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This looks great. I’ve added it to my wishlist as I think we could use this on our upcoming online magazine :)

do you have a list somewhere over the 400 comics currently supported?

myself I can do my comic?

Yes but I will need to add it


I dont understand… 1. There are already 400 comics in the plugin? 2. Who created this comics? 3. Whats about legal/copyright issues? 4. does this plugin inport a feed or does it usw a API… or what?

thx glws

The comics are external links, there’s no copyright issue with inline linking in this way. It’s similar to what Google does with Image Search

For the Dilbert strips you need a license to use! You can search images on Google but this doesn’t means you can use the images!

Inline linking doesn’t violate copyright. Just as Google can use your images in GIS without violating your copyright. This plugin uses inline links, not “copies” so there is no copyright issue.

Does this plugin have the comic cartoon owners permission, I know you say it uses inline linking so avoids copyright but it is still stealing bandwidth, etc … if it is done without the owners permission… so do we have the comic owners permission to use these comics.

Not technically, but it’s an easy thing to do referer checks. The fact that nobody does that means they either don’t care or realize that they benefit from the exposure.

Thanks Themerox

Incredible plugin :)

Thanks diank123!

Is it possible to add your own comics? Thanks

Yes, you can edit config/definitions.json and add your own if you’re familiar with css selectors. I believe an xpath selector will work as well.

This would be fantastic if you can add your own comics, not sure what you mean by

"you can edit config/definitions.json and add your own if you’re familiar with css selectors"

Would be wise and profitable for you, if you where a little more specific, or assume that most of us have no clue what that means. I can tell you I know about 20 artists who would instantly buy this if they could add there own comics … I’ one of them … just saying

Hi Matador, I updated this plugin to let you add custom comics (you can see it at the bottom of ) – If you don’t understand what to put in the path, the easiest thing is to give the comic image an id ( <img id=my_comic> ) and then the path would be #my_comic

I get a issue with headers already sent what can be done to fix it

Hi Thunderbaylive, can you send me an url so I can see the issue?

Does this plugin even work anymore since the site is down

Yes, this is now fixed.

Hi there

I’ve just purchased the plugin. We’re using WP 4.1.1. No content is displayed, however.

I’ve tried multiple shortcodes.

There is a new entry in my settings menu for WP Comics. However, clicking this takes me to a blank page.

I’m stuck here. Any ideas, please?


Hi, Please verify that you are using PHP version 5.3+ with the curl extension loaded. - P

Hi there

Yes, We’re using PHP 5.5.9 with CURL.


Hey – I got our sysadmin to have a look at the box. While it was showing cURL has installed and active, for some reason it was being blocked. They’ve resolved this now. Thanks for your help!


Is it possible to add Glasbergen to the list? In particular ? This guy creates a variety of different cartoons so would be awesome to have a general Glasbergen ALL and then Glasbergen – <topic> if possible?


Hi Kai, I’m glad you resolved it. For Glasbergen take a look at the last comic here:

For the shortcode, it looks like you want: [comic url=”” path=”#content img”]

Thanks P.


First of all i would like to ask if it is a plugin or theme. If it is a plugin, I am interested in buying it. However, as the website is shutdown, are there still support for your plugin?

And do u provide Dilbert comics?

Thanks in advance


Yes it’s a plugin and dilbert is supported. If you have any issues you can contact me here or at

One more question: is this plugin compatible with WordPress 4.4.2 ??

Yes, it is.

Hi, I have just purchased this plugin, but it didnt work with WP 4.5.3. Could you fix it? My test link: