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Hey Ravishakya, and what about of the people that trust in your plugins and buy together this plugin and WooCommerce Advanced Product Reviews . “WooCommerce Advanced Product Reviews is a plugin for WP Advanced Comment. This plugin will not work without WP Advanced Comment” That error appear when i update for the latest version of your plugin.

Big big problems with newest update of WP and Woocommerce, working with your abandoned project “WooCommerce Advanced Product Reviews”

Pre-sale questions:

Can we set a particular comment form for a custom taxonomy category or custom taxonomy tag?

Can we set comment forms for custom posts types?

Which image formats does plugin allow to upload?

Does those uploaded images shows as thumbnail in the comments?

Can we upload multiple images in a comment and will all those get shown as thumbnail in form of a wordpress gallery?

If the plugin supports uploading gif and png file, will they also get shown as thumbnail?

Will the gif would be embedded as playable?

Does dropping video urls in comments convert it into video box, means does the plugin supports oembed?

I just tried the free version and it didn’t worked with this theme – https://themeforest.net/item/ask-me-responsive-questions-answers-wordpress/7935874

I think the theme has replace the comment function with their own. Thats why it is not working.

Nopes, other plugin works fine with it. Infact when your didn’t worked, I tried another one and that worked.

Please reply to other queries too.

Hi, I just wanted to ask a couple presale questions…

1. I was wondering if it at all I could add a checkbox to subscribe to newsletter and somehow link that up to MailChimp?

2. Would there be an way to create for example a multi setup process, so to get the person to comment first and once they submit it then asks them to signup first before their comment gets processed?

Thanks and look forward to your response!


angeljs Purchased

This would be perfect for me if there were a way to integrated BuddyPress avatars and Ajax Edit Comments. There’s no way for members to edit their comments, which is a huge issue, I’m afraid. :(

Hey Guys!

I am going to have my site ( https://bahargate.biz/ ) I intend to use online store market on my site. which plugin do you suggest? Thanks in advance Mike

If i install the basic ‘free’ version first i cannot reach the settings page as it says am not authorised? For crying out loud…........i own my own website, how am i not authorised ?

hi. Can I get 5star rating in Advanced comment pro? I found that says there is 5star rating on the pro version on my page of advanced comment. However I don’t see it on the feature in this pro version page.

Hi, Nice plugin.

1 – If I had one CPT (portfolio) and different categories and want each category to have different form?

2. Does it work with custom taxonomies?

3. Will it work will with RTL themes (Avada)

4. Can I easily translate it (Arabic)


Hello a presales question,

can i add WP Advanced Comment ( and his PRO Addon) as a shortcode on a empty page?

I need to show only commens at the home page, nothing else.

Thank you

This plugin does not support shortcodes


mpalas Purchased

hi, i activated the advanced comments pro but nothing changed, i`m still viewing the free version. thks

can you send me your wp admin pass at ravishakya_357@yahoo.com i will take a look


mpalas Purchased

Hi, i emailed yesterday the data, did you received it? I need to sort this out así soon as posssible. Thks


Could we use this to require a code? For example, user is not able to comment unless they have an invitation code we sent them ahead. We would need to add these codes in the backend prior.

Thanks, Joseph

Hi, i have installed the Plugin but i dont have access to the settings page.

you will need both the free version https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-advance-comment/#stats and pro version of this plugin.

Please uninstall the free version and upload it again from here https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-advance-comment/#stats



Please, update the instalation steps. I think you have a bug inside zip..

\wp-advanced-comment-pro-addon\index.php Version: 0.1 Description: Get all PRO Version features Author: Ravi Shakya License: GPL2 / /wp-content/plugins/wp-advance-comment-pro/index.php / Plugin Name: WP Advanced Comment ( PRO ) Plugin URI: http://wpadvancedcomment.ravishakya.com.np/ Version: 1.0 Author: Ravi Shakya Author URI: http://ravishakya.com.np License: GPL2 Description: This plugin allows you to create comment forms and manage your comments more easily and create custom fields for the comments. Text Domain : wpad */

Hello again,

In “codecanyon-14557575-wp-advanced-comment-pro.zip” is no more than just an index.php file..

Can you tell where to put it, in case of upgrading the plugin?

When WordPress got updated the older version of the WP Advanced comment didn’t work and i have to make some changes.

In the newer version, first you will need to add the free version https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-advance-comment/ and then the PRO version. Both plugins needs to be installed to work properly.


You mean that i have to install the free version of the plugin, and next to overwrite the file oft the Pro archive, to plugin folder (in the site?)

Both plugins? Which both? Becouse, the Pro version does not contain more than just a single file..


you will need to install free version and pro version together. Yes only one file is there in the pro version. It will enable the pro features

I installed both the free version and the pro version. I made a comment form. How do I get it on a page on my site?

Is the comment form and custom fields are working in posts??

My bad…..its up and running now…..thanks

Hi !

Pre-buy question:

I’d like that users to be able to select an image from a selection of images uploaded by me only (user profile image or image upload).

Is that possible ?

thanks !


Sorry that feature is not available.

Hi Before buying this plugin, I’d like to know if it’s still fully supported and that you intend to keep it updated as there are many comments written here by people with issues that you have not answered.

I look forward to your reply

Hi! The file loading from the front end does not work. ERROR: Please add your image ( avatar )


can you send me a personal message from here https://codecanyon.net/item/wp-advanced-comment-pro-/14557575/support. click on contact author button and send me your site url and username and password i will take a look.


Hi, thanks, no longer needed. we fixed the source code.

Hi, how to echo file/user photo to comments to front?