Discussion on WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder

Discussion on WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder

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Hi Loopus, do you have any new demos for the plugin?

No, there has been no new demo form recently. What type of demo are you thinking of ?

Hello, I would like to know how I can make the customer choose the payment method, I activate the two options (paypay and zappier), but when I finish the form I just see the success text. On the other hand when I try to add a woocomerce product according to the recommended instructions, the woocommerce payment options do not appear, I have to redirect to woocomerce_checkout? If I do it this way the email arrives before the payment or after? and the success test would also appear before the payment, no? Is there any way that in the last step the customer can choose the payment method and only after a successful payment the email is sent?

You don’t need to use Woocommerce to make Paypal or Stripe payment. Simply enable the payments options in the form settings and the payment will be executed in the last step of the form. Feel free to contact me from the support page if you need help :

Hello good afternoon, I have already solved the PayPal issue. On the other hand I would like to know, if I use woocomerce what happens with the sending of the email and the success text?

loopus Author

When you use the Woocommerce, feature, the form data is sent to the admin when the form is submitted, and the selected woo products are added to the woo cart, with the same reference than the one displayed in the admin email (to allow you to recover all the form data and uploaded files when you receive a Woo order).
The success text is displayed when the form is finished, before the redirection (to the cart page if you fill its url as final redirection) . You can freely edit it from the “Texts” settings tab of the form .

BabiWeb Purchased

Hello, how to update the plugin manually? The Item Purchase Code is valid but I am not receiving updates. I just downloaded the latest version, how can I update it manually on my site please?

You can manually apply an update by replacing directly the plugin files from FTP :

BabiWeb Purchased

Thank you for your feedback and your reactivity, I will see that


Elianot Purchased

Hi, there’s a bug or in issue with the payment form I would like to report about it

1 my form is using 2 payment methods PayPal and stripe, PayPal IPN activated and has been tested. And Stripe works fine as well.

2 my from is if you don’t pay for the service or payment not successful I don’t receive the application or the form email.

3 I use file uploader in the form.

the issue is: if someone click on stripe to pay and fill any numbers than close the payment popup and click on PayPal payment, to login to his account, (without paying) I will receive a confirmation email for the that user has paid and from the form orders it shows payment status completed

the second issue is: the file uploader it keeps uploading files to the host even when order is cancelled or user decided to leave the form without submitting it.

Yesterday I found thousands of files in the form uploader, I wish you fix them both or you add a tool to clean files has been uploaded to the host, without deleting files of the completed orders.


Please can you contact me from the support page ? I will check it :

Hi loopus, in the past weeks there were several updates with minor improvements. With every update I expected the option to set an expiration date for coupon codes. What do you think: does this feature come? And another one: is it possible to print the name of the coupon code in the summary?

Ok, noted ! I will add these 2 features in the next update.

That sounds great. Thank you.

ALL the payment forms are good with woocomerce ??

Yes, there are options to add the Wooproducts assigned to selected items and the form summary to the woo cart, and you can set the final redirection to the cart page to allow the user to pay directly from Woocommerce.

So Why I get this page

after click submit? (I turn on the woo plugin and the option for woo checkout redirect)

I just want to start a Woocomerce Rent platform and I really want to use your plugin but I need to understand how it works :D

For support requests, please contact me from the support page by using your buyer account, I will debug it :

Hello, we are business located in Bahrain and we have local payment gateway ( NOT PayPal , Stripe , Razorpay ) My website: Payment Gateway: Sadded please confirm can i use the plugin and make my customers purchase throw my local payment gateway or not ?

Thanks and looking forward to your replay

The native available payment gateways are Stripe, Paypal and Razorpay. If needed you can use the WooCommerce option to add the form as a product in the Woo cart, allowing the customer to pay with the installed Woo payment gateways.

CurlyHead Purchased

Hey there,

we use your booking module on our website, In general, we managed to configure it, but in the last step to complete the booking, the button under the form does not work. Any Ideas how we can fix it ?

Please can you contact me from the support page, sending me the direct url of the form page ? I will check it :

Date picker field not working in all demos

This comment is currently being reviewed.

I can’t replicate that on my side. Forms, steps and items are saved normally. Maybe you should try to export your forms and reinstall the plugin. Feel free to contact me if you need help .

Wow, you’re really fast. Thank you very much for your quick response. I just need it to work with Woocommerce other product types. I’m sending the details as a message.(Please ignore my previous message. thanks ) best wishes

Hi there, i’ve created an ATTACHMENT field in the last step of my form, but when i receive the email the attachment is not there…how to receive attachments from form? Thanks

Hi, the option is enabled but the attachment doesn’t shows; now i’ve insert the code into the confirmation email but the link shows a 404 error page. I’ve asked for support, thanks

I’ve updated the plugin as per your request but now i’ve moved from 1 error to 2: the attachment keeps showing a 404 error page, and the “last step” in the backend is not showing anymore!

I replied to your message. You can reply directly by email.

Hi, Hope you all are weel!

It´s possible in each email of submission include the date and hour of submission? There are any shortcode for this?

Thank you for your support! :)

You simply need to create a new component in the final step, set its “Type” option to “Datepicker” and enable its “Is hidden” option from the item edition panel. You can also disable its “Show in summary” option in the “Appearance” tab of the item panel. Is it ok ?

Yes. I got it!! Thank You!!! One more question, in email sent, is possible show data only in text, instead of columns? Thank you!

Yes, you can use a “Custom content” component to show the attributes (title, value, quantity, price) of the selected items in a custom text.

can i used for suscription with payment method and so on?

i.e shave weekly club, so every week you will have tour products

Yes, you an configure a recurring payment from the “Payment” settings tab of the form.

fantastic, thanks

Can users login and view their orders?

It’s very important that I can do that, and also I need to be able to login and change the status on the orders.

Is there a way to automatically email a customer when a order has been ‘fufilled’?

Yes, the “Customer account” option allows your customers to log in and see their orders. The admin can change the status of the orders from the plugin backend.
Yes, an email can be sent to the customer when he submits an order.

Hi, is there a detailed changelog I could check ? Since the last update, my form doesn’t work anymore and it is really difficult to debug why. Do you changed the variables to launch the forms? If yes, can you tell me which are they now ? I am using my form in an ajaxed page and had to code a custom.js in my child theme to launch the form.

No, there is no such change in the last update. Please contact me from the support page of the plugin, I will debug it :

Thank you very much for your very quick reply. I DMed you. :)


JossCom Purchased

Hi, is it possible with your plugin to have the price calculated according to dimensions, for example to sell windows?

Yes, it can be done by using the “Price calculation” tool, like in this tutorial :

Might be a dumb question, but do you ever have sales on your support extensions?

Just my luck I would miss the sale, LOL! Is there a way to be notified next time? I don’t remember seeing one 2 weeks ago.

Yes, if the plugin is accepted for the next campaign run by Envato. You will receive an email from them regarding this promotion campaign.

Oh ok. Thanks.


do you have payment gateway integration ?

Can i also create a submission form with different fields

Natively, the plugin can make Paypal, Stripe and Razorpay payments (subscriptions & immediate payments). If you use the Woocommerce feature, you can add the form selection as Woo product in the Woo cart, allowing the customer to pay with any installed Woo payment gateway.

PJone Purchased


the grey effect for unselected PNG images doesn’t work on new images. How can i configure it?


Please can you contact me from the support page, sending me the url of the problematic form ? . I will debug it .

Hi, a few questions:

1. Can I link multiple forms together? e.g. Form A accepts payments in USD via Paypal and Form B accepts payments in INR via Razorpay. I understand 1 Form cannot have multiple payment currencies, so can I make it like I create Form C which asks user’s preferred payment currency and then I load form A or B based on that without redirecting them to a new page or something?

2. If above is not possible, Can you suggest an alternative? Can I dynamically change a form’s payment currency type based on user input?

3. Payment is integrated with the form, right? Because in your demos, there is no demo for payment. Will I be able to differentiate in the backend who completed payment and who didnt?

4. At the end of purchase, can I redirect to a new page or success page? Or failure page if payment failed?

5. Without using woocommerce, can I link multiple products in a single form? E.g. based on user inputs, I find out a product and update the price dynamically that way?

1-2. No, it can’t be done without using a redirection. It can be done by pasting the form shortcodes on different pages and using their url as buttons links in the form 3. Yes, payments can be executed in the final step of the form. The order is sent only when the payment is correctly executed.
4. Yes, you can configure a final redirection (or different conditional redirections) to your forms. A payment error show an error message in the form (or on the Paypal payment page if you use Paypal), it doesn’t redirect the user .
5. If you don’t use Woocommerce, the products are created directly in the forms. They prices can be dynamic and payment can be made online .

In one of the screenshot, I see both payment gateways asking for a currency. So, I cannot set different currency at that point? I set USD in Paypal and INR in Razorpay, and do the calculation via some hidden variable field in the form?

No, you need to use the same currency for payment gateways in a same form, the plugin will not convert the total cost t another currency.

PJone Purchased


can I set the label for the text field to the left instead of above or hide it if necessary?


No, sorry, there is no specific option to do that currently. It would require to use custom css rules like in the “Custom CSS” option of the form, or by using the form designer tool :
#lfb_form .form-group > label {
    float: left !important;
    margin-top: 4px !important;
    margin-right: 12px !important;

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