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Hi There :),

this plugin looks very good for my needs.

My Question: Will it work correcly at wp-multiside ?

Many-Presales-Thanks :) anotherrhetor

Yes, it works with WP multisite.
Feel free to contact me if you encounter any problem, I will debug it .

delightsome! :) Thank U!

Hello, looks good. Can you add html/shortcodes in Question and Answer section or is it only in the “Text” WYSIWYG section? Thank you

You can use html, pictures, tables etc … in the “Content” field of each step (not shortcodes) . This content is displayed before the question. The question is a simple text and the answers a list .

ok thanks, maybe I can workaround but is it possible to move the “Content” field to after the question? For my application it makes more sense to ask the question, explain the question (content field) then request answer. Thanks

You can do that simply writing the question in the “title” field of the step instead of the “question” one .It will be displayed before the content.
If you prefer, I can do a custom version moving the real question panel before the content, no problem. You can contact me from the support page .


CAPBCN Purchased

can add the this faq in a widget? how?

Yes, simply use this small plugin : https://wordpress.org/plugins/shortcode-widget/
It allows you to use shortcodes as widget .

Hi, What is the difference between this item and WP A.I Assistant? Thanks

This plugin is a F.A.Q builder, it allows you to easily create complex F.A.Qs showing different steps depending on the user’s answers to the wanted questions.
It can be used as documention, to inform your customers on a service/product and quickly answer their main questions .
WP A.I Assistant allows you to show a visual assistant on your website, that can ask questions, redirect the user on different pages, show elements of the website, execute JS functions etc …
You can try the live demos to see them in action .

Ok, thanks.I think the AI Assistant is better for my needs.

You’re welcome :) Please remember to use the “Reply” button, it avoids creating a new comment and keeps the page understandable.

Hi there,

I needed users with the role Editor to be able to create FAQs.

Can it be done?

To do that, you need to replace all “manage_options” occurrences by “edit_others_pages” in the file includes/cfaq-admin.php.
If you want, you can contact me from the support page, I will send you a custom version doing that directly .

===Pre-purchase question===


Awesome (if not the most awesome FAQs plugin here imho).

My question is the following: Let’s say a reader misses a question that is already existing in the FAQs and send a message nevertheless – Would it be possible to grab a URL of that existing question and hence include it in the reply?

Cheers :)

Done :)
I’m going to send it as update on codecanyon. You can contact me directly from support page if you want it immediately.
There is now a small info panel on each step panel, showing the parameter to add to the page url to call directly this specific step : http://loopus-plugins.com/cfaq_directPage.png .

Thank you for your quick & amazing response. Purchased both of them as promised ;)

As to the updated version – I’ll be away for a couple of days anyway, so I don’t mind to await the update via CC.

Furthermore, I will let you know in case we need help with either of the plugins :)

All the best!

Thank you :)
The update is now online .

Hi there! I bought this nice plugin, like it, but I need to use it only front-end (start operator console and use logs front-end). How to do it?

Are you sure you talk about the WP Clever FAQ (or about the WP Visual Chat plugin ?) . The backend side of the plugin can’t be used on frontend, it need to the operator to be logged .

Oh, I am sorry… mixed up chat. I have three your plugins. You are right I need that functionality for the WP Visual Chat plugin. So is there any way to start operator console front-end (on front-end menu or any page), when operator is logged. Shortcode may be? It would be a great advantage.

Ah yes I understand. I just sent an automatic update adding a link to the chat console in the admin bar. You can apply the update from the Dashboard > Updates menu link in WP backend .

Hi. I am interested with your plugin. I have one pre-purchase question. I would like to know if I can customize questions with images buttons. ( as in your other plugin “WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder » ).

If not, is it possible to attribute a specific class for each question. I would like to create a form with only pictures choices.

Can I do it with your plugin ?

Thanks in advance.

best regards.

There is no direct option to add images in questions, but each question has its “data-itemid” attribute. You can recover it using the inspector of your browser (right click on the question > inspect), and create custom rules in the “Custom CSS” field to target a specific question. Example :
.cfaq_answers [data-itemid="25"] {
       background-image: url(http://findicons.com/files/icons/1343/smoothicons_10/128/rocket.png);
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-position: 100px 0px;
    height: 40px;
    background-size: contain;

Ok That sounds good for me. I’ll buy your plugin. Thank you !


mcmoore Purchased

Hi there, a pre-purchase question. Is it possible to have move than one FAQ section e.g. relating to different auidences e.g. ]shortcode-1] , [shortcode-2] , or does the plugin only allow the creation of 1 FAQ


Yes, you can create as many FAQ you want.


cfu3i29 Purchased

Is it possible to use shortcodes in the FAQ answers, for example to insert dynamic elements from other plugins, or is just HTML and text possible?

Yes, you can use shortcodes in steps .

Nice plugin. Couple of concerns 1.no control over the Heading tags. Forcing H1 instead of making this optional is poor design. 2. should be able to have show/hide on any elements. 3. “Save” times out when using the text editor at times.

What would be ideal is the ability to select an element or perhaps a style for the title since H2 tags are subject to the same SEO issue. Using a Hx tags as style tags is common error but Hx are to be used to indicate subject headings for context of text not for style.

Ok, I added a new option allowing to choose the type of H* tag for the titles. I sent the update to codecanyon, it should be online in a few days.


I am interested in your WP Clever FAQ Builder. Could you please explain to me:
1. What does “Import/Export system” mean? How to use it?
2. What does “Shortcode & Visual Composer integration” mean? How to use it?
3. Have you already translated the plugin into French?
Thank you and Regards.

1. The Import/Export system allow you to transfer your FAQs to another website. For example, you create your FAQs on a dev website then export them easily to the production website.
2. You can integrate a FAQ pasting its shortcode in a page or using the Visual composer module .
3. All frontend texts are fully editable from backend. Backend texts are in English but can be translated easily using the .po file or WPML.

Thank you.
1. Is there a way allowing first to prepare FAQ in Excel/Csv file and then to import the file into the website (or into the database)?
2. Are there shortcodes allowing to integrate not the entirety of the FAQ but only some parts of the FAQ?

1. No, currently the FAQs must be created directly from backend.
2. No, but you can duplicate a full FAQ in 1 click, modify it and use a different shortcode for each FAQ. You can manage as many FAQs as you want.

Hello, i appreciate your plugin but i have a question. It is possible to have a search input ? Because the disadvantage of this kind of FAQ it’s that you have to go in the right section for find your answer, and sometimes it’s better to search something

It is possible ? Did you planned to ? thanks

No, sorry, it isn’t planned currently. Thank you for the suggestion.

Very nice job ;)

Thank you ! :)


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I’ve just downloaded the plugin ( looks great ), but I wanted to know if I can make the canvas area of the logic area bigger without edits to the core code of the plugin?

I would like to have more room to make the layouts I need in the admin area, so instead of having the hight set to 550px Perhaps 1550px or what ever I need?



c9dd Purchased

Didn’t for me the JS was overriding the css

The js script automatically resizes the canvas to the size of the #cfaq_stepsContainer, you don’t need to edit this file .
There was an error in my first post, these rules do the job :
#cfaq_stepsOverflow {
  overflow-y: auto !important;
#cfaq_stepsContainer {
  height: 2550px !important; 

c9dd Purchased

OK, just thought I would share.

Hello can you use you wp assistant with FAQ together ? I would like to show tours links within faq responses

OK thanks. is this still possible to “call” tours from FAQ by using a link that will lead to a certain page and then at the same time trigger a tour ? The idea is more to use these two plugins one by side, and not exactly use tours in FAQ page….this would be really great ! :)

I just added a new js function named “iaa_startOnStep” in the AI Assistant. You can use it to start the assistant on a specific step.
Example on a link :
<a href="javascript:" onclick="iaa_startOnStep('My step title');"> Open the assistant </a>
To open it when the user clicks a specific answer in the FAQ, you can use this code in the “Custom JS” option of your theme :
    jQuery('#clever_faq li > a[data-itemid="1"]').click(function(){
      iaa_startOnStep('My step Title');
You can find the id of each answer using the browser inspector on the page containing the FAQ (F12 on windows).
You can contact me from the support page if you want the new version of AI Assistant containing this new function immediately.

Formidable ! I will ask for new version now. And will buy FAQ as well :)

Hello..great plugin, thank you. can you please explain exactly how/where to apply shortcodes as all my shortcodes are showing the shortcode in the front end? The shortcode I am trying to apply is a woocommerce code eg: [product id=”99”]. I have tried applying in Text area, Question and Answer with no success. Thank you

You can use this shortcode in the “Text” part of a step. Feel free to contact me from the support page sending me a temporary access to the backend if you need help, I will check it .

Fixed :)

Hi, have this plugin search function? we have many faq and want to search input. user search for keyword and ajax search will filter any faq that include keyword. is there this option in plugin? thank you

No, sorry, there is no this specific option currently. I note the suggestion, thank you .

hi loopus, thank you. clever faq is uniques in codecanyon. i checked other faq but nothing is clever and smart. only thing that is needed is faq pagination and ajax search. ajax is very good. same as this products: https://codecanyon.net/item/ajaxified-faq-search-advanced-faq-addon/12033214?s_rank=11

but no one of codecanyon faq plugins are Clever and smart. i think if you set this on next version your plugin will be one of top faq plugins in the world…

thank you

Thank you very much :)
Yes, I noted this idea and I will probably add it in a next update if I receive similar requests, thank you .