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Can this work with custom post types?

Please say yes.

Yes it does ;)

(Sorry for the big delay.)

Also is it possible to enable a search function?

You can use the shortcode to include it in your theme’s search.php file.

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I updated to the latest version and the grid stopped showing up. It was here: http://engexpert.ru/testimonials

Now you can see here only the text that should be placed under the grid to load up more items.

Please help me.

Hi – pre-purchase question…

Does this plug-in simply reformat the look of the standard blog and archive pages (i.e. tag or category pages)? We already own Go Portfolio but we have to create shortcodes to use that and we simply want a plug-in that makes our blog and archive pages look better – is that what this plug-in does?



Hello Keith, thanks for contacting us. WP Ajax Grid uses a single shortcode to let you create customized pinterest-like grids, we have pre configured shortcodes as examples in http://wpajaxgrid.com, like:

http://wpajaxgrid.com/fx-layout/ http://wpajaxgrid.com/grid-style/

You can even use this shortcodes in the category/archive/tag/search page if you want to, like this: http://codecanyon.net/item/wp-ajax-grid/2846897/faqs/11412

Finding a plugin that just apply new design in your website is a little difficult because every theme layout is different.

If you have some doubts and need some help creating the shortcodes we’d be glad to assists you.

Best regards, David.

Hi. Any chance to have “Load more posts” button only show at the bottom of the page when there are indeed still posts to load? Currently showing the whole time even when there’s no further posts to show. Bought this plugin twice, thanks!

Hi Vivyanefernando, it will require some code tweaks, but it can be done; you can send us an email using the form in our profile and we’ll see what can me done. There will be a new release soon.

Hi! Is it possible to have posts display that are categorized BOTH “Landscape” and “Photos”? So that instead of all posts that are categorized Landscape and Photos, only the posts that are categorized both Landscape and Photos?

Alternately, is it possible to filter by author and category?


Hello sandstar555, at the moment is not possible to select posts based on that condition (category1 AND category2, both); can’t you create a new “hidden” category, let’s say “Grid” category, and then use that one in the shortcode?.

Best regards!

What changes were made in the May, 2015 version?

Great plugin, it has served me very well over the past couple years with no issues. Was curious as to what the improvements or changes were regarding the recent May 04 2015 update?

Thanks for your feedback quimix! Glad to read it’s been very useful for you. The past update included only code improvements; however we’re preparing a new update for next months, including a few new parameters and animations update for the next updates. We’ll try to publish update every few months.

Best regards and thanks again for taking the time.

Is it possible to have infinite scroll for this? Thanks!

are you still giving support for this?

demo not working :(