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WP Anti Hack File Monitor conflict with Wordfence

I just sent an updated files so now Reviewer needs to approve it.

However please send me a message on cezary.siwa@gmail.com . I’ll send you the fixed files in reply. After the tests I realised that this is not the same class, so just commenting it out won’t be enough.


and this:

”...You can create as many revisions as you like, but keep in mind that it takes your hosting quota. Your uncompressed files takes 7 333.219 MB”

this is really compress in 30 seconds? :)

7.3 gb website – quite a big website you have! Please go to /wp-admin/admin.php?page=exclude_files and deselect the catalog that takes so many space. I bet it’s wp-content/uploads which you probably don’t need to monitor.

Your monitored area should be something below 20mb, however me and the Reviewer has been testing the 120mb AFTER compression.

Nice idea! Is this plugin compatible with wordpress multisite? If not: you Plan to make it compatible?

Thank you very much! Good luck with Sales!

Thank you. To be honest I never tested it on multisite, I’ll do this soon and let you know.

I just did a quick test of how it works on Multisite. First of all, WP Multisite doesn’t “duplicate” the core files. The themes and plugins are common. However things like media/uploads are not common to all sites, and here we have the problem.

Admin of the Site A can backup all the files and see the media files of Site B. If this is a big problem – then I’m affraid it’s not compatible with multisite

However, each Admin can create different settings like files exclusion and notifications e-mail. The url in admin.php?page=cron_setup is also created properly and works.

Therefore, if the media/uploads privacy is not a problem – then it is compatible with multisite.

Thank you very much for investigating. I will buy your plugin later today. Maybe you will consider to create a network settings Page for network admin to allow network wide settings. Again thank you very much.

This wont work if a required file was removed or the plugin’s itself was removed! Also at least it need to be able to run in standalone mode without wordpress to fix wordpress if it was broken and we can’t enter the dashboard

This is why you have the revisions ziped in wp-revisions catalog. If the entire website is broken, you need to revert it manuly from that zip file. The main purpose of this plugin is to monitor the files in case of changes you cannot notice. Internet bot who “intent” to use your website to send spam emails and broke it entirely is not a threat.

It might be a good idea to write a kind of dashboard which operates on that zipped files, however the entire work of this dashboard would be “unzip select revision”

Figured I give my 2 cents – I’ve been using this for about 3 months now, great plugin. Simple and works!

Thank you, great to hear it!

Hi there,

We would like to buy this plugin. but I have few questions:

We are interested in using only monitoring option. can the plugin do the following:

Scan our specified directories and any folder/files inside that directories and send out email notification?

Can we set multiple directories scan rules and send out email to different email group based on directories?

We wouldnt mind paying for modification to your script.

A quick response will be great help.

HI Cezary,

What i meant was:

If there is any changes in Directory A then the email should go to email A and if there is any changes in Directory B then the email should go to email B

Is it possible?

This is not possible at this moment

can modify the plugin to do that?

Hi, Can I get notified if a user download a file from my website?


No, the plugins doesn’t check if someone downloads a file from your website.

The purpuse of the plugin is to inform you about potential hacking attempt, not visitor’s actions.

If you want to know a behavior of your visitors, please try some analytics – like Google Analytics.

Thank you


Hi, you’re plugin looks awesome. I was searching for an alternative to backup for my plugins updates and ability to revert back quickly in case it broke the website. I see you didn’t make any update since march 2015. Are you still going to enhance and update this plugin ?

Hi, is compatible with 4.4.1 version of wp ? thanks

I just tested on most recent version of Wordpress and it works.

Hi, i hve sent you 3 private email without reply ? did you have some problems? thanks

Hi I’m interested in this plugin, want to knw if its still being updated as the last update was a while back and if works with current version of wp

I just tested on most recent version of Wordpress and it works.

many thanks! bought it !

Is correct to put the index.php file to run the cron with php-q ? httpdocs/index.php?wp_xxxxxx

Where i can find the backuped file into my ftp? for security reason write me privately if needed

There are problems with big site first backup? the timeout is value to change ???


@cron – I’m not 100% sure if your solution gonna work, but you can always use wget http://domain.com?wp_reverter_check=true

@backups – in documentation it’s told the catalog where backups are stored.

@big websites – there might be, but you can exclude the files which are not necessary – for example uploads

ok thanks. I do not find the catalog dir into the documentation. i write you privately. thanks

Warning: scandir() expects parameter 2 to be long, string given in /wp-content/plugins/wp_anti_hack_file_monitor/includes/ReverterPanel.php on line 577 & 578

I click to create first revision, it loads but it doesnt create one. I assume its due to php.ini settings. my WP is 500MB, what should I set values for php.ini? max_post, etc… ? it’s dedicated server

Please see my issue that was posted 7 days ago before I request a refund for non working software. I have followed the instructions and checked to make sure my setup meets the requirements.

an hour and half ago

Was in spam, I just replied

What is the best practices for setting up the cron job? I didn’t see instructions on which file to include in the CRON for those with access to this function? Thanks!

Please add to cron following instruction:

wget http://domain.com?wp_reverter_check=true

I tried and it said http://www.mydomainnamehere.com/?wp_reverter_check=true: No such file or directory. Maybe because I had a / in there? I’ll try the other way

I think it’s working now. Thank you.

No files are appearing under current revisions. I can FTP in and I’ve tried to make 2 sets of revisions, both appear in the revisions folder. What is wrong? Thanks!

Hi there,

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BR Harshada Chaudhari

Your plugin is just great. Simple and very useful. Why don’t you push a bit the concept of backup? Adding a backup of the entire database .sql zipped directly from your plugin. It would save some time and make your plugin really a practical tool for backup. Other plugins are so heavy and complicated it’s always in conflict with something. Think about it, you could sell your plugin at a better price. Also, for the same purpose, it would be great to be able to choose several revisions settings, for exemple if I want to keep only ecommerce plugins for a revision, another one with only uploads folder and another one for everything except uploads. Quicker than going from FTP to Server host and loose a lot of time.
Hope you’ll think about it for your future enhancements. Keep up the good work and thank you!

Thank you for your advice. I also think that this might be a good idea. It would be difficult to monitor the database, because data is changing all the time and in 99% of cases it’s an expected behavior, however I could just add database dump to turn the plugin into the backup solution. I already did mysql backup in my other product (Ultimate Backup), so in free time I’ll just implement Ultimate Backup into AHFM.

I have the next trouble when i start the first one revision:

Warning: scandir() expects parameter 2 to be long, string given in /nfs/c04/h03/mnt/85064/domains/inmuebleslocales.com/html/wp-content/plugins/wp_anti_hack_file_monitor/includes/ReverterPanel.php on line 577

Warning: usort() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /nfs/c04/h03/mnt/85064/domains/inmuebleslocales.com/html/wp-content/plugins/wp_anti_hack_file_monitor/includes/ReverterPanel.php on line 578


I didn’t understand how to run the cron as it asks me for path and plugin gives url. Will it alert only after it created second zipped copy and founds out a change has been made to file or files?