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Is there a way to shrink this report? This is way too much information displayed in this box. We do not need to show every single payment.Can it show only the P&I Field when hitting calculate?

Hello mooredesignpro and thanks for purchasing! We can assist you if you can open a ticket at

Good Morning, I install the plugin and for some reason my website is running slower could someone help me with this situation.

Hello Henry,
We’ve responded to your ticket that you opened. Thank you!

i need to send you a private message but there is no email address.. i wanna know if something is possible .. can you please let me know.. ill buy it now i just wanna make sure that all these fields/variables are available to be added

getting this error Unable to open amortization-02-06-2017.pdf for reading

Hi Ashtnfer,
Can you open a ticket and copy the pdf to it for us to check it out? Our support is at


Kindly reply for this Ticket #1049609. I submitted yesterday but no reply..

Hello Pestate,
We’ve responded to your ticket, Thanks!

@sh-themes: Thanks for helping..

How I can add range slider with text filed? when I scroll amount value will be increase.

Can we turn off the amortization in the results? We just want to prompt for loan amount, interest rate and terms and calculate payment.


Yes, you can disable the amortization schedule all together if you’d like with a couple of modifications. After purchase, open a ticket at for help with that.

Good morning, I try to put my email to receive a copy, but it is blocked or sends a copy or generates the pdf

Hello there,
Have a look at our documentation for Troubleshooting email with the Calculator – that should help you out .
Thank you!

Hi. Does this work with the CLP currency? (Chilean Pesos)

You can set any currency symbol you’d like to use and we have 3 different currency formats to choose from that are built in:
Standard (e.g. 100,000.00)
Switched (e.g. 100.000,00)
Spaces & Commas (e.g. 100 000,00)


i want to use this plugin as straight loan calculator and not amortization. please advice…


I need to disable the amortization. I only need straight loan calculator..

Best Regard

Hello Marioboy,
This is after all an amortization calculator, but if you are talking about disabling the schedule you can open a ticket with our support for some guidance.
Thank you

ok, thanks

1) hi can i display ads in the page? 2) can i add my own add code for affiliate links? 2) is the backend api or anything difficult to setup? 4) can i install this in a sub domain of my site so it can launch when they click to the sub domain?

5) also can i disable EMAILing option so i dont want to use my mailserver etc?

Hello, the Amortization calculator is a plugin that can go on a page, post or widget area, so you can have whatever other page content you want on the page as well. Yes, you can disable the email report in the backend settings.

Also, here is the documentation for the backend settings, which are easy to set up..

is there any way that we locked the price, down payment and interest, so user can not change the value? i want the user only able to change the term? is it possible?

You would need to tweak the code but you can set those fields to disabled=”disabled” if you’d like to which would do what you are asking.

Hi – great product – on the demo it shows down payment by $ and % – what are the short-codes to do that?

Hi and thank you!
Those are backend settings that can be switched and shortcode overrides per calculator, have a look at our documentation for more details about the settings as well.

Love it but why limit your sales to only those who use Wordpress? Please make a version of what you write for non WP folks.

hi there.. how to deactivate down payments? we don´t need that function.. thank you :) – nothing found in knowledge-base