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Hello. Does your plugin allow to import term meta from CSV?

hi, i am wanting to buy a importer for my site archeryauction.com i need for people to be able to import their auctions from ebay to my site. can you help? mike

If auctions are in CSV format and it would be imported to a custom post type with custom fields, then it is possible. However, it works in the backend so it may need you to do some tweaks to make it available for the users.

hello is the plugin compatible with WordPress 4.6.1

Yes, it should work fine with any version.

Followed instructions, clicked “Import” the little wheel icon appeared beside the button and turned for a few seconds and that was it. Nothing happened. The images uploaded, but no posts were imported. Unfortunately, I don’t have to time wait. I will have to find another solution. Please refund.

Thanks for the reply. I worked on it for a while longer. I exported posts to ensure that my format was correct. After changing the D/M/Y format, it seemed to work. Another thing, I could only do about 120 posts at a time.

I think you may need to increase your server’s memory space.

Could be. The upload and post size were 100M. I didn’t check the memory. Oh well, did what I needed to. Thanks!

for acf when updating date field on bulk import.. having an issue.. its importing on this format… 20170303 its fine when you check on acf field on admin area but on front end its showing this “20170303” please help thanks

Hello, Thanks for informing us about that, we will look into this problem and solve it ASAP.

any updates thanks

Hello, I have sent you a message from your profile. If you didn’t receive it yet, I was asking about the time and date formats in the backend of your WordPress website.

Can your plugin import woocommerce products in two languages using wpml?

Yes, the plugin can import WooCommerce products. It can import any custom post type and any custom meta fields.

Can it import products in two languages using wpml? How does this procedure work?

we will test this and give you a feedback very soon

is your plugin compatible to 4.7x?

Pre-sales question; Will this plugin export then re-import 30,000+ WooCommerce products and several hundred product categories? And is mapping required or will the plugin detect the title row and import accordingly?

Resources are not a problem, thank you! Is mapping required or will the plugin detect the title row and import accordingly for simple products as well as product categories?

Yes, it will need you to map the fields after importing the CSV file. Please check this video to see how it works. http://griddesigns.net/demos/wp-bulker/

Thank you kindly!


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where i can get the csv sample file ? i install this plugin in my site, but when i try to set the default fields i cant set like in video demo.

Hi, Can I use your plugin to import reviews with stars evaluations?


ex: woocommerce reviews. Thanks

Do you need to have every field for importing mapped? or can you leave options as selected?

Also, do you have to remap the fields every time?

7b4b1419-1cb5-46a5-b7fa-9d4bc70f7872 – 27 Apr 2017

Hi, I need export bookings from Events Manager. EM has custom built-in csv exporter for bookings, but I need to save a default export. Don’t want to choose data for export every time I need export. Is that possible with this plugin? Can i export booking from Events Manager? Thank you

Hello, I have custom fields in the user’s profile and when I export all the necessary fields are there. When I upload the same file that I made changes to, the changes are not made. I map the fields accordingly and still, the fields are not updated. Any suggestings?


First, has this plugin been tested with the latest version of WP ? (26 June 2017) .. last update was just after it’s first release over 2.5 years ago.

Second, can it be used to export data to/from 3rd party plugins, Or is this for native WP fields only? Specifically, could I use it to export data from a shopping cart (WP EasyCart), and then import that data to a new shopping cart (WooCommerce) ?


Hi, I have a question. I have a live site that I am replacing with new look, on another server. So I would need a program that will import the POSTS CSV from the other site, (images on the other site), then transfer them all to the new server (without downloading the pictures to my desktop), thus, re-creating the posts with its images (from the old server to the new server). Like WordPress Importer does (it is broken). Please let me know,

thank you

Hello, ask pre order, today I have my fields created with metabox, is it possible to use this plugin to import csv with data? I see that the last update was in 2016, is this plugin compatible with wordpress 4.9?

Hello, I’m using the WP Bulker plugin but I’m having some difficulties.

I have a csv with food info on my wordpress

1 I can load but the saved status as programmed instead of published. 2 if I update field information from my csv and upload again the data is not being updated

I’m waiting


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Hi, Is this compatible with the latest versions of Woocommerce (3.2.5) & Wordpress (4.9.1)


The media import function does not work. it showed the imported successful message on the screen but there is nothing in the media library.

Please support. Duke

Hi, please support!

Hello fahrenheit1, I will check the import feature to make sure that it works. I will answer you again within 12 hours.

Any updates please!


I can not export a page in CSV format, is this normal?