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3 questions about thumbnails:

- at first browser access at a given folder, thumbs are automatically generated; where are they stored – somewhere on server or only at browser’s cache? (it seems that further access from same browser at same folder is much faster)

- is there a way to keep somewhere on server, for later access, those thumbs that are automatically generated at first access?

- for better performance, you also suggest to manually create thumbs and store them under /thumbnails/ subfolder – would you suggest a script for that?


Hello there,
I’m currently away on vacations so I can’t give much support (as I’m on my phone) but I’ll be back on January 2

But regarding your question, the plugin doesn’t create any thumbnail automatically at any moment, they are probably just being saved in cache by the browser, but the plugin doesn’t create any thumb.

There’s a thumbnail maker though, you can find a reference to it in the description of the stand alone version of this plugin (in case you are interested)

Best, David


dsl25 Purchased

Many thanks, found your script and will try it. Happy Holidays and all my best!

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hi, doesnt this plugin work on multisite?? it just shows the shortcode but not the images

i have sent to a private message, plz check and revert. thanks

alright, for better support lets continue via email ;)

thanks for the support.. Appreciate it!! cheers

Hi I’ve some folders with german umlauts like ä, ö or ü. Is there any possibility to use them instead of replacing them with ae, oe or ue?

Hi there,
I’ve tested those characters my self locally on my computer and on my hosting and its working, I even tried chinese characters without any issue

there’s a chance that your hosting doesn’t allow you to link directly to an image with special characters.
Are you able to open your image with special characters in the browser like this one? http://www.davidbo.dreamhosters.com/plugins/AutoAlbums/plugin/Gallery/A-Photography/Yellow%20Lenses%20%C3%A9%C3%A1%C3%BA%C3%B3%C3%BC%C3%B6%20%C5%BE%C3%A1%C3%AD%C3%A9%C3%A4%C3%B4%20%C3%B1.jpg

Best, David

Hi. I’m really interested to this gallery because I have to replace a plugin that is no more updated. Its name is Eazyest Gallery: https://wordpress.org/plugins/eazyest-gallery/

I have a gallery folder with thousands of subfolders and 40.000 images. This folder is located outside wordpress, (but I think that, if I have to move it, with a redirect I can fix the 404 backlinks errors in google). The website navigation must remain as showed here http://www.hifishock.org/gallery/speakers/magnat/ Each images have to be showed in a separate page, and all the url structure must remain the same. I have to absolutely avoid 404 errors from backlinks. Is you plugin capable to do all this?Thanks

Hi there,
the Auto Albums plugin doesn’t redirect you to another page, so the URL doesn’t change (like the one in the example you showed), instead it stays in the same page and just changes the hash (#), so keeping the same URL structure you got in your example will not be possible with this plugin, only the HASH thing you see in the demo page of the plugin

Best, David

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This comment is currently being reviewed.

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hi there, lets continue our conversation via email for better support ;) I will flag this comment out so we don’t get confused with having 2 support places :D

Dear support,

Can you please tell me the exactly settings in order to be able to click on the photos and open a prettyphoto popup?

Regards, Chris

Hi Chris,
Currently other lightbox popups are not supported, only the one that comes with the plugin
Best, David

Hello, I am trying to display my different albums side by side by cover first. After click you should open this album only and view all images. I do not want to see all images from all subfolders at once but only album covers for folders.(similar to your demo album folders) How can I achieve this?

I don’t quite understand, but the plugin works like this:
if you click on an album it will load the images inside that album only, not from any other directory or subdirectory, if you have a subdirectory inside that album, then it will show a subalbum (not the images inside) then you can click that subalbum and open only the images inside it, and so on, you can have from 1 level of albums or 2 or 3 or the ones you need

I hope this makes sense :)

Hello, Is it possible to create INDEPEDENT galleries, where each galley has it’s folders, sub folders, ...?

yes, you can create totally different galleries with subfolders! you can specify different galleries right in the shortcode like this:

[autoAlbums directory="Gallery1"]

[autoAlbums directory="Gallery2"]

[autoAlbums directory="Gallery3"]
I hope this makes sense :)

i think i have a problem with https because i tried on my site https and doesn’t load nothing but in my site test (with not ssl so http) is perfect. very very good plug in please tell me how is possible it doesn’t load. thank you

http://roboticadigitale.it/ it cannot load pictures from other folder. i used this shortcode [autoAlbums directory=”../../../xxx”] but nothing, i tried in local and it work but remote not load thank!

if you need i give you ftp access and wordpress access, (ftp permissions is ok)

ok i resolved, was the firewall. thank you is a 5 star plugin!!!

awesome :D glad to hear that :D

Hello,Is this plugin is still updated to the latest wp version ? thanks

yes, it still works with the latest version of WP :)
Best, David

Hi, I purchased your plugin to use it on my WordPress Multisite.

Unfortunely, the plugin doesn’t show the pictures, I’ve checked the folder’s path and everything is ok.

In addition, I’ve tried to put the gallery on main site, also in sub-sites but the plugin doesn’t load any picture there.

¿Can you help me please?

This is the URL of my gallery page: http://superderby.co/gallery

Thanks in advance.

I sent you an email :D

Thanks for your support, the problem was solved.

Dear castlecode Team, is it possible to implement a vote system for the pics in a album? Best Regards

Hi there,
Unfortunately this feature is not part of the plugin :)
Best, David

Can I put in text or captions on each photo or as overlays?

Hi there,
the plugin takes the name of the image as text in the mouse overlay, you can place a long name for your images if you want ;)

Best, David

Hi there,

I have purchased this plugin, and once activated there is a confliction with my theme.

For some reason once activated random symbols appear throughout my site and the word menu for a pop out menu changes from horizontal to vertical.

This is my site… http://selfiesuitcase.co.uk/ ... i have deactivated the plugin for now as I’m working on the site and all the symbols are distracting.

Really need help solving this ASAP.

Thanks for your help in advance.


Hi Adam,
I found the problem, open the css/autoAlbums.css file and find this:

[class*=" icon-"] {
then replace it for this:
.aamrgbox [class^="icon-"],
.aamrgbox [class*=" icon-"] {
Best ;)

Hi David,

That’s brilliant, worked a charm!

Thank you,


Awesome :D