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Hello, I did not see the zapier integration in demo, where can I have a demo of zapier extension?

You won’t see a demo of the Zapier extension in our live demo. You can check out Zapier at to see how they work… similar to our REST api (only you don’t need programming knowledge) you can send and receive contact information from WP Contacts to other applications and vice versa.

Can we have integration with Aritic Mail transactional email delivery API? These days a lot of people are facing inbox email deliveries through SMTP based email communication; and this web API based service resolve these email delivery issues to great extent. I could see Aritic Mail only provide integration for application, so notification/ event based emails always land in inbox of the users.

We have a built in RESTful API you can take a look at our endpoints and hooks at . We also have a Zapier extension available if they are on Zapier as well.

Sorry to day, both of these options are not working now.

Hello again,
What do you mean these options aren’t working?

I have a database of over 100,000 names with emails, contact numbers, age group, income level, etc… I intend to make this database available to paid members that typically businesses and marketers. Access given to these members will allow them to select their target buyers and send them promotional materials (mainly emails, telecalls and maybe SMS).

Is this plugin good for me?

The number of entries in a database does not matter so much for the plugin at those levels, it has more to do with your server resources. Just make sure you have a hosting plan that can accommodate your needs or let you grow for memory, storage & cpu etc..
100,000 should not be an issue (we have other customers with those amounts) but be mindful also of the amount of custom fields you have as well.

Apart from the database size, I just want to make sure that this plugin is good for providing access to paid members to contact the database via email, text and telecalls.

Have a look at our documentation and demo to make sure it’s a good fit for what you are trying to do. Our documentation is at .


datavamp Purchased

I might pick this up if it was compatible with Quform

If Quform has an api or is on Zapier, you should be able to send form captures to WP Contacts since we have both of those capabilities.


Texaco Purchased

At Home page, First Name column disappears. When I create a person, it shows the first name but when I refresh the page, the first name column disappears immediately even the first name header still stay on top, after the headline, all of the columns moves to left for 1 column and first name column disappears.

Hello Texaco,
Did you open a ticket for help We’d probably need to take a look at it for you.

Good day, can this be used to manage birthday for clients and their families ? Can it send reminders as those birthdays fall due ?

Hello and Thank you!
Yes it can be used to manage birthdays for clients. If you want email notifications you would use custom events (or for more advanced usage the API or Zapier extension), otherwise you can set date fields to be displayed on the built in event calendar.


tgg1061 Purchased

Hi, we are considering purchasing but we need to know the following:

1. When is your next update releasing by and what new features can we expect to see?

2. Will you be finally adding list view options so people don’t have to scroll through a ton of full records on mobile or desktop?

3. Any integration with twilio soon for calls?


Hello there and thanks for your interest!
1. We have updates quite frequently including bug fixes and popular feature requests. At the bottom of the item description you can see many of the features and fixes we’ve been adding to WP Contacts. We are actually up to version 3.1.4 now and will add that to the list shortly.

2. For viewing options, you do have the capability to sort, search and filter results in view (and even combine these), you also have the capability to set pagination results in the backend settings to how many results to display per page.

3. We have a REST api and from what I understand they do too so you can integrate using the api with many services.

is it possibile to use this with a membership management? Or there is an addon for this?

Users are actually WordPress users that are given separate access to WP Contacts, so you manage who has what access to WP Contacts. We even have custom role capabilities now.
Thank you!

Is it possibile to have a check on the form “add new contact”, if a user is already in the database, could to show the system a message about it? so we don’t have duplicate contacts.

Currently we don’t check for duplicates when you create a new entry. The reason for this is mostly because everybody’s database is unique and customized since you create your own fields. The easiest thing to do is just a quick search or sort before inserting based on the field that you would consider a duplicate entry. You could also add your own custom code to do a check as well.


I have an issue with the search function. When I search Greek characters, it gives me a forbidden access error. When I search Latin characters, everything works just fine.

Do you any idea, about this?

Kind Regards, George

Hello George,
Not without seeing it, it would be best to open a ticket in our support and show us what you see so we can help you troubleshoot it
Thank you!

Hello sh-theme team

I’m absolutely excited about the WP-Contact plugin before I buy it, I’ve got some question. We are a national real estate company, I have 30 real estate agents and need a contact management system so I have control over the contacts my real estate broker.

- Is it possible that I enter all contacts and assign the individual contacts to the responsible broker?

- Is it possible for each of my 30 employees to get their own login, where only the contacts are shown which I have assigned to him?

- If I have distributed the contacts to my employees, the contacts have disappeared from my list and only in the list of the broker? Are the broker’s activities automatically sychronized with my list?

- Or is it so that each of the 30 employees uses the same list and all the contacts in the list, even the contacts of other employees?

- Does the NinjaForms field assignment work even when I install the WP-Contact plugin on a subdomain?

- Can I install the WP-Contact plugin on my normal WP instalation but the frontend on a sub-domain?