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Discussion on WP Cleaner Pro

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Good afternoon Is it possible to bulk delete unused (unlinked) images in the media library?

really smart


As soon as I bought it, it finally solved some serious problems, related to conflicts that another famous similar plugin created with other plugins. Plus, it’s simple to use and lightweight. I am really happy with the purchase.

Thank you very much!

I would like to suggest that in the orphan tables section, put the option to select which tables we want to exclude, deselecting the ones that we want to keep. Because in my case, tables from the F Poster and Elsifgt Form plugins have been identified as orphans, and they are not. And there’s no option to select, or remove these items from the tables session. Is it possible to implement it? Plus, congratulations on this excellent plugin! Keep it exactly that way, without bloatware and lean code! It’s all good!

Thank you very much for your feedback!

That is a good suggestion, I’ll keep this in mind for the future updates (I’m working hard to update the plugin as soon as possible)

Thanks again! Have a great day!

hi, can this plugin be used to cleanup text in posts? I did an import and now I have text that includes escaped apostrophes, quotes and backslashes as well as old encoding characters. So instead of an apostrophe for example my text shows literally as a backslash apostrophe. For encoding issue for example instead of showing 1/4 (for example) I get a bunch of weird characters.


The plugin will only clean the characters described in the table in this article (these characters are frequently resulted also from database migrations):

I plan to develop a bit more this part of the plugin in the future, but it is a sensitive part, because the text in a post can be in different languages, also it can contain various shortcodes or text generated by visual post builders… it’s very tricky, that is why the list of characters the plugin can clean is so small at this moment…


Update Date is Recent, What is the Change Log?

Thanks, Good to see you back :)

Hi, thank you :-)

That update was a quick update requested by an impatient customer who had an issue regarding his hosting.

All solved now and I updated a couple of minutes ago the change log.

All the best!


I though your plugin will found my unused options from deleted plugins.

Its only detect 1, although i have already install and uninstall hundred of plugins and themes.

i also have this eror

[Access denied; you need (at least one of) the SUPER privilege(s) for this operation] SET GLOBAL innodb_stats_on_metadata = 0;

[Access denied; you need (at least one of) the SUPER privilege(s) for this operation] SET GLOBAL innodb_stats_on_metadata = 1;

Hello, for an unknown reason I haven’t received a notification about your message here. My apologies for seeing this only now. Is the plugin working now or you still have issues with it?

Regarding the options, the plugin does not delete unused options from options table (this feature does not appear on the features list on the product page).

I’m thinking about adding it, it’s true, but it’s not available yet in the version available on CodeCanyon.

Note for further purchases:

the plugin now shows orphan tables too and ca delete them (version 3.4)

Is there a reason “eval” is used in /log4php/configurators/LoggerConfigurationAdapterPHP.php


That ‘eval’ code is a code in a third party library (Apache logging open source project: ), a library I’m using as a plug&play library for logging events generated by my plugin)

If possible, I would like to keep that third-party library as-is, without too many modifications, for better and easier updates, but though… I’ll have a look if that code can be commented out or replaced with something else.

Thank you!

nice work. good luck with sales

Thank you very much for your purchase, as well for the time to leave a rating and a reply.

With warm regards, All the best!

Hello, we have a question about your module. Does your module also delete CSS and HTML from Woocommerce articles? We have article descriptions there that are formatted and would like to have the formatting deleted automatically.

Hi, thank you for your interest.

Unfortunately, the plugin can’ clean those, but it’s a good idea for a feature, I’ll add to the list of things I’m thinking to implement.

Meanwhile, if you don’t find anything that could help you to remove the CSS and HTML from text, you can use an online service like (not the best solution though for a WordPress website, I know, but it can help a bit in some situations)

Have great day/evening, All the best!

does the plugin clean unused images?

Hi, it doesn’t, the plugin cannot delete unused images. It can only delete the items described in product details page. Thank you!


Your plugin does not work. When I click on CLEAN, the page loads for about 3/4 minutes and then there is an error page that appears:

“The page you are looking for is only unavailable. Please try again later. da4b9ffde4ce1eaf2fe513d6595cdc56 6a9d1f6b48299c7ee7b649048f4a9d8b a60b9892aed6a02d3d29d3ac84a0739b”

However, I disable all other plugin database clean and clear cache.

I did a dozen tests and it does not work. Yet the other plugin I had and that did the same thing as yours, works very well.

FYI: The memory limit is 1024MB and my server is very powerful. The sizie of database is around 1,35GB

Hi, thank you so much for your answer.

I am trying to answer your message in the support but there is an error. When I click on SEND, there is a red square that appears at the bottom right of the page with the following message: “ERROR !!! Unwanted Error”

Do you have an email or can I send the access?


Maybe it was during the upgrade, the support system is a script I bought from codecanyon and it automatically updated maybe the same time you wanted to post.

You can also contact me at , thank you for your understanding!

I sent an email to the address indicated. Thank you

Just want to inform that Plugin Update EMail is not coming.



Thank you for letting me know. There is a chance I forgot last time to check the “Email customers about this update” checkbox. I’ll make sure it is checked next time.

Meanwhile, I would also recommend installing the Envato Market Plugin:

If you install it (it’s free) it will automatically notify you about all available updates for all your Envato purchases.

And it will also allow you to automatically update the WP Cleaner Pro plugin, just clicking one link in your WordPress admin dashboard, like you do with other plugins from wordpress dot org.

All the best!

And thank you for using this plugin!

does it have image optimisation ?

Hi, the WP Cleaner Pro plugin does not have image optimization features, for image optimization I’d recommend using a plugin dedicated to that.

New version (3.3) released today, 15 June 2018.

What’s new:

- added protection to backups directory against public listing/download.

Nice Plugin.

Feature Request.

Can this plugin detect not used plugin or deleted plugin and remove tables of the same form the Database.

As many a times we remove or delete plugins and we are never going to use it but they left few tables and data.


Thank you very much!

The plugin cannot do this at this moment, but it’s a good suggestion, I’ll add to the list of feature requests for further analysis/possible implementation.

I really appreciate your feedback, all the best!

Why database backup files are publicly downloadable.

I do not have much experience, but I saw this plugin years ago:

right here, creating a custom htaccess file in the backup folder:

Personally, I get my backup files with crontab. I do not need such a thing.

I would also like to say that. Your plugin deleted my custom type post drafts. That was not good at all. I have restored backup. Please check this out.

I’ll have a look then, thank you very much for your suggestions and feedback!

Regarding the custom type posts drafts, the plugin does not delete anything by itself.

It only deletes what user selects for instant/scheduled cleaning.

If you still need the custom type posts drafts, it is enough if when you are cleaning/schedule a cleaning you deselect the 8. Drafts and 9. Auto-drafts Then, the plugin will definitely do not delete them.

This is the reason why every item in the table has a short description in the last column, so that the user will know what he can/cannot clean.

Sorry. That one was my bad. I will check carefully next time.

Is it compatible with InnoDB database tables? I think there is a problem with optimizing InnoDB tables prior to mysql version 5.7 as the innodb tables doesn’t support the optimize command. Can you elaborate? Thanks.


Yes, it’s compatible with InnoDb tables too.

The plugin uses for tables optimization the MySQL command “OPTIMIZE TABLE”

As can be seen in MySQL 5.5 manual (OPTIMIZE TABLE page):

and also in MySQL 5.6 manual (OPTIMIZE TABLE page):

and also in MySQL 5.7 manual (OPTIMIZE TABLE page):

they all state (at the middle of the page) that “OPTIMIZE TABLE works for InnoDB, MyISAM, and ARCHIVE tables”.

In fact, the very same command, OPTIMIZE TABLE, is used also by WordPress optimizer itself (when you navigate to yourwebsite/wp-admin/maint/repair.php and click the “Repair and Optimize Database” button)

I made a short video showing how I clean&optimize my local WordPress installation, where I use InnoDB tables together with MyISAM tables (together on the same WordPress installation) and in the video you can see that the WP Cleaner Pro plugin cleans and optimizes successfully both types of tables. Here is the video:

I hope it helps a bit.

All the best!

Thank you very much for your feedback. Last question. Many people suggest me to use wp-optimize plugin. How does your plugin compare to that? I’m not tech savvy and i dont know a lot about that. Do your plugin have some extra advantages? Thank you again.

The advantages of WP Cleaner Pro plugin compared with other free plugins are these:

- the bigger number of types of data it can clean (25, with free plugins you cannot clean so many types of data).

- the included feature to backup the database first, prior to any cleaning, without using another extra backup plugin.

- the flexible scheduling: you can schedule a cleaning monthly, weekly, daily, twice daily or hourly. If i remember correctly, other optimization free plugins do not have all these scheduling frequencies.

- all SQL queries that run during the cleaning are optimized for speed. I made many tests until I reached the maximum optimization of queries (I developed the plugin during two years)

- with WP Cleaner Pro you will not risk to see any error or notices in the front-end (displayed on your website, like with some free optimization plugins) because the code is thoroughly tested and checked for errors.

- with WP Cleaner Pro you can see the details of what you’re going to clean (delete), while with other free optimization plugins, you can’t. For instance, before cleaning trash posts or trash comments, you can see them before cleaning them.

- the support. The support is included (24 hours reply time)

You can install other free plugins, test them and then you can also try to use this one and I’m sure you’ ll see the difference. If the plugin does not work as advertised, you can get a refund (good to know).

If you have other questions, please feel free to ask them, I’m always happy to answer pre-purchase questions, then disscussing further about something not being as expected.

Thank you! :)

504 Gateway Time-out

Not work. Do not go to the dashboard

Hello, I change instance to c4.8xlarge with 32 CPU Cores and 64Gb RAM and all work OK, I have a large database and a large number of files that require quite a lot of performance for their quick processing.

A good plugin, exactly what I need, with a large database size.

Thank you very much for everything!


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