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I have a question about licensing your WordPress plugin WP Advanced Comment (PRO).

I am currently developing a WordPress website on my local machine (wamp-localhost) and want to include the Pro version of your comments plugin. When development is complete, I will migrate the website to GoDaddy using a temporary URL (in my case, http://414.374.myftpupload.com/), then take it live to the final URL (WWW.WEBNoTrack.com).

Will I be able to perform all these migrations if I purchase one (1) copy of your plugin for $30.00 USD?

Thanks, in advance

As per envato guidelines 1 license per domain is needed.


ikemzy Purchased

Hi admin i purchased your theme and i have installed the theme but please how do i check this part of the comment, take a look at the attached file.

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you only sent me screenshot. I will need a live url to see what is happening. and then i can give u code to solve it. Just looking at screenshot i cannot find the error.


Hi ravishakya,

I’m on pro version and having some issues for example: http://www.recoveryaudio.org/aa-speaker-tapes/fr-vaughn-quinn-at-branson-mo-11-part-2#comment-133263

1. Its not displaying new comments; 2. The “edit from” section leads to a blank page.

Thanks in advance for your help!!

i should clarify – the “edit form” section within the plugin’s admin dashboard leads to a blank page.

hi, I have noticed that you are using cache on your site. plz disable that and check once. I reason for not working is jquery is not loading. I can take a look at the backend for “edit form”. You can send me your temporary access to wp-admin on ravi.vertexsolution@gmail.com


ikemzy Purchased

where can i locate this text on the plugin “You must be logged in to post a comment.”?

check on shortcodes/comment-form.php line no 4251.


I would like to know – 1. If you provide endpoints to add/edit/delete/update comments from WP Rest API 2. Are there any hooks in the plugin from where I can extend the functionality of the plugin.

I would like to have these 2 options since we are going to integrate the comments on an Android/iOS app of the website.

I am willing to buy the paid plugin if these options are available

Thanks, Viraj

Currently rest api endpoints is not available. Sry for that :(

I noticed on the paid version that I installed the rating stars goes right to left (5 > 1) and on your demo it goes left to right (1 > 5). I checked with the developer tool to make sure can you fix this so it goes left to right or make an update. Thanks

Don’t worry about my question above. I figured it out…it’s with the css.

I have a problem with the date picker which I also noticed on your demo. When you select a date in the date picker without selecting other fields, all fields get highlighted with “require field messages”.Thanks,

on shortcodes/comment-form.php, on line no. 1466 there is “jQuery(’#wp_advance_comment_form’).valid();” remove that.

Presale Questions: 1) Can you please tell me if your plugin uses a custom comment database instead of the native WP comment system? My site already has 30k comments and now I installed the free version of your plugin to check out if the pro version is worth it – but comments dont get displayed. I assume its a custom comment database (table)?

2) Is your plugin compatible to plugins that let users log in with facebook instead of their WP account?

1. Plugin doesnt uses custom table. It uses default wordpress table.

2. login with fb is not available.

Thank you

I’m having a problem with the alignment of the stars due to (.wpad_form_group label) in the index field not css. I will send the link to you in your profile field to my website. Thanks

1) Would I be able to have a different comment box style per post category? like If I write a review then I enable the stars rating but if I have a regular post then it shows without the rating, and I declare this per post category ?

2)What happens to my old comments do they integrate or do I loose them when I install?

3) What happens to the comments in the future if I delete the plugin? Do I loose them or do they auto appear in the old wordpress comments style ?