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Hello, would the plugin work with Visual Composer or Unison Framework? I am planning to buy it but I do not know if it would work with those frameworks.



This works with standard wordpress editor and I cannot tell about the other two you mentioned because I don’t hold a license to test them

If you have a site where those two are installed let me know (contact via my profile form )

Hi. Can you confirm that this is the correct format and that it should work:

...wpgeoip_filter country_code=”ALL” excepting=”GB, ZA, IE, EG, AU, CN”]shithere[/wpgeoip_filter…

What I mean is, I want to confirm that I can use more than 2 countries…

Thanks in advance

yes geoip db . ty

Which database?

reading from plugin sales page: “This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from"

Hi, will this work within template files as well? I need some info to be changed in the header based on the country.

Hi, yes it will. You just need to add <?= do_shortcode(‘[shortcode here’]); ?> in the template file. Contact me if you need assistance after purchase I can help you. Thanks.

ok, that is perfect

not working on my site

check your spam

there is nothing is spam

sent another one. let me know.


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i want a table id closed in but that doesn’t work wpgeoip_filter country_code=”NL”[/wpgeoip_filter] using table press


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Sorry i was a bit to quick, how do i display all except NL this is not doing it for me: [wpgeoip_filter country_code=”ALL” excepting=”NL”]content[/wpgeoip_filter]


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Oh one more question, i use this only for a single table on the homepage, for the rest i want particular pages to redirect to another page, but then i have to use this one right? WP GeoIP Country Redirect


All right please get in touch using my profile form for review & fix. Thanks (for 2nd question, yes you’re right )

Seems like a nice plugin! A few presale questions:

1) Is there a way to test the (pre)view of the different codes for the different countries? For example: I work in France and want to see the pageview for the Netherlands using country_code=”NL”

2) Is it possible to make a different menu for countries

3) Is it possible to make a different widgets for countries. Or does the code also work for widget text areas?

Thank you in advance!

Hi there,

1) yes, using a VPN like TunnelBear

2) Not out of the box, it has to be modified. ( for a fee )

3) This does work for widget text areas out of the box. No need to create multiple



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is there any update done? belgium ip for me not working now

Hi there,

Contact me via my profile page form.