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hi, to be more clear and make more sales, you should have a user experience example so people who are not as smart as you are regarding web development can understand the value add gained from useing Discussion on WP Conditions & Variables

People don’t have time to think too much. If they don’t get it, they move on.

Be easy. Not confusing.

Hi, thank your for your comment. Now we have added a video about usage. We will add some example videos too as soon as possible. Thank you again. Have a nice day.

:) no problem. It’s good to get into the head of your customer and speak to them as they are, not as you are. At least it seems to be the case. Love the code product!

I can see that it can add a great value to any site.

thank you for your great comment. You made us proud. :)

Pre purchased question, can you add your own variables and conditions or only choose from the list ?

Not important, we are glad for your likes. Thank you too.

If you have any question or suggestion about plugin or plugin usage, please feel free to write to us. or you can use contact form at our codecanyon profile page.

I will, thank you very much ! :)

Does this work with Woocommerce? I’d like to display conditional content when someone toggles though attributes – when different attributes are chosen from the same product page… content changes on it’s own according to a specific attribute configuration.

i think it won’t work. If your page refreshes after choosing some attribute, I can help you to integrate, but if it doesn’t refresh, There is no way to make this work. If you interest in, you can write again to us.

Hi, Does your plugin works with WP 4.3 + ?

not at all. Thank you.

It’s not working with WP 4.4.5 ! the dialog box is empty

I will check and inform you as soon as possible. If I will see any error, I will fix and then send to you. Maybe it is an issue about your theme.

It sounds real cool but I’m not sure if it will have the conditions that I’m looking for? Is there a list? Is it buddypress compatible?

I’d like to create something like a page counter but custom data that is stored individually for each buddypress user logged in. Is this possible?

yes, it must work in buddypress. You can purchase without thinking it. If any problem occurs, you can contact to us and we can fix it or any problem. This plugin also supports user defined conditions and variable. If you have any PHP knowlodge, you can add your own conditions or variables too. Please inform us when you purchase so we can help to you. thanks

Would this plugin also allow us to do:


and refer to it throughout the post with $SERVICE?

yes plugin allows get post and QS data and put it in a variable. So you can use this variable anywhere you want. After purchasing, if you want any support please contact to us.

I have a important preorder question:

I want to do following thing: A user logged in after his registration. Then he see a singlesite (only logged in user) and on this site is different content. On the same site i want to hide some content with a shortcode. And the content is showing after 5 days – after the user logged in and see this site for the first time!!! This „countdown“ for showing the content counts for each user for itself.

Can i do this with your plugin? And can you tell me how i can do this?

Hi, this plugin can be extendable by some php code. I see your request. After purchasing plugin i can add this functionality for you. Please inform me after purchasing. Thanks.

Can i use that plugin for check if the email are an active user or not? eg. If is an active user show a video on the page also if is a cancelled user see a text to register

yes you can use to check if email exists or not. After purchasing, please inform if you can’t do. We can do this for you if you can’t.

A couple of questions;

1) Can plugin control if a shortcode is applied for logged on users 2) Also can it control is comments are only visible for certain user groups 3) Can conditions be setup to apply globally or just in content


Hi, Thanks for your message. 1. You can control the content by logged in users or not. 2. And 3. You cannot control comments but if you purchase i can write it for you.


Love this plugin.

It is possible to make this:

1. If user with ID xxx is logged in and the URL PAGE is xxx then show xxx ? or even beter
2. If user with a WooCommerce Custon Field mane is xxx and the URL PAGE is xxx then show WooComnerce Custon Field value

I need to be able to show some extra content only to users that are logged in when they are in a particular endpoint

Please let me know if that is possible to buy the plugin

Hi, Thanks for your interest. I have read your questions. Normally it doesnt has a predefined condition for this issues. But this plugin fully expandable by any user. You can add your own conditions or variables. If you purchase we can also write conditions for your requests.

Thank you.

Thank you for your reply. The problem is that i have no clue of php but if you could help me on this i will not only buy it but also i would recoment thus plugin to everyone. Do i have to pay any aditional fee to have those non predefined funcionalities?

No they are simple codes. If you recommend this plugin to others we will be glad. Please dont forget to make a review. Thanks. We will be waiting your message.

Hi. I am looking for a dynamic product category manager. But this plug-in is not that, is it? AKA: A product category could be “Women Shoes”, and then I could setup a rule saying “Title contain” Shoes” + “Product-Category = Women”, and then display all relevant products?

hi, thanks for your message. No you can’t use this plugin at this way. But if you want we can develop your requirements for you. If you want, you can contact us via email.(

Hi. U mean like extending your plug-in or customization? I am solely looking for a plug-in. But I can tell you that there is no dynamic category plug-in available out there. So a hole in the market for definate.

I mean, if you want we can develop your custom plugin. If you think to work with us please write :


is this possible:

I want that a “text A” on a page is shown at every minute with an UNeven digit/minute and “Text B” at every EVEN digit/minute.

In other words they rotate every minute.

Thank you for your time.

Regards Harry

Hello – Any news? Best regards

I had some health issues, sorry for late reply. I sent an email to you.

I am glad to read, that you are better :-) I received your mail and it works great!! I saw that you also implemented it on my website. Five stars*

Hi! Just would like to know whether you are ok?

yes, thanks. I had some health issues, sorry for late reply. I sent an email to you.

hi, a question. is it possible to set variable based on variable in querystring?

yes sure, it is possible. You can write to us if you can’t assign variable, so we can help you.


The variable code is not working inside contact form 7. Is there any way?

have you used any shortcode before inside cf7? I want to ask whether cf7 has shortcode support?

not tried before.. but can I get the variable shortcode to work inside Slider Revolution?

Hi, can I use this script to hide content or display content based on referring url. For example.. if user comes to page from then show content 1, if visits page directly without referral then show content 2

yes sure, you can use. If you need help please inform us. Thanks.

Possible? If time between 00:00:00 and 04:00:00 display [shortcode x] else display [shortcode y]?

Yes sure, if you purchase we can help you to create your own condition.