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Hi, is it possible to create a similar solution with “WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder” as they are using here?: https://www.bokoredo.se/

It is an inquiry tool within accounting. The visitor sets the three parameters on the basis of what his needs are. Number of: wage payments, invoices, and receipts. The three chosen numbers are sent to the company when submitting. They are not summarized with each other. The company will after give a total price by email based on the numbers (company don’t want to show the total price on website).

Yes, you can create a such form and choose to hide the prices from the form and the email as described.

hi! when will be the next update?

thanks! another question. Its possible to add a rule? For example. If the service only can works from 8 am to 9 pm?

Here is a way to do that :
  • Set the timepicker to “Is required”
  • Paste this code in the “Custom JS” option of your form, replacing “Item title here” by the real title of your timepicker :
var itemTitle = "Item title here";
var minHour = 8;
var maxHour = 9;

   jQuery('.lfb_timepicker[data-originaltitle="'+itemTitle+'"]').timepicker().on('changeTime.timepicker', function(e) {
    if((e.time.hours < minHour && e.time.meridian == "AM") || (e.time.hours >= maxHour && e.time.meridian == "PM")) {

I just sent a new automatic update that adds new options “Time min” and “Time max” for timepickers. It also allows you to use conditions on timepickers.

I would like one image of three in a group to be selected and have it take the user to the next section without the next step button. Am I doing something wrong?

I select the button and nothing happens

To do that, you need to activate the option “Selection required” on the step, set the same group for the items (only one will be selectable) and enable the option “Automatic next step” in the “General” settings tab of your form.


Currently, the summary page for mobile does not work very responsively, the text for a number of fields runs off the screen – is there a fix for this?


For the “Delete form” button in the forms list panel ?

On the list form view yes, the red round delete button … I’ve started to duplicate the forms every now and again as I deleted one by accident the other day :) It was early morning and i hadn’t had coffee.

Backing up is very simple and works like a treat so got it back again without much fuss.

Noted, I will add it to the next update .

Hi Loopus,

Big fan of E&P – it looks great. I’m using it as a contact and registration form on two upcoming projects for clients because it definitely makes filling information much less mundane and more inviting.

I have a few issues however:

1) I’m using it with the X Theme. For some reason I still have a warning that I don’t have E&P validated with a 10 second countdown every once in a while even though it says registered through the X Theme. Also, I don’t have access to the Form Designer because it says I don’t have a license?

2) I’m kinda worried my client or myself with accidentally delete an E&P form by pressing the red garbage button – it’s much easier to press than having to check a file and then select delete and then confirm and move it to a temporary trash (like pages, posts, images) – it’s just risky for important data loss especially for the size of projects I’m starting to build – is there a way to recover deleted E&P forms or could this feature be incorporated?

3) What I like about Gravity forms is that I can visualize the submitted entries on my site’s backend and I can also edit the client’s submissions – so if my clients made a mistake that I can correct their entries, or I can add my own notes. Is there a way to do that with E&P? This is a crucial feature for many people.

4) I’m having a some issues with the CSV export:

A) There doesn’t seem to be a way to select which fields I want to export (for instance I don’t want to export the “Order” category, I need each submitted field individually.)

B) I’m having a issue with the labelling of different fields. If I decide to create a menu select field that would say “Favourite Food” and the options would be “Beef/Chicken/Vegetarian”, I’d like the category “Favourite Food” to show up at the top of the CSV file alongside other key export information, like name, phone, etc… and so far it only exports under a lengthy “Order” category which recaps the entire submission.

5) Is there a way to plug-in customer/client registration (username, password) for my own site as part of the questionnaire process?

6) There’s a nice thing in Gravity Forms – a checkbox that authorizes a MailChimp opt-in. With E&P however it seems to be automatic but we’d prefer to have our clients’ okay. How can we achieve that?

Many thanks!

As you can see on the “License” panel of the plugin, if you had this plugin as a free extension of the X theme, you need to send your support requests directly to their support team. If you bought license of the plugin, please simply contact me form the support page using your buyer account, I will help you .
1. As you can see on the main page, the Form Designer extension, the automatic updates and support from author are reserved for customers who have purchased a plugin license .
2. Your web host probably has an automatic backup service of the database. It will allow you to recover all the deleteddata . There is also an export tool allowing you to do backups .
4. All fields and items of the form are dynamic and can be modified at any time. It is impossible to output a column by element, since these elements can be completely changed between each order. That’s why the main informations are in separated columns (total, email, contact infos, etc …), but the full selection is contained in the column “order” .
3-5-6 . Thanks for the ideas and suggestions.
As mentioned, the support requests must be sent directly to the support team of your theme, they will help you. If you need a specialized team to add specific customizations to your version, I recommend you this one : https://wpkraken.io/?ref=loopus


neuartig Purchased

Hi have a problem with the form. I completed setting up my individual form. Now, when i click the “edit” button in the formular list nothing happens. it shows me only the formular list not my individual form steps. I deletet my cache, reactivatet the plugin but nothings seems to fix the problem. thx

There is probably a js conflict somewhere. Please contact me from the support page sending me a temporary access to the backend. I will debug it .

If we were to send you the workflow, how much do you charge to create it?

Sorry, I am not available as freelance currently. If needed, you can find available freelances here : https://studio.envato.com/

Hello, is it possible to show large thumbnails in a grid format with product color variations?

You can freely change the size of the images, but there is no product color variation option directly on image items (but you can use colorpickers items to ask it in the same step) .

Love the plugin, looks great!. One question : Can it show a summary of items selected in the last step(for instance If I select Mobile > Application > Android…before ‘submit’, last step shows ‘Android : $200’ )

Yes, of course. Here is an example : http://www.wordpress-estimation-payment-forms.com/demo-of-a-cost-estimation-form/
Since the last update, you can also show the elements of the final step in the summary .

`Thanks for the quick response. Is it possible to customise the summary part(alter the design) I want the summary page to look like this http://ellen.mmsbiz.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/step8-1.png

Would it be possible to use the plugin as a lead magnet? Users get their estimate only if they enter their email address? Thanks

Yes, you can choose to fully hide the price from the form and send it by email to the customer once the form finished.
You can also choose to hide the main progress bar or use it to show the current step (ex: 1/4) instead of the total price.

Wow! Fantastic! Many thanks for your fast response!

Hi, I have two questions.

1) It looks like my form doesn’t progress to the next step when pressing the button. However, if I select “automatic next step” feature, then it all works. Any advice?

2) Is it possible to set up some kind of “Share screen” so that the user can share their score/price at the end of the form?

1. For support requests, please contact me from the support tab using your buyer account, I will help you.
2. No, there is no this option currently, thank you for the idea .

@loopus Thanks for the reply. I got this plugin from X theme. I know you say to go to them for support but they already directed me to go to you to support. So I might not get any support for this plugin.

Yes, as mentioned on the “License” panel of the plugin and on the Themeco’s website, if you have the plugin as a free extension of the X theme, you need to send your support requests directly to Themeco (support from author is only for the users who bought a license of the plugin).
If you want, you can contact me form the support page telling me the name of the person who redirected you here, I will contact them about it (he probably forgot that it is an extension of the theme, and not an external plugin) .

Hi friend me again. Its possible to add like “holiday days” to not appear available that days in the date picker?

No, sorry, there is no such option currently. I note the idea.

ok brother thanks. And its possible to modify the forms created? to only appear the forms of the people who paid for the service?

Because acctually appears all the forms, even of people who doesnt buy it. Only create it.


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Hi, Is it possible to create a list of parts estimation instead of price? For example, to fix your car you need part A and 2 parts B.

You can hide the total price and use the item option “Show depending on conditions” to show the different “parts” items in the last step depending on the user’s answers .
You can also set these items “hidden” and “preselected” to hide them from the form and show them only in the final summary .

thank you very much for the quick replay

Hi, all of my WooCommerce items are input without tax and tax is added at the end. However the final total price when paying only shows the total without tax and then sends that number to Stripe/PayPal for payment. Is it possible to fix this? Or is it possible to add custom JS to multiple the final total price without tax *1.2 (to add the tax that way)?

Also, I know it’s possible to just add the items to the WooCommerce cart instead, but allowing customers to pay by Stripe in the Final Step form is very good, so I’d like it to be possible.

Simply create an hidden and preselected checkbox using the operator “x” and the percentage “20” in your last step.
It will apply a 20% tax.
Even if this checkbox is hidden in the form, you can choose to show its result in the final summary.

Hi, can I transform this to be an insurance quote? where asking this: https://goo.gl/0csnwj ... I get this: https://goo.gl/Ybo4CS ... If so I have some pre-buy questions:

1. Can the “Get Started” button be disabled ? Just show the first step at once instead of showing this button. 2. Can animation time be control or be disabled? 3. When finish can a PDF with the summary be sent to the person who filled the form? 4. Can the summary look something like this: https://goo.gl/Ybo4CS