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Hello, guys! I’ve just purchased this plugin and it seems that it works only with pages, excluding main page and posts. My website – www.geekster.ru

I assure you everything is turned on. It seems to me /amp/ pages are redirecting to the normal ones automatically in some way.

After several refreshes of pages in private tab I’ve got a result at last.

Maybe some kind of cache. Please re-save permalinks and clear all caches.

The field we are entering in the summaries of our news site does not appear in the amp. Http://prntscr.com/f8mjhd there are only those in the description section.

I have thousands of content. If I do this, I have a big problem. It does not seem possible for me to use it this way.

My theme uses the following function for this area.

function safirText($wordsCount, $echo = true, $excerpt = true) { global $post; if($excerpt && $x = get_the_excerpt()) : $string = safirBracket(strip_tags($x)); else : $string = safirBracket(strip_tags(get_the_content())); endif; $array = explode(” ”, $string); if (count($array)>$wordsCount) : array_splice($array, $wordsCount); $string = implode(” ”, $array).”...”; endif; if($echo) : echo $string; else : return $string; endif; }

Can not it be defined with this code? Rejoice if you help me. I can not use the plugin :(

I apologize for the image pollution



$content = $this->content;

$title = $this->title;

$replace1 = ’<amp-video width=”480” height=”270” src=”https’;

$replace2 = ’” layout=”responsive” controls autoplay> </amp-video>’;

$replace3 = ‘alt=”’.$title.’”’.’title=”’.$title.’”’;

$content = str_replace(‘[player]http’, $replace1, $content);

$content = str_replace(‘[/player]’, $replace2, $content);

$content = str_replace(‘alt=”Açıklama”’, $replace3, $content);

$content = str_replace(‘alt=””’, $replace3, $content);

$content = str_replace(‘alt=” ”’, $replace3, $content);

$excerpt = strip_tags(get_the_excerpt());

echo “



echo $content;

wp_link_pages( . ‘ ’, . ‘ ’,





Yes, you can override plugin template and add code something like this for outputting your field.


Hi, Can the web pages load even if the user is connecting thru mobile data only?


Thank you for contacting us!

Could you please clarify your question?

Technically the AMP pages load the same way through the network as other pages.


Hello, My office bought this plugin, how can i edit amp image width here is 200px inline style :(


Thank you for your comment.

Please contact us via support form and provide links and screenshots of image editing so we can help you.



proseo4u Purchased

Hi I can see in the Documentation that (among others) amp-accordion component is supported by default. But how do you add an AMP accordion? Shortcode perhaps? Thank you Brian


proseo4u Purchased

Actually, WordPress editor is not stripping them. The amp markup is visible in the non-amp, i.e. regular version of the page/post. But it’s not visible in the AMP version of the page/post.

I’ve tried the AMP carousel element and it too works. Has some bugs but works. The accordion doesn’t work at all.

They don’t have a lot of elements there https://ampbyexample.com/ Just a few, so it would be nice if the plugin wouldn’t strip those few tags we have.


proseo4u Purchased

Please let me know if I can expect a quick solution (plugin update or a quick fix) anytime soon. I don’t feel like I’m asking too much but just the basic functionality which in the documentation you stated that the plugin already has.

Update: AMP Carousel (also mentioned in your documentation) – works with a bug (shows a blank screen in-between image transitions).