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Hello, I would like that when a contact is assigned to a wordpress user a notification arrives email, is it possible to do this?

You would probably need to make use of our API to make custom notifications on specific changes like that. We have our api documented in our WP Contacts documentation.

Hi. I would like to know how email integration work with this plugin?. For example, can I connect it to Mailgun for example and automate email responses and some other stuff? Basically, I would like to know how to work with email automation and the contacts database of the plugin. Didnt find a clear explanation about it.

We have integration with Mailchimp built in, we also have an api and a Zapier extension all of which would let you communicate with other applications for mailing list type functionality. For Mailgun specifically, you should check and see what they have available for API access or a Zapier extension as well.

HI, have an issue with OSK and am waiting for your support for a few days now… what can I do? It’s for a client project due tom :( What can I do ? Thx

Hello skywalker89,
We got back to your ticket :)!

HI sh :) THANK YOU SO MUCH…excellent support!!!!!!!!!!! On a sunday :) saved my project..thankl you!!


First of all, I want to say thank you for having, create a plugin like this. I stumbled by chance on your Wordpress plugin. The features of the plugin, are obviously very good!

I have pre-purchase questions:

- Number and customer ID: 1) I want to personalize customers ID, how to do, and can I do? Ex: 001 463 690 6 or ADH 570 650 7

1.2) Possibility afterwards, once configured, to put random client ID?

- Fields and Menu Form Customize: 1) I have visualize, that I can add several custom fields. Can I do it without restriction?

- Compatibility plugin: 1) Compatible with Wordpress plugins “Project Management”?

Thank you