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Looking for customization. Using plugin for scheduling internal conference rooms using three calendars. No payment used. We want it to automatically create new slots for the next month out when the current month starts. Ex: on 1 Feb, it creates slots for the month of March and deletes any slots/information prior to 1 Feb. Prefer to just have a checkbox but can provide time slot duration and day length if necessary.

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How can I create categories/time slots based on services?

For example:

Beard Trim – 15 min slot Haircut – 60 Minutes Shave – 20 minutes

I want my clients to be able to select a service and book the appropriate slot. Currently, I only have 45 minute slots and they must specify what service they need.

Is this possible?

Also, is there an easier way to manually confirm appointments from the admin panel?

Wordpress’ admin panel is awful to navigate on smartphones.