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it’s support RTL ?

Hello Altalhi,
Yes, for the current version download we would just need to get you the rtl css file through our support (, future versions will have that included as well.

I had this plugin purchased by my client a few months ago, but we had a problem because it is not accepting multiple selections from check boxes/list from an integrated contact form plugin like Ninja Form and CF7.

Is it already accepting multiple selections from integrated contact form plugins? I’ll buy it, if it does already.

Multiple selections in CF7 can be mapped to a single field in WP Contacts where choices will be displayed in a comma separated format.

Pre-Buy Question: is it possible to access your plugin to mobile app using api?

Yes, our api is meant to provide a means for other applications to communicate with it including mobile apps.

Hi, I want to buy your plugin and use it as a crm and pms system in our company. We have a wordpress site with avada theme and we want to add your plugin on our site. I saw your demos and it’s so good for us but I have several question before buying.

1-our site in Persian language, do your plugin support rtl language? Does it have related file to handle right to left languages?

2 - I can translate all of your plugin by myself and I don’t need to use language files on it, but the most important things for us is using from Persian calendar. Can you prepare it for us? Does it have more cost or it’s inside of your supporting payment? if both of these questions have negative answers, do you help us to change your plugin calendar to Persian calendar?
3 - As I saw in your demos, when I logged in, only plugins menus shows. Is it possible to show all of wordpress menus with your plugin menus together for site admin or not?

4 – I also want it as a CRM system. is it possible to use this plugin as a CRM system?

I appreciate if you help me about this questions, I’m so interested in your plugin and I want to buy it soon. So I’m waiting for your response.

Many thanks for your support

We do have rtl css files included in the latest version. For the calendar we use the jquery fullcalendar calendar which is a very common calendar, you can see if Persian is something built in or needs additions For the menu you can select to have the top menubar show for logged in users in the backend settings. You can use it as a CRM.

Hello, How can I add link in backend for Contacts?

Thank you

If you want to add custom links to your admin menu, there’s a great plugin that does that… . If you need other help, please let us know in our support system

Can you manage users? Add permissions? Is there a map with an address?


today I purchased the WP Contacts Zapier Extension.

​First I saw, that I was NOT able to enter the activation code.

I tried to get started by get connection to my self hosted wordpress page (without JETPACK) but do not get any connection.

I used your invitation code to zapier and your beta extension.

I have a geotrust SSL certificate.

tried to disable the ssl check in zapier but always will get the error 403 permission denied.

I checked the PW checked the name of database

Linkname tried:

connection with my “regular” zapier account to my Wordpress site was no problem.

any suggestions?

thanks in advance.


Hello Burkhard,
If you have a valid ssl certificate you shouldn’t need to disable that. As for not being able to enter the activation code, you can open a ticket with us at and give us the login information so we can see what you have set up.
Thank you!

Good morning sh-themes, can’t open a ticket because the purchase of WP contacts/support has expired. But this problem is caused by zapier extension bought yesterday. any other way?

Hello again Burkhard,
You can open a ticket in the Zapier Extension category.

Why is your support link (ticksy domaiin) dead?!?

It’s not dead, be sure you have the correct url , thanks!

I was not manually entering an url but using your support button (on this site under “Support” tab). Same if I click on the link you just provided… “Die Webseite unter ist möglicherweise vorübergehend nicht verfügbar oder wurde dauerhaft an eine neue Webadresse verschoben. ERR_SPDY_INADEQUATE_TRANSPORT_SECURITY” – it’s german saying that the site isn’t available and that there is a security issue…

Hello again, Our support is up and working correctly, is a reputable site with a valid certificate. You might be experiencing a bug in your web browser!msg/chrome/-WxP9tKE2vA/JhOGPq1wbVgJ .
Try again either with a different browser or try updating chrome to the latest version and you should be able to get there.

I need a field price in the table, is there any function that we can search with price range? Thanks

Hello dannywan,
Built in functionality allows you to sort by field and / or search with partial field values, that and your custom filters gives you a lot of power to find what you need depending on how you set up your custom database.

Thanks for your reply. For example if we need to filter and find only contact from 18-22 years old Is the default filter have this function?


richesd Purchased

Hi. I created custom roles & assigned them to users. But they don’t work. Only your pre defined roles work.

Make sure you’ve downloaded and installed our latest version from your downloads section on CodeCanyon. If you need any help you can open a ticket at and provide login details so we can take a look.

can you suggest me what else i can add with this plugin to become more functional ….... i saw some extending wp contacts in documentation but i am a layman …... so please suggest what should i have to make it better …. also if you do customised work …. let me know

also suggest someone who can help me to install additional features

Hello and thank you for purchasing WP Contacts!
Depending on what you are looking for as far as customization or extending goes you can open a ticket at with what you are trying to do and we can provide a quote for customization.
Thank you!

Hello, I love the software. We are changing domains, and I’d like to know how I can move this plugin? I have created a back up on the current page. is there a way to move this to the new page?

Hello and thank you!
Our database is integrated within the WordPress database so if you move your WordPress installation, WP Contacts will move as well.

Is there a way to move the database without moving the entire installation?

Hello again,
Yes, there is. You can open a ticket at and our support can give you some information.


nanatic Purchased

Hi there. Is it possible to show the last notice on the frontpage?

If you wanted to modify the front page and show events from the event log there, you’ll need to add your own customization to WP Contacts. It would probably be best to use one of our built-in filters for that.

good work but i need to add sign up form

Hello there,
We actually do have integrations with Contact Form 7, Ninja & Gravity Forms for capturing contact information.
Thank you!


Moagi Purchased

Hi I have a few questions regarding the front page view fields can you please provide an email address I can use.

Hello Moagi,
Our support is at if you would like some help.
Thank you!