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Question. We encounter the following problem. We’re crawling a products website. At every product there is a price. This website displays the price with a ‘space’. Woocommerce sets this price to a ‘comma’.

Can we strip this ‘space’ during the crawling proces or the insert proces in the database?

To be exact en clear. Can we set this in the crawler? So first we want to crawl, then strip the ‘space’, then store the price (without a space) in our database and then display the price at our website (without a space).

Can you provide us with some hints or a tutorial?

Kind regards

Looking forward at your reply.

Daniel Koops

I would like the crawler running every day frm time to time to grab a content. Because it has the price information. Is that possible with your plugin? Thank you!

so??? And is it spossible to grab the content of a page like this http://ofertas.renault.com.br/mg/ipatinga ? That has ajax bringing some items…

I bought the script, but not work to translate.The site in question is in English, but not going to translate in any language.

Can you give me some screenshot for further checking


I have a wordpress video website which links videos from youtube. I am looking for a youtube crawler that would automatically select certain videos based on certain tags and automatically add the links on my wordpress website. Can your crawler achieve this?

i install Content Crawler but i cant run it. When i click Add new i get blank page. Can you tell me what problem i have?

How I find in the wp-admin that from which website I had crawl video. Means where did i find the links of that websites.


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Hi this works with wikipedia?



I’m interested in inquiring about customization of the crawler to my specific needs. I will of course pay for it.

Can you send me an email to pluginwall@gmail.com


I have just purchased your tool. Installation looks alright.

How do I capture the following website? https://www.cnet.com/news/

The other tool I have have a different GUI and I am able to verify my variables but I am not having such luck with this one. Please can you help?

Let me add this feature into the next update of this plugin.

I got it sorted. Sorry was in a rush. Keep me posted and I will refer your product. Thanks.

I have sent you another request viq the support center. Please have a look.

My Code Canyon purchase code is c00e94f8-5184-42db-945d-ad334912d441. I just bought this and it won’t even run.

On activation: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’, expecting ‘)’ in wp-content\plugins\wp-crawler\vendor\guzzlehttp\promises\src\functions.php on line 41

Simple enough, but I don’t want to have to go through the code myself to make it work if I’m paying for it. What’s the next step?

PHP was downgraded on that box at my server to 5.3. I manually popped it back to up to 5.5. It’s working now. Sorry. Should have checked that first.

Allow merge from different sources to build one post? or what options has to build unique content?


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i have problem with the schedule. The category don’t work and by grabing the content will all javascript inputed. But on the run function all this works.

Ok I’m going to submit a new update

I have a similar problem to mirza48. Imports create posts when the scheduled job runs, but sometimes with the designated category and sometimes with the default category. If I manually change the category, it will change itself back randomly. When I went to bed, I changed all of the posts in this screenshot to their proper categories. A few hours later, most (but not all) of them reverted to the default “news” category. Last night all of those were changed from “news”. http://newsrift.org/wpcrawler.jpg

For clarification, the first article, “Republican lawmaker …” was in category “World View” yesterday. Now it’s in “news”. The second article, “Uber suspends …” was in category “Business & Finance” yesterday. Now it’s in “news”. This happens by itself.

I think what’s happening is when it goes to grab on schedule, if it’s a duplicate article it changes the category. If that’s the case, then this might be the same problem as all scheduled imported posts going to the default category that was supposed to be fixed in 1.1.3.