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Before buy I want to know the details!

- Does it work well with custum post type categories or just post default categories by wordpress?

- Running multiple sources at a time?

Thanks you!

Hi there, I would like to know if it will be possible to use your plugin on an existing “search-result” php page like this one: http://preview.themeforest.net/item/reales-wp-real-estate-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/10330568?_ga=2.60581869.1326462069.1495646368-376235245.1491650241



We cannot extract products from the apps. But those websites is ok

this is mean that your plugin has full ability to extract the products from the URLs above in the list but couldn’t able to extract the products from the (apps), if so, I just want 1 example of product that was extracted by your plugin from any url above, so that purchase the plugin with extended license. awaiting you.


I have a couple of questions on the webcrawler.

1. The crawler has duplicated consistently the same stories despite the story content was posted, Is there a feature which avoids duplication. Any recommendations appreciated.

2. The same applies for images, the images created with the crawler has overloaded effectively my server and furthermore the jpg files associated with the crawler being duplicated up to 20x per image. None of the images display properly on the wp site. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

kind regards,

Tom Holland

Hi there, i was wondering if i can use your crawler to give it a bunch of website (News articles) and for them to have the crawler pull the articles for each website and create seperate articles for each post. Is that possible?


Just before to buy :

1° The last changelog is on date of : 1.1.3 (August 20, 2016) Is there some updae until ?

2° Can i crawler News Page with pagined info ?

thank you

I want to buy this tool. but there is something missing.

1. Products Category selection 2. Next page selection(from pagination) 3. product image gallery

Thanks Please work on these things and you Plugin will be more useful and popular

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Hi there! My name is david, you have great plugin. can i use the plug in to copy other websites products with content and pictures? if i can, can you please send me a tutorial for products?


Naxel21 Purchased

I think the documentation is out-dated, when I go to wp-crawler -> add new I am unable to see the listing page


Naxel21 Purchased

Hi I am not seeing “Listing Page” as it is in the documentation, I am missing a step? Attach image and whait for response https://www.dropbox.com/s/zn2lpp7zceosisl/Screenshot%202017-07-06%2019.20.30.png?dl=0

Hi, can we scrap price comparison details, one product have 5+- affiliate prices ? Do you do custom work ?

can someone help me get content from this website http://www.worldrugby.org/news

Can I use this for several wp sites ? Or should I deactivated 1 to use it for another site ? (with the same licensed number) . Thx

Is this even legal?

I mean is it legal to grab content from techcrunch for example and put them on my websiste

Is it legal to grab content from other sources and put them on my website.

For example grab content of techcrunch

Hi Can this plugin copy all post content(text , images) from a wordpress website it’s title content section (all without inline ads) and next post is selected for multiple posts auto?