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Hi Folks,

I’ve been using your form builder on a new site (not yet live), to provide quotes for bespoke products. It’s working great.

However, I’ve run into an issue with the Reference section for individual forms. I want to add the text ‘Modern Refectory Table I’ as the reference, however it seems that spaces don’t work and my changes don’t get accepted. There also seems to be a character limit that isn’t documented anywhere. Is this a known bug? Is there a way to get around it?

Failing adding this, I would like to add the Form Title field to the email that gets sent after a form is completed, I added the shortcode [form_title], but that didn’t work. Is there are a way to use this field in the email?

Cheers, Rob

1. Fantastic, thanks.

2. Lovely. It makes more sense in our forms (perhaps we’re using the plugin in an abnormal way), but we use the Form Title to inform the user of the product they’re getting a quote for, and then the actual Form is just a set of options. Without a [form_title] or a manually added title, when the form arrives in our inbox it doesn’t contain any verbose information about which product the quote and relevant options are actually for.

Here is a solution for this case :
- Create a textfield named “Form Title” somewhere in your form. Set it as “Hidden” and disable its “Show in summary” option .
- Paste this code in the “Custom JS” field of your form :
  jQuery('#estimation_popup input[data-title="Form Title"]').val(jQuery('#estimation_popup').attr('data-formtitle'));
Now you can use the button “Get the value of a field” in the email template editor and select the field “Form Title” to show the title of the current form automatically in the email content, even on the duplicated forms.

Brilliant, thanks so much!

Hi, I am looking for a plugin with the ability to calculate pricing for woocommerce products based on costumer input for example x.y.z and the result be discounted by quantity, file opload and pay for the prder trough woocommerce, is this possible? in a nutshell I wan to price stickers based on H*W and then multiplied by quantity thanks