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Hi! I have a problem every time i want to crawl something in multiple page. Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in C:\xampp\apps\wordpress\htdocs\wp-includes\wp-db.php on line 1877 The php.ini i modify, i add a new line in .httacces with php_value max_execution_time 360, i modify wp-includes/deprecated.php line: @set_time_limit(360); And nothing, same problem every time. Wat i should do?

can i buy i licence for 3 domain or more?

Merhaba Turgut Hocam , o b i le t . c o m dan içerikleri çekmeye çalışıyorum. Ancak şöyle bir durum söz konusu içerikleri PODS da belirlediğim özel alanlara ekleyeme ihtiyacım var .

Özel alanlara ekleme yapmak için herhangi bir dökümanınız varmı acaba .

varsa da ya ben gözden kaçırdırdım yada doğru kaynağa bakamadım.

şimdiden cevabınız için teşekkürler.

bu sorun çözüldü .

https://hizliresim.com/2EZYj2 https://hizliresim.com/By2RrL

tüm ayarları yaptım url topluyor ancak içerik eklemiyor. mbstring ve php5,6 tamam . sorun nerede olabilir. ?

Hi, i am interested in your plugin. But before i buying the plugin, I would like to see a live preview of the working plugin. Your WP Crawler Demo (http://wpcrawler.xyz/demo/) is down. Do you have another Demo? Thx in advanced.

Fixed uncategorised schedule post ?

Hello ı want to schedule choose categories. Please help me.

Not working choose category for schedule ! Please help me or refund

how does it work? I can try it?

Hi Is there a demo for me to try? I have tried Scrapes – Automatic web content crawler and auto post plugin for WordPress. I cannot see the exact web page of the source when I click on the load values from source.

I would like to create a website similar to http://www.newlaunchportal.com.sg/

I will be editing the contents after the crawl. Is this possible?

Presale Enquiry! hello does this have an option that can be tuned on for posts to lead to original posts. so after a visitor reads a comment the can see link to original post. and when they click it. It takes them to exact place the content was scrapped. I need this feature

Can your plugin crawl all posts of 1 wordpress site ?

I love the look of this plugin, however one question I have is about authenticating into sites? Is this possible to access sites which require a login?

Hi there, I just bought the WP crawler and happily think it is exactly what I am looking for to boost my website http://buildersinhealthcare.org with daily news deriving from various healthtech media sites.

Unfortunately, I am too stupid to program the software, so I’d love to know how much it would cost if you or a third party you know could setup the plugin to crawl 10-12 respective news websites.




I have below issues when try to use this Plugin.

1: I have create schedule hourly bases. It never run from last 2 Days. 2: In schedule there is field “Multiple Items URL” how i mention url when i want to grab page 1 to 100.

Please response me as soon as possible.



I have install “Crony Cronjob Manager plugin,” but not find any wp_crawler_hourly_event”, “wp_crawler_twicedaily_event”, “wp_crawler_daily_event” under View schedule.

I have tried many times by active and deactivate your Plugin.

But its not working.

Please give me update how i can fix this issue.

Thanks Vishal

Hi, i have a bug.

I create a new “sources”, setup all fields, and now after press publish the post automatically move to “post”.

now is my sources a post and cannot handle anything.

Hi, i have a bug.

I create a new “sources”, setup all fields, and now after press publish the post automatically move to “post”.

now is my sources a post and cannot handle anything.

Ok got it solved.

There was a issue wiht woocommerce and the built in woocommerce from the7 theme. Now it was important what kind of plugins has his first activation.

start with wp crawler then woocommerce then all not theme based extensions then all theme extension and for last the theme framework

for now it works fine.

i have no issue at all to purchase this but saying here that plugin work and actually is very differ i purchased some plugins here but dont work or need debugging

so if you can help me in setting demo then let me know my mail id is neerajv753@gmail.com you may contact there.. i assure i will buy after satisfaction