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Can you add more object like lol, Trash, WTF and etc?

In backend you can add any nuber of them. They just need to be based on tags or categories

Can you add translation please. Your plugin actually using text domains like “sc” and “fs”.

I added translation for all fs phrases and I can send this to you if you like. I would send you a copy of my current plugin folder so you can see how I added translation. I changed some files too. But I am not a coder, so I don´t know how to translate unformatted text. I can send you pot/po/mo for german translation too

But I urgently need to have the backend, the error texts, the settings, the widget settings and every not translated text translated.

Can you do that for me?

Thanks for your fast reactions.

For compatibility reasons, you should rename your textdomain from “apr” to “wp-another-posts-reaction”. Most plugins think, that this is the better name ;)

I will finish my translation and send it to you

And.. maybe you can place translations in a folder called lang or languages

You still have not updated files for translation. It´s not a big thing to do but the languages folder and the desired php code for load_plugin_textdomain is still missing.

As I remember, iv sent you updated version as we communicate via email

Can we limit the number of votes per posts (ex: 1) and number of votes per day ex: 10 ?

if you use one reaction and allow only 1 vote – 1 vote will be available for each post that use reaction. About days – no

Can we upload pngs/icons?

Thank you

You can upload custom icons for each block

demo is broken


Hi! Is there any way to make this work well with caching plugins, specifically WP Rocket? Thanks!

Hi. To say true – dont know. If plugin allows add some part to uncached part – then yes, but as I said – not sure

Hello my friend.

Could you add support for CPTs (Custom Post Types) so admin can add different reaction-blocks with reactions from taxonomies from these post types and have automated output for every block

Hello. You mean auto addition to content functionality ?

The ability to add and Auto add Different Reaktion Button widgets to different post types in general but dont User the Standard Post Tags for custom post types

Tnx for good idea


I’ve just purchased and configured this plugin, however no matter what I do it shows each reaction twice. There’s doubles of everything. How can I fix this so that it functions properly? I have screenshots if discussing over email is easier.

Thanks in advance

Hi. Sure, sent data via PM

Hmm, I can’t find any PMs on this site here, how do I access them?

Hi, Is there a way I can increase the size of the reactions which shows up under or above the post? Thanks!

Demo is not working, is this plugin working correctly without any problems?

Probably someone currently testing plugin. you can config widget here http://reactions.voodoopress.net/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=reaction&page=war_add_options_pages

Try to refresh page. all looks fine for me

Is there any chance to change widget settings like this: for example, i don’t want reactions link to category, because my website already have a categrios. These categorios didn’t match my created reactions.

I just need Most popular reactions widget. It means only show my created reaction’s most popular rated posts.

I created “LOL” reaction, the widget shows Most Popular “LOL” posts or just like that mean.

Sorry, all is based on categories


I’m so interesting your plugin. And I have a question about it before I purchase it. Can we put the reaction icon on feature image on homepage ? Like this: http://i.imgur.com/7hlAVGs.png

Thanks in advance.

As I remember that reactions are oriented to single post, so not sure it can react on image

I only need to put it on feature image even by manually. As you said, it works based on categories, so can I choose it as category for article and display the icon on feature image as basic features ? Btw can you give me your email, we can talk more about via email. Thank bro.

I said it works based on posts, not categories. you can try to do it via image ID, but as I said it works based on posts

Hello do you plan to support this plugin in future?

As i can remember i left same comment before but never got replay.


Hello. Seems its not interested to publuck so probably no

I think you should integrate emoticons like facebook and they will be interested more :)

i searched for a plugin like this and i have test a lot of them and i must say that your is the best. It has a lot functions and it is step before of all but to attract users it should be in some way more attractive like current social networks for example fb :)

Awesome work! GLWS!

Hi, Love the versatility of your plugin. Cani use this plugin to make a up/down rating system. I will have a page/widget which lists all categories, with the sum of votes it received for the posts.Please let me know if i can do this with your plugin.

Your Live Preview link is giving a 404.

I tried the demo site. The plugin is not working there. Can you please create some sample reactions?


I just bought your plugin but it doesn’t work. Loading image rotates in a loop; screenshot here. https://www.neozone.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/test.png (I turned off the cache on this page if you want to test) https://www.neozone.org/auto-moto/flip-le-bateau-qui-pivote-a-la-vertical/

Then not sure what to say, try to ask hoster what can cause isse

Can you refund please ?