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The reason of slow displaying of demo site is caused by server? Or, it is caused by plugin? It takes 5 minutes to display advertisements. It would difficult for customers to buy if you don’t improve your site.

yes this is all by the server issue only. current plugin is running on some paid clients site but working very fast and effective. our hosting is hostgator, and we think it is a good hosting service.

very thanks for comment.

This just completely stopped working for me. The ads will not populate at all. They are not showing up in the code at all. It seems the shortcodes won’t work, or something is wrong. I’ve disabled all other plugins to ensure it isn’t a conflict, and also did a shortcode test to see if that was the main issue. But there is nothing that is interfering with it. It is simply the plugin itself failing. I’ve also tried it in both a post/page, and also by “do_shortcode”. Both failed. I have the latest 1.5 version installed, and also wordpress 4.1. Please provide a solution ASAP!

I’ve determined that it seems that the Geo IP services you’ve chosen are going offline and causing loading issues.

yes, it happens sometime when ip services used are gonna offline for a few time. we are looking for something better, so that our plugin can use these ip services and its performance goes more better.

Hi, can banners be set to custom sizes and what about as a grid? http://postimg.org/image/43zdkznrb/


I am looking for all the ad combinations including grid for my project. I will need to show my client some samples in the coming week, so if the grid feature is months away I will need to look at other ad plugins for now.

Also, do you know if plugin is compatible with these themes?




Many Thanks.

well, our plugin is compatible with any of themes.

we will try to upload revision with new feature in 2-3 days. if you have any idea about ad-grid feature, kindly send over http://codecanyon.net/user/mindlogixtech#contact this contact form. we will provide help and support using the plugin. regards


as per your ad-grid image design , this functionality is provided by buy-sell ads websites and they give code for tag in website. and you can use that code using our plugin too.

if you are looking to create same functionality like buy sell ads websites then this will take time to add in current plugin and you can find plugins here on codecanyon, that are works similar or better sometimes.

many regards


can you confirm this plugin works with wordpres 4.1+? Can you also tell me if this plugin uses paypal to take payments for ads and if there is any way to see what the add Ad page looks like for the advertiser??




yes it works well with wordpress 4.1+ but this plugin do not uses paypal or any other payment method to take payments for ads.


Is it possible to insert banner ‘above’ the main header of a site with this plugin? Example: http://postimg.org/image/uaugu6lp3/


yes it is possible. you can place any banner or banner slider using shortcode and insert them to theme’s header.php directly. you can edit shortcode Ad-block from wp-admin and add/remove any banner.


Presale question Can I filter ads in sidebar to be displayed by custom_field? E.g. if inside a page article has a custom_field Washington then display ad in sidebar assigned for Washington.

hope you understand what I mean. thanks

right now you can filter ads with tags assigned to ads and corresponding posts/pages. see in the description http://codecanyon.net/item/wp-admonetizer/7930106 , Now Added tags into Ads so an Ad can be show on single post while a related tag is matched in post tags.

a custom field was not added in functionality , and there may be any number of various custom fields.

this will help you, hopes.

Hello, do you know if your ads is compatible with Visual composer on wordpress? Also on the backend is there a way to add the ads for a certain time period before they expire, useful if we are being paid to put someones ad up for a certain period of time


hi, ive sent you a message. I have an issue with all the ads loading at the same time (overlapping) and not sliding.


i got your private message and writing reply

sent you reply. Thanks.

Hello. I wonder if it is possible to place a special announcement for my country and another in the same place for the rest of the world. Wanted to do it with four ads is possible? The ads can be placed using widgets or / and can be placed via code, for example, within the posts. I’m almost buying, but wanted to know the answers to these questions first.


please download latest updated plugin from Codecanyon.

this is fixed.

ok is now installed correctly, but to place the shortcut website shows a white screen. the site loads all, but to finish loading is only a white screen.

please send details on our contact form, here


When is the new version with applied time period for each ad being uploaded or released? Thanks

we are uploading updates, asap. hopefully this week. regards


1 – Can I schedule an Ad? With start and end date?

2 – Can I show/hide an Ad based on the number of clicks and/or impressions? For example show “Ad A” until it reaches 100 clicks and/or 1000 hits.

3 – An Ad can be included in different Adzones?

4 – Can Ads have a weight to rotate in each pageview in an Adzone?

5 – In “Ads as Slider” can the first Ad to show be randomized?

6 – Is it compatible with Varnish Cache System?


very thanks for pre-sales questions,

1 – Can I schedule an Ad? With start and end date? Ans: yes ads can be scheduled by start and end date. similarly can be scheduled for days, all days of week or only some week days.

2 – Can I show/hide an Ad based on the number of clicks and/or impressions? For example show “Ad A” until it reaches 100 clicks and/or 1000 hits. Ans: yes, you can target an impression goals for an Ad and when it reaches, the ad will be hide.

3 – An Ad can be included in different Adzones? Ans: yes, An Ad can be included in different Adzones/AdBlocks.

4 – Can Ads have a weight to rotate in each pageview in an Adzone? Ans: right now, No Weight system are included in the system.

5 – In “Ads as Slider” can the first Ad to show be randomized? Ans: yes, in Ad slider , ads are shown by random method or tag based selection, whatever admin chooses. 6 – Is it compatible with Varnish Cache System? Ans: it is tested with W3TC and WP super cache system and it is compatible with them. am sure it will be compatible with Varnish Cache System as i have used logic that will pass any cache system.


Thanks for your fast response. Just two more question. Is there any statistics available? If yes, which parameters are provided? Are you planning to implement responsive ads and more types of ads like: background ads, stick ads, link hover ads, corner peel, ads in exit pop-up?

well, yes statistics are available for every ads, related to impressions and clicks. you can also export them to csv file. in single ad-stats you can filter data to previous months.

current ads in the system are responsive. for more type of ads can be added in the later versions, when it will look to be related to WP Ad-Monetizer system. we thought about these ads, and seperate small plugins are available. we will think something different to those systems.


Hey I’m trying to add an ad to an ad block but is not possible , look this screenshot https://www.dropbox.com/s/810iex4ddrbi9ne/screeshot321654.png?dl=0 no adblocks appear here, eventhought I created 2 ad blocks, help!


when i see your website, i can see an ad slider in right sidebar, that is showing 6 ads , one by one in carousel slider. i really dont understand why you cant see that. everything is up to mark, and working well.

please send more details on our contact form, here http://codecanyon.net/user/mindlogixtech#contact


that’s the weird thing first it doesnt work and then it works, i dont understand. Where can I control the speed of the carousel?

you can control the speed of carousel, yes

using Slide Auto-play after seconds Slide will auto-play after given milli seconds, default 5000

please look carefully at Ad-block editor. all things are simple and easy to use.

Hi This plugin dose not work..please lets refund. You wrote that is work with adsens code as well..We tried it with 10 different adsense code, like google, bidvertiser, amazon,ebay,adhits,adcash and many more. it dose not work with these ..It work just with simple image ad. Please lets refund and wrote in plugin description that your plugin dose not work with such a adsense code


i actually added adcode in slider and thought it will work and will be good but on some other client’s response , placing adcode in slider is not a good user experience. i just forgot to remove that custom adcode slider from live preview site.

anyway, i will try if this case can be resolved by any way.



Its not enough answer..send us a copy that works or refund please..

Hello, my plugin was working fine but now it does not display the ads. My website is www.hollywoodchamber.org, the banners are right below the main slider in the grey area. I am not sure if this is in conflict with another plugin (although I did not update any recently).



please check carefully in your wp-admin area, it seems like no Ads are added to Ad-block or Ads are expired.

choose Ad Schedule to ‘Start Now and Do Not End’ and select any Ad-block to this Ad.

hope this will work.

HI, I have sent you an email please kindly respond. I am unable to select adblocks for individual ads. the box to select adblock seems to be empty and is not listing any of the adblocks.


well, please update width and height for adblock and then when create an ad,select image of that size of image for ad. when you will select ad image, proper ad-block will be shown in the list.

Hi, thanks for your timely response. I hadn’t realised the new ad was 2 pixels out. Having followed your instructions and re-adjusted ad to correct adblock size it all works fine now. thanks

Current update (v3.1) has created a server error on my site. I have sent you a PM with details. Thanks.


i have fixed that issue. please reply if you are happy.


Many thanks. All working fine now.

Hi. When active the plugin on my site, on the head, a space appears blank with the characters:


I can not assign a “Ad-Block” because that option does not appear me. Leo documentation, and what there mark, did not appear.

When I create an ad and I click save, the page is blank and I just show me those two characters I mention:


Ditto for any attempt to save any changes in any section of the plugin.


well, apologies for this issue. i have updated plugin, waiting for approval.

message on private , http://codecanyon.net/user/mindlogixtech#contact so that i can show you quick fix, that can be done in plugin editor.

Thank you. It solves the characters ?> and no longer goes blank page when trying to save changes. But the problem that the Ad-Blocks not appear to me to select persists. I write through the form. Thank you.

Hello guys. I need to know soe things before I buy. I am a 6+ year buyer on Evnato with 100+ items. So, here we go… ;)

- is there a way to have a video/animated gif that, on mouse hover, auto plays a video?

- is there a way I can NOT let clients access the backend? meaning, I will provide views and clicks to them on a request approach, so I can manage all ads and add the ads from our clients?

- can I add some ads to a single post? if yes, via shortcode or other thing?