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Where can I display a gid?

You can use the [ajaxgrid] shortcode in posts, pages or directly in your theme’s php files.

Can I create more than one grid per page?

Multiple instances are allowed. You can create as many grids per page you want and set them to show different categories for example.

How can I set an image to be shown in the grid posts?

WP AJAX GRID retrieves the image that is set as the post’s “featured image”. Learn more about “Featured Image” here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Post_Thumbnails

How can I use the shortcode in my theme’s php files?

To execute the shortcode in php you have to use the “do_shortcode” function, like this:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[ajaxpost cols="4"]'); ?>

WP Ajax Grid crashes my website, stops working when other plugins are enabled or make other plugins stop working.

Most of the time this is a Javascript code conflict, specially if the plugins are using jQuery or other libraries. Whenever a script a plugin/theme uses jQuery it must include it into Wordpress using the proper wp_enqueue_scripts function and hook, if it doesn’t then you may end with a duplicated jQuery inclusion, which may break one of more jQuery related scripts.

WP Ajax Grid uses the right and standard functions (wp_enqueue_scripts) to include jQuery in Wordpress, so if you are experiencing problems in your website after activating WP Ajax Grid, make sure your other plugins and theme are not hardcoding or including jQuery into Wordpress in the wrong non-standard way. An easy way to check this is to look at the source code of your website and look for “jquery” scripts, if you see more than one it means that one of your plugins or theme were not coded to work with other extensions.

If you discover one of your plugins or theme are including jQuery or other libraries in a non-standard way, you should contact them and get support so they can fix the problem, you can ask them if the plugin/theme they developed “is using wp_enqueue_scripts to work in compatibility with other extensions?” to get started.

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