WP Comprehensive and Smart Image Resizer

WP Comprehensive and Smart Image Resizer

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WP Comprehensive and Smart Image Resizer

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1. Create profile (if no there)

2. go post or page or woocommerce page

3. set featured image (jpg or png)

4. fill the areas (post name, product name vs…)

5. Publish it and work us plugin

6. system automatic use Profile Settings on your featured image.


This Plugin Included:

- 2 type resize prosses - 2 types default use way - General other options. - Woocommerce gallery resize

- Resize and Fit the image size - Resize and Crop the image size (which corner long) - Default post Resize Profile - Default Product Resize Profile

- And NEW OPTIONS: + used on olders + woo commerce gallery edit options

General Options:

- Watermark (png or jpg) - Image quality ( 0 to 100 : JPG ) - PNG output support (don’t set image quality with png) - Crop directions (9 corner) - Watermark directions (9 corner) - Woocommerce gallery options (NEW)

coming features: - border options - shadow options


v.3.2 Photo Combinator (work like instagram layout add-on)

v.3.1 Fix png problems. Fix profile edit problems. Add “use on woocommerce gallery” Add Png + Watermark + Background progress

v.3.0 Add Smart Resizer. Add use on older option. Fix js problems.

v.2.3 Fix index problems.

v.2.2 Fix ajax problems.

v.2.1 Fix crop bugs.

v.2.0 Add crop direction

v.1.0 First release