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Hi this is a pre-purchase question, I’ve tested the demo version and it seems a really great plugin. I’d like to know if Can I think to use it on a local host web server just like a small intranet, my doubt is about the notification system, I’m not really sure it can works on a localhost webserver.

and last but not last :) with gravity you can populate only text and data fields or also upload files?

Hello again,
Be sure to take a look at our documentation so you can see what kind of flexibility we have already built in . If you are capturing leads/entries with a form, you would do your conditional logic there. Direct integration with gravity forms (same site), you already have the files so you can create links to them as some users do.

Thanks, I’m reading the gravity form part about the integration with wp contacts. I understood the part about the functionality, it’s very simple, but I my doubt is that if I make some conditional logic fields in gravity forms I will have some white fields into the leads into Wp contacts or not? I try to explain better: I need to create however a field to map it with gravity form, also if this field is part of a conditional logic system into gravity, so probably if wp conctacs would be conditional logic itself the mapping with gravity maybe a better integration. Am I wrong? It’s not a critic :) I’m trying to understand if I can use this product, sorry and thanks for your time.

Is it possible to link contacts (i.e. people) to companies or do I have to set up two different records? I want to create a company record (wit address fields etc.) and associate several contacts with their own records (owner, employee etc.). Is this possible with the dropdown fields? Thanks

You can just create 2 separate dropdowns for company and position since you can create as many fields as you need, that should work just fine.

Is it possible to print the contacts?

Hello mediapixel,
Yes, you can print them and if you are asking about the individual view specifically…

Gravity forms integration: Will a gravity form replace the default form? I would like it to work with the main (customisable) view. Thanks

No, the management of WP Contacts is through our interface. Other form plugins that can integrate allow for capturing contacts/leads outside of WP Contacts and putting them into it.

Hello, This is pre-purchase question. I am thinking about using your plugin for application management to satisfy the needs from Step 1-6 below. Is it possible, especially Step 6, which recruiters will input data after the interview ?

Step 1: Requests for HR to select the filter criteria on the platform Step 2: Displays the candidates based on the filter criteria Step 3:HR can check the candidates and click export Step 4: Either trigger email with all relevant candidates resume and information in zip file or displays the information online Step 5: Invite Candidate for interview (trigger email to open) Step 6: Candidate interview evaluation report (HR to key in)

Thank you Jun

Hello Juntee,
I’m not too sure of your process but please have a look at our demo and our documentation as we give thorough information on what you can do with WP Contacts to see if it’s a good fit for what you need ->


zfge Purchased

Hello, as a few times voiced in this comments I second the wish for a “multiple select” field type (

The selection could be stored as comma separated list etc.

Because creating a lot of checkboxes for this purpose is often not practical…

Best wishes!

Hi, is it possible to link this with another email platform other than MailChimp?

Since we now have a Zapier extension available, any application that uses Zapier can be connected as well. We also have simple export / import capability and an api.

Hello, perfect pluggin. Is there anyway to allow read only user to add new contact into the database without implementing tierce form pluggin (gravity/contact7 etc.) i would like to use your form

Hello and thanks for purchasing!
Read only is “read only” so that role will stay the same for access to the system. However, we are working on customizable roles for our next release (along with several other very big changes) and if you just want someone to add entries (no edit, delete, etc.) that will be available. Open a ticket with us if you would like to try the pre-release version at

Hi. Thank you for your quick reply and keep developing new functionalities. It will be perfect. I have already started customs these functionality while deleting some if ($this->can_edit) and adding other few lines of code somewhere else. I will be very interested by your pre-release version. Thank you a lot


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Hey Bought this only problem i can find is when attaching files to a revised contact they dont seem to save.

Hello spOokz,
Have a look at your server error log, or if you have any security plugins that might be interfering. If you need help, open a ticket at

Hi guys,

Great plugin! I have also sent this as a support ticket but wasn’t sure if it was monitored.

We have just installed the plugin and are having a couple of issues.

When we make changes to the manage fields, manage front page or even adding a contact or editing a contact, we have to then go to the wordpress admin and then go to the page to edit it and click “update” to update the page before we can see the changes we make.

Is this normal? We have disabled all caching for testing so I don’t think this will be causing the issue.

Hello and Thank you!
We’ve responded to your ticket, and no that’s not normal. Sounds like something is still interfering so we gave you some things to look into in the ticket.

Pre-Sale Questions: 1. Is it possible to get reminders as an email or display reminders on a separate page? Suppose I want to get reminded about the birthday or an anniversary of a client, can I get a consolidated email reminder a day before? or can I display the same on a page like a calendar of events? 2. Is it possible to set the contact frequency and display a list based on that? Suppose I want to contact a client on weekly basis or fortnightly basis or on 5th of every month. So when I login on a particular date and go to a dedicated page, say ‘To-do list for Today’, it should show something like… Clients to contact – Client A, Client B, Client-C etc., Clients celebrating their birthday – Client-D, Client-E etc., 3. I would prefer to have a check field for the above ones. If I wished a client on his birthday or contacted them as per the contact frequency, I will check that field. 4. Is it possible to assign certain users to a team lead? Team leads should be able to view data of respective team members.

Hello Venchars,
Yes we do have events and notification capability built in to our Events functionality included with the plugin. Please have a look at our documentation under backend settings that covers Events and Calendaring settings.

A good team lead approach could be to create separate WP Contact databases for each team and have an admin (team lead) for each particular database. Then give each user the access you wish them to have to each database.

You didn’t answer my 2nd question. Also can I see the back end demo of the plugin?

Please take a look at the documentation ( and the demo…those will both answer all of your questions about notifications and all configurable options (including screenshots) for the backend settings. You’ll also find that using our API or our Zapier extension provides almost unlimited capabilities for notifications for all sorts of things so be sure to check out those sections as well.
Thank you!


raielwa Purchased

Since I installed your plugin everything has been working well. Everything but the upload of files by the clients. I use Contact Form 7 and did the integration correctly, as you specified in the documentation. But every time someone uploaded a pdf or doc file through the form, an error appeared on line 750 of the class-allleads.php file. When I solved the problem, I still could not upload files. So I chose to delete the lead_files field … that was my mistake … after 10 minutes that field was active again, as if it had been created alone … but it does not work, it does not even appear on the home page of The crm database. Please, I need my clients to upload files through the contact form and that these files appear in the CRM. The database in question is called “Candidates” and the page where it is installed is called “Candidates” as well.

Please I need help. Thank you very much

Hello Raielwa,
Thank you for purchasing WP Contacts! We’ve responded to the tickets you’ve opened.


raielwa Purchased

Hi! i replied the ticket on friday and you don’t answered it. Thanks

Pre-Purchase Question: Is it possible to create ‘pages’ for leads ? For instance, a user submits a quote request via a form, which creates a new lead in WP Contacts. And we reply to that user, and automatically create a new page for them to go to, to see the quote that we give them. So each lead essentially gets their own page/URL that is publically viewable. Thanks very much. The plugin looks great so far.

Hello there,
That’s probably more along the lines for the form builder you are using to create a page on form submission. I would check and see if GF, Ninja or CF7 has the capability to create a page and since we already have integration with those form builders you could insert your lead at the same time.

Thanks for the reply … are the content fields in WP Contacts accessible to wordpress templates. So we could have user facing pages that have some of their info from the wp contact plugin (personal details, + attachments, + other info) . Cheers

Sure, data can be accessed outside of our system through our custom endpoints with WordPress’s API or through our Zapier extension. We have some information on those two capabilities in our documentation as well.

can you customize it to send Bulk SMS directly through it? I’d like to send Birthday Wishes automatically to the clients whose contacts are saved in WP contact.

You could customize to do something like that, or use our api or Zapier extension…have a look at our documentation to learn more about both.

Pre-Purchase question: Can a user assign a lead to another user?

Yes, they can. It’s actually one of the settings for users to be able to transfer contacts / leads to another user.

Hello, Can I add user who can Add Contact and Show All Contacts, Nothing Other option can edit or delete or changing anything ?

In our next release we will be including custom roles that will be giving some fine tuning capabilities for user groups. We’ll be releasing it in the next couple of weeks.