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WP Cleaner Pro is the most efficient and easy to use plugin that can be used to clean and optimize your WordPress database, making your website faster. The only plugin of this type which can clean 25 types of data, optimize the database, everything at once or in a scheduled event. Clean user interface, no back-end errors, optimized for speed. This plugin is developed for WordPress single-site installations, not for multi-site. Includes Envato Market plugin (which allows to automatically update the plugin when new versions are available).

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  • Instant cleaning to optimize your WordPress website of::
    1. Trash comments
    2. Spam comments
    3. Waiting for moderation comments
    4. Orphan comment meta
    5. Duplicated comment meta
    6. Pingbacks
    7. Trackbacks
    8. Drafts
    9. Auto-drafts
    10. Revisions
    11. Trash posts
    12. Orphan post meta
    13. Duplicated post meta
    14. Orphan term relationships
    15. Unused terms
    16. Duplicated term meta
    17. Expired transients
    18. Orphan user meta
    19. Duplicated user meta
    20. Subscribers with invalid email
    21. Weird characters from posts
    22. Weird characters from comments
    23. Comment agent from comments
    24. oEmbed caches from posts meta
    25. Links in wp_links table
  • Scheduled cleaning of the WordPress database.
  • Optimization of the WordPress database.
  • Backup of the WordPress database (create/download/delete backups).
  • Cleaning process is logged.
  • Logs can be seen and deleted.
  • Mobile-friendly admin dashboard.
  • 25 types of data that can be cleaned.
  • View details of what you clean.
  • Choose items to clean.
  • Filter items to clean.
  • Code checked with PHP CodeSniffer.
  • Code developed according to WP coding standards.
  • Automatic updates with Envato Market WP Plugin.
  • Code optimized for speed.
  • Mobile-friendly documentation.
  • Translation ready (English .mo and .po included).

WordPress Admin DEMO

Username: Demo
Password: demo


The advantages of WP Cleaner Pro plugin compared with other free plugins are these:

- the bigger number of types of data it can clean (25, with free plugins you cannot clean so many types of data).

- the included feature to backup the database first, prior to any cleaning, without using another extra backup plugin.

- the flexible scheduling: you can schedule a cleaning monthly, weekly, daily, twice daily or hourly. If i remember correctly, other optimization free plugins do not have all these scheduling frequencies.

- all SQL queries that run during the cleaning are optimized for speed. I made many tests until I reached the maximum optimization of queries (I developed the plugin during two years)

- with WP Cleaner Pro you will not risk to see any error or notices in the front-end (displayed on your website, like with some free optimization plugins) because the code is thoroughly tested and checked for errors.

- with WP Cleaner Pro you can see the details of what you’re going to clean (delete), while with other free optimization plugins, you can’t. For instance, before cleaning trash posts or trash comments, you can see them before cleaning them.

- the support. The support is included (24 hours reply time)

You can install other free plugins, test them and then you can also try to use this one and I’m sure you’ ll see the difference. If the plugin does not work as advertised, you can get a refund:

If you have other questions, please feel free to ask them, I’m always happy to answer pre-purchase questions, then disscussing further about something not being as expected.

Thank you!  :)


15 June 2018 (version 3.3)
- added protection to backups directory against public listing/download 
28 May 2018 (version 3.2)
- optimized the fonts loading
- optimized the progress bar 
9 May 2018 (version 3.1)
- added Envato Market plugin support
- ignore coding standards when trying to raise PHP limits
- ignore logs size when calculating database size
- clean old logs before starting a cleaning
- updated translation files 
15 March 2018 (version 3.0)
- added ignore warnings to ini_get, ini_set and ini_restore (needed for some hosting providers)
6 March 2018 (version 2.0)
- added raise of time limits to the main form
- extracted raise/restore time limits to an utility method
- disabled Pace loader for Ajax requests (as it is not necessary).
7 February 2018 (version 1.0)
- first version