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Good evening, I would like to give access to the entire plugin usage to the editor users of my website. Now only the website admin have acces to the calendar plugin . How can i fix this so that i do not need to give to editors admin rights in order to just see the booking calendar plugin ? kind regards Melina

Hi Melina,
in order to do that, you should add the permissions to the editors in the file wp-booking-calendar-install.php. At the end of the file you’ll find the code to add the administrator permissions, and you should copy/paste that code below it, by changing the role to “editor”.
If you do not have coding skills to do that, please send us a private message using the form in our profile page with the details of what you need. We’ll reply you via email and you’ll be able to send us your current plugin version to apply the fix.
Please remember that if you upgrade the plugin after the changes, they will be removed and you’ll have to apply the fix again.


I am looking for a booking plugin and I think yours looks pretty good. But I have a couple of questions.

a) I see I can set up ‘hourly slots’ but can I set up 1.5 hour slot, then 15 minutes blocked out, then next 1.5 hour slot? Basically we are looking for break between each times lot. b) I see you offer Coupons? Does this mean I can sell coupons as well as timeslot?

What I am looking to do is sell timeslots for flying there is 3 different price levels. And I can see that this is possible with your system. But can I also sell ‘Coupons’ which may or may not have a times lot attached?

So examples

i) Customer 1 – buys a ‘Coupon’ to give to brother as birthday present. But does not know when his brother is available to fly, so Customer A skips ‘tmeslot booking’. ii) Customer 2 – Buys a ‘Coupon’ and does know the timeslot they want to book, so selects times lot and then buys Coupon.

c) Is it possible to custom build a form as my client needs to collect more information before customer buy timeslot.

d) Is it possible to add two attachments to ‘Sales/booking confirmation email’ ?

Many thanks in advance



Hi there, I am looking for a reservation system and came across WP Booking Calendar – my concern is that it doesn’t allow for multiple day bookings (despite your description briefly mentioning it would be good for room rental).

If I purchased this addon and a user wanted to select monday – wednesday, will the plugin allow them to pay for that in a single booking?


aqaink Purchased

Hello i have this message when i try to send the date and all is free

An error occurred. This time slot may be already reserved. Please try again