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Great plugin! I got a presale question, is it possible to define amount and term globally, so that each loan use the same amount for the calculation.

For instance I d like to define term and amount in a widget area and all the loans are calculated based on these inputs.


Hello Dlogger and thank you!
The calculator lets you preset default values on the backend of the plugin, if you wanted to automate values from another plugin or externally you would have to add some custom code to do something like that.

Presale Q: Is it possible to make every user provide their email address before they see the calculation result?

We don’t force email entry on the calculator so you would need to add a snippet of javascript to enforce that an email address is set in the field.

Would you be able to provide such a snippet?

Hello riweb,
Sure, we could give you details in our support once purchased.

pb solved:)

Hi, Does the plugin support french language ? and can i set a custom currency ? Best Regards,

The plugin is translation ready and you can set any currency symbol you’d like.


I want to buy this plugin for digital print shop site. now i want know, This plugin has the following features?

1) I want to be able set Measurement Price for large format print.


We should be able costs for large format based on measurement units like centimeter determine.

Of course, costs are not fixed and by selecting options such as “type of paper,” “coverage” by the

customer, the price must be changed.

And the client by entering the length and width dimensions of his project in order to display the total

amount for him.)

2) I want to be able set a field for “number of pages” and a field for “copies” in one form at order page

for digital print, And calculator could gather “number of pages” field and other cost fields (for example

“binding”,”cover”), and Total costs multiply the number of copies and the total amount to be displayed.


The cost of printing per page is NOT fixed. And by selecting options such as “color or black and white,”

“type of paper” and etc,The cost of printing per page must be changed.)

3) I want to be able set this plugin with other WooCommerce plugins.


i want a plugin that i could set it with other WooCommerce plugins such as “each bank gateway, delivery

date, discount codes and etc.”)

4) Customer can upload files for his project.

5) customer need a box to write a more detailed description

(FOR more information

Sign-in page order for customers need a box to write a more detailed description.)

If I know your email, I can send you my request by infographic

Kind regards


Hello Hosein,
Please take a look at our documentation to see if WP Contacts will be a good fit for your needs as we have a lot of information there describing current features and capabilities -> .
Thank you!

If i purchase your wp-amortization-calculator, is it possible to insert in my blogger site (google).. will it work? MY blog was created in blogspot. 2) Will it work well in mobile version? 3) Is it possible to add Indian currency sign ? Vedaraman N,

Hello nvedarama,
The calculator is only for WordPress installations, thank you!

Hi, I see that you have a CMI calculator. Is there a way to implement a CMHC Mortgage insurance calculator instead?

My client is experiencing this problem while viewing your plugin I embedded on his website. ​

He describes the problem as a glitch, when he attempts to enter any value into the mortgage amount it adds lots of extra zero’s, making it impossible to enter any number into it and therefore receive a correct calculation back.

I cannot get the problem to replicate on any desktop device or my iphone 7+.

The mobile device he’s experiencing the issue with is a Galaxy S8 (“Top of the line” in his words).

It’s very unfortunate, that I purchased this more than 6 months ago, and my support has expired, disabling me from submitting a ticket, when I never even got to submit any support tickets at all.

Hello? Can I at least get a response?

hi, work with 4.8.x?

Yes it does, thank you!

Hello, I’ve recently purchased this product and have tried to upload it as per the instructions – however the upload gets to about 22% then the dashboard turns blank and there’s no further progress. Can you let me know what’s causing this and how I can upload the calculator??

Hello, make sure you don’t have a reallyl low upload limit on your host and you can open a ticket at if you need some support.

can banks be integrated?

Hello Bendennn,
If you wanted to add specific bank information/links, you are probably going to need to add your own customizations to the plugin for that.

Hi, I need French and German monthly payment methods; can this plugin do it?

This calculator uses the standard monthly amortization schedule. Language text, symbols and money formatting can be set in the backend settings.
Thank you!

Hi! I have a pre-sale question… Is it possible to show only two fields in front? Like amount and term? I want it to use as a personal loan calculator… The client must only enter two values, ammount and term (in months) and give the ammount to pay monthly… Thanks!


I am interested in the plugin, however, I wonder if it is possible that the results will be below the calculator and not in popup. Thanks!

Hello marcosmoren,
Results are meant to show up in the popup with scrolling since an amortization schedule can be quite large. You can customize to have it display elsewhere if you would like.
Thank you!

Hi. Can this plugin be used for refinancing calculations as well? I need a refinancing calculator plugin for a clients website. Thanks

Hello and thank you for your interest!
This is an amortization calculator and is intended to show the amortization of a loan to visitors (and give you another way to capture leads).

Maybe you can consider developing a refinancing calculator plugin. I will buy the amortization calculator. Looking forward to buying the refinancing calculator plugin from you soon… :-)


esqu1red Purchased

Hey! Awesome plugin! How can i send reports in UTF-8. When im typed in cyrillic – in PDF reports when names are: “?? ??? ??” only numbers i can see. Please help :pray:


esqu1red Purchased

Tried, always the same :’( “?”. Changing to Times, Courier and Helvetica doesnt help.. :-(

Dejavu sans is utf-8, try that one out. For support our site is if you need further help, thanks!


esqu1red Purchased

Thank you. Created ticket.. :)

Hello, it appears that the plugin has a glitch with the sliders on mousemove. The output of ”.mort-amount” is not being formatted into currency (i.e. $245,000). This is something that works on your live preview. Please advise.

Hello there,
If you need some assistance, please open a ticket with our support at
Thank you!

I want to buy but have a question: Can i make it just simple Loan Calculator with interest, and No Down payment?

You don’t have to have a down payment, that can be left at 0.

Hi , Pre-sale question > Will this be able to capture a lead with full name +phone+email ? I want to use it for a loan calculator. is it possible ?

This calculator captures email address since users have to input their address to receive the report.