin not show the button.

please contact me in private mode (skype) and i’ll give you the new version.

thank you

p.s. if you read into script details you can see that it’s not compatible with wp 3.9

Why don’t you just update the dialogize with a new release, rather than have hoards of people Skype you, MrPlugins?

I’m having the same issue as appliedaestheticmedia. Thanks!

you are right, i didn’t it for time questions.

i’ll upload update asap ;-)

sorry for inconvenience

Hey Mr. Plugins, do you know how to get this working on the administrative side with an SSL’d WordPress admin?

When a domain has SSL, the Diagolize button doesn’t function properly; no dialog box appears.


oh, sorry for this, i’m not able to test it on a ssl domani. can you give me an access so i can see the problem?

Sure, MrPlugins, I will send credentials to you via Skype.

I still love dialogize … and if you’re using it for embedding PDF documents, it’s better than any other PDF-embedder!


sorry for delay, i’ll see the situation tonight.