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On the web I have many comments in the news, there is an option to leave the comments or to see a link: VIEW COMMENTS and to send you to the version without amp comment.

Hi Microbox,

Thanks for reaching out. Can you please share the exact issue on support@wpampninja.com with the URL that you are facing issue with. We’d be glad to help.

does the plugin support WPML?

No, it doesn’t support WPML. Thanks.

Hi there developers, I am really looking on to this plugin but I have few queries before I make my purchase.

1. Does this plugin have a feature to show releated posts from same category the post is tagged with.

2. Can we automatically add a hyperlink in ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages’ to reach normal version of the page so visitors who are not satisfied with AMP layout can enjoy original page.

3. Does this plugin have a WhatsApp share button? Because my country visitors are greatly influenced by it.


Looking forward to hear from you.

Hi there, I am not able to upgrade to 2.3 version from 2.2 version. I have tried installing manually via ftp also.

To implement CSS, kindly get in touch with your web developer.

To upgrade the plug-in, first remove the existing version and install the new version. This is the simplest and recommended way to update the plug-in. Thanks.

How could some other developer will be familiar with the coding of plugin while you have created it.please help me hiding post navigation below every page. if I had developer for my site, why would I buy this plugin? Thanks

Can you please provide a script to exclude pages? Or what to remove from Functions?

That is something need customization in plug-in files and can’t be achieved by writing single function or script. Thanks.

Have you any Developer License?

Hi brothersinfotech, Yes we do have extended license option. Please let us know if you need any assistance.

Please let me know the price.

The cost for Extended License is $85. You can find more details about this here https://codecanyon.net/licenses/terms/extended


Stocdj32 Purchased

This plugin is nice, but why don’t the featured images maintain their aspect ratio? I put a request in for this months ago. The images stretch and get distorted when shrinking the screen. They should maintain their aspect ratio.

Thanks for the reminder, we’ll look into it and resolve asap with next update.


Rwin2007 Purchased

What if you get “Illegal string offset ‘post_detail’ in…..” after activating and configuring the plugin?

Hi Rwin2007, please email support@wpampninja.com with complete details, and we’d be glad to help you.

does this plugin support Visual composer?

No, it doesn’t support visual composer.

Hi there! Pre-Sales question:

1- is it possible to disable the AMP in post types/tags/category?

2- does this plugin support posts with audio files, such as posts for podcasts?


Hi tqueiroz,

Thanks for reaching out.

1 – Ability to enable/disable AMP with different post types/tags/category is a feature in pipeline. The current version does not have this feature. We are also looking to integrate something that would allow you to select specific posts/pages at an individual level if you’d want to disable AMP for them.

2 – Yes, it supports audio files – here’s a demo – http://demo.wpampninja.com/in-luctus-3/?wpamp. It also supports GIF’s (http://demo.wpampninja.com/cras-gravida-3/?wpamp) , videos ( http://demo.wpampninja.com/phasellus-maximus-3/?wpamp ), and iFrame (http://demo.wpampninja.com/interdum-et-malesuada-3/?wpamp). All-in-one demo http://demo.wpampninja.com/aliquam-quis-malesuada/?wpamp

Cheers, WP AMP Ninja Team


tvcnsong Purchased

Hello, First I want to thank you for the nice plugin. Since the update I have the following error.: I sent you the email. Thanks for any help! LEE

Thanks, updated you by email.

Hello I installed the plugin on a test site before, but I notice that is displayed in AMP mode smartphone, using the theme of newspaper site (I would not have depended on it) I disabled the cache and Mobile Smart Pro plugin that allowed me to manage different themes and home page depending on the device. I disabled everything but still do not see anything wrong in AMP mode? Thank you

You can check the AMP version by adding ”?wpamp” at the end of any page/post URL, so it would like www.example.com?wpamp

Let us know if you need any other information. Thanks.

Hi, because your plugin not support page that created use visual composser I think you have to add special or custom editor for your amp themes. check it out here https://jasapembuatanweb.site/ I can’t add my homepage in menu because not support VC. what you think?

Hi jasaseoindonesia,

Thanks for connecting.

Your AMP version is currently redirecting back to the regular HTML version. Will look into this issue and revert back ASAP.

Regards, WP AMP Ninja Team


DOrger Purchased

When is your next release to filter by post type?

Hello Dorger,

We are planning to release our next update within the first week of next month. Thanks.


so something new about “visual composer” support? Are you working on this?

Hey Soulfly999,

Thanks for connecting with us. Yes, we have spent a ton of hours and are still working on getting this done. Visual Composer is one of the greatest plugins of all time, we like all others are spell bound by the beauty of this plugin. The only drawback is, most of the elements they have aren’t AMP compatible. We might be working with an option where you can override VS elements, more on that once the release is ready. We hope Visual Composer comes up with a AMP supported version, that would make all things easier.

Hello Ninja. Do you have any sample how the feature images are displayed in the post?

Here is the demo link which shows you sample featured image within post – http://demo.wpampninja.com/in-luctus/?wpamp

Let us know if any other information is require. Thanks.

How to disable auto amp creation for future posts?


Enabling AMP for selected posts is currently not supported. We have this feature in the coming release.



youngnawab Purchased

When will the next release be out? Any gusses?

We are planning the next release by next month. Thanks.