WP Conference Call Plugin

WP Conference Call Plugin

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Easily schedule, start and track your conference calling with this advance WP Conference Calling Plugin. You can easily allocate your online appointments and future meeting requests with this plugin. Send out conference calling invites directly from your websites dashboard to any land line or mobile phone in the world. This plugin includes conference calling details with concise and properly briefed formatting so you don’t have to do anything but to add attendees and send it on.

Attractive Features

• PHP server side signaling system included • No additional software or accounts needed (Only twilio account is required) • No DB needed • Mobile friendly responsive user interface • Widget support enabled • Word-press authorization support • Extendable authorization system • Easily install and un-install • Direct contact via voice call • Ability to play customized message when conference calling started • Freedom of customizing your welcome message • Twilio based • Enable or disable conference calling • Track all your inbound and outbound • Complete user support (accept or reject the call option) • Eye catching, user friendly and simple UI/UX.

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A cron url file is required for scheduling a conference call. Cron URL will schedule cron file on every 15 minutes

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V1.0 (01-05-2016)- stable version 

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