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Love the plugin but think I have found some reporting issues/bugs. I submitted to the email a few days ago, but wanted to make sure support is still answering as I haven’t heard anything.


Hi there,

Please let us know your concerns, would be happy to help.

Found your email, you are from http://www.pedowitzgroup.com/ – replying back to the same email thread.


how to disable amp for specific posts, couldn’t find the option. thanks

Download and install the latest version of plug-in, now go to WP AMP Ninja Settings page, under Basic section find your Post Type > Enable/Disable post type > Define Schema > Select specific post type name to disable.

Let us know if you are not able to find this option. Thanks.

Came here from the free version. It looks like your free version has the ?wpamp doesn’t this create duplicate content? Also, does your plugin have support for biz panda social locker on the mobile pages?

Hi Nimblespark,

WP AMP Ninja doesn’t have support of social locker plug-in. Thanks.

Hi. I’ve bought your plugin but it doesn’t work with multipage posts (<!-nextpage->-. Could you help me with that ?


Please share your website URL with us by email at support@wpampninja.com. Thanks.

Is it possible to show images in content field. I noticed no images are showing up. Plus would like to be able to play videos.

I see that but how do you go about embedding them? Where is the documentation for this?

I used the following embed code `<amp-img src=”/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2017/03/amsoil-transmission-fluid-video.jpg” width=”480” height=”auto”></amp-img>` and the image still isn’t showing.

Okay I figured it out. You can’t use “auto” it has to be a fixed size. Now working on video part.

Hello, Are you planning on adding support for The SEO Framework plugin? It comes with its own API: https://theseoframework.com. Thanks.

As of now we don’t have planning to implement SEO Framework plugin. Thanks.


johnzena Purchased

Will it be possible in a future update to include a insert in head box like the add header footer plugin does where we may be able to add a script to the amp page on a page by page or post by post. With the html5 video google requires their .js script for amp-video to appear on all pages with a video and not appear on a page without a video. I found a workaround by inserting the following script in to the head template just before the closing </head>. <?php if (is_page( array( 5, 9 ) )) { ?> <script async custom-element=”amp-video” src=”https://cdn.ampproject.org/v0/amp-video-0.1.js”></script> <?php } ?>

As you can see I have two pages with the video and I’m including their page ids. Fortunately this also works on a multisite since all pages have unique ids.

The plugins that add to header and footer don’t work on your amp pages.

The warning google was giving is it will be an error in the future if the script is not included.

Hi johnzena,

The video script issue is resolved and it will automatically include the script in head section for the pages which have the video in content. It will be available for all with next update. In case of any other query please email us at support@wpampninja.com. Thanks.

Can’t get past “Define your post Type Schema” page and enable plugin.

Kindly check your email and revert, we’ve replied you by PM. Thanks.