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Update v2.0.4 – 11 November 13

compatible with tinymce 4 ( wp 3.9 or above) too


This is a WORDPRESS version of my “JQuery Dialogize” plugin,it can “DIALOGIZE” all content in your posts or pages!

You can use it instead a simple javascript alert!!!
From the control panel you can choose a lot of options to give dialogbox a style and to do more things.
you can use this plugin to make clickable a text and/or image to see a simple alert dialog, read a pdf within the box, to zoom you image or to built a confirm dialog with callback function:
  • “simple dialog”: this generates your dialogBox with your “content”,
  • “pdf reader” : the dialogBox becomes a pdf Reader, its path is pdf_src option
  • “img zoom”: in this case dialogBox becomes a zoom image…. N.B. there is another plugin that provide to image resize
  • “confirm dialog”: the dialogBox becomes a confirm form whith button “YES” or “NO” and function of callback
  • callback functions are available before the dialog is opened and/or after is closed some css styles via js code
  • different color and images for each dialog type
  • draggable and resizable dialogs
  • You can specify a precise width/height to dialog else pluging do it automatically depending on window size

IT will give your clients a major usability of some contents.