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super new update

Thanks, we work for our customers. Custom or standart plugin develops.


I just bought the item, and I cant use the smart image resizer because it gives me the following error:



How can I solve this?

Hi, please send me screenshot, we will fix it.

Hi, i still waiting. Please send me ajax problem. Screenshot or mail (plugins dashboard include my mail)

Hi guy, i wait for your problem. Do you find anything? If there is a problem with me, I want to solve them.

Whats the difference between this plugin and your other image resize plugin…WP Image Layout Combination

Main plugin is only RESIZER. Layout Combination is collect some images 4×1 or other. Generally use blogger. No need photoshop and automatic collect 2 or more images in one JPG file. Automatic optimisation and save your time.

Please help. I installed and Activated the plugin but it’s not showing up on the left side Dashboard. I’m using Theme Flatsome and WooCommerce Version 2.6.7 I was hoping to Resizer + Crop all of the Product images in the categories.

user error, IIt’s working

Good, if there any problem please feedback us. Good days.


Hi, I use rss feed to add articles to my website, can the plugin help in resizing the images on the post and pages?

Yes, there are automatic resizer module. Use on older can be able.

Hi, I’m having problem installing the plugin, this is the message I get

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed.

Any information on installing the plugin

Umm i examine to your site. You use “newspaper theme”. The Newspaper theme has some problems about image sizes.

This theme default css is that: if image bigger than layout > cover, if image smaller than layout > don’t anything.

You need custom css edit. Our plugin work greatly. But Your problem about is CSS.

Please try you, if can’t feedback to me. I do for you.

Thanks for your response, any advise on a better theme that is better on image holder?

I think you need News share. Newspaper, Sahifa, Newstag, they are news themes.

Or other one normal themes blog page may be work for you. Or Custom css for Newspaper.

I am getting the error

Notice Undefined index: resim_boyutlandir_arka_ajax 1 wp-content/plugins/wp-comprehensive-and-smart-image-resizer/functions.php:117 wp-content/plugins/wp-comprehensive-and-smart-image-resizer/index.php wp-content/plugins/wp-comprehensive-and-smart-image-resizer/index.php:56

I have checked the Function Info and everything is green so why am I getting the error. This is a dedicated server hosted with SiteGround.

Thanks. We hear you and now work for find that problem. We will feedback to you on here.

Hi, we can’t find any bug. Is possible your wp other plugins ajax?

Hi, the product is very good. Missed an option. Most publications are shared on social networks. Facebook. You can create a watermark mask to overlay an image, and resize it in exact proportion. 1200×627. What I miss is an option to insert text into this image. Each publication has a title, and a featured image. In social networks, it would be interesting if the image had the right size, a watermark frame and a title. This title could be a text field displayed just below the profile selection list. Have you ever thought about it.

Do yo say: post title to watermark needed for facebook ? For what use do that? You say mean: direct share to facebook so featured images will go facebook images?

  • my website is wordpress and I use automatic social media pluging ( to push the content from my wordpress to my social media pages ).

the isuue socail media pages skip some of my images ( imean it post the post without images ) and iwant to Quranty to push my images to socail medias incase if the post content images ( by resize images or what ever ) is your pluging can do that ? My Reqards.

Hello. 1/is that mean from any new post there is one of the posted images Quranty it will post to socail media?

2/ if your and we for the above qustion is yes..ihope after ipurchesd it you creat to me new profile for facebook ..twitter ..because idont know how to do it .

3/ notes that my auto post plugin not just post to facebook and Twitter It post for most popular socail media pages ( liknked….) thanks

4/ keep in your mind I use automatic plugin ( it copy content from other site and pest it on my website) then I have auto post post plugin ( it push the content from my website to my socail media pages ) meaning your plugin must resize the future images after ubloaded..and must resize it to acceptable social media images size Is it posipple for your plugin ?

Excuse me! We do not have the time to respond to the long questions of each questioner here. The plug-in is clear and clear. You can get it if you need it. Thank you.