wphave Admin - A clean and modern WordPress Admin Theme

wphave Admin - A clean and modern WordPress Admin Theme

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A WordPress Premium Admin Theme for everyone

Designed for all the people, who loves to create websites with WordPress. A clean, beautiful and modern admin theme. This theme plugin is very easy to customize and packed with useful features such as wp memory usage, custom login page, custom theme colors and many more.

Look behind the scenes. See more at our online documentation.

1. Choose your favorite Theme color

Easy to change color of the admin theme. Customize the main color and background gradient.

2. A custom WordPress Login Page

A clean and modern designed login page. Change the logo, the title and upload a custom background image for your login page.

3. Useful informations about your WordPress Installation

Let’s output the WordPress Memory Usage, WP Memory Limit, PHP Version, WP Version or IP Address at the admin footer.

4. Additional features for your WordPress Admin Pages

Show or hide a user box before the left WordPress Admin menu, thumbnails before the title at posts / pages table list or add a column which showing their IDs.

And there are more …

A really lightweight plugin and professional quality in code and design. Rated with 5 Stars from our customers.

  • Unlimited color options
  • Custom background color
  • White Label for WordPress backend
  • White Label Branding for login
  • Upload custom logo for login
  • Custom toolbar icon
  • Custom login theme
  • Embed custom Google Web Fonts
  • Simple Options page
  • Add custom css styles for login and admin pages
  • Add custom background image
  • Image / thumbnail + ID column for post and page table list
  • Allow upload from SVG and ICO files
  • Multisite Support
  • Multisite Snychronization with other network blogs
  • System Information about WordPress and Server
  • JSON Import / Export of all options
  • Included Dashboard Widgets
    1. Recent Posts Dashboard Widget
    2. Recent Pages Dashboard Widget
    3. Recent Comments Dashboard Widget
    4. Posts Count Dashboard Widget
    5. Pages Count Dashboard Widget
    6. Comments Count Dashboard Widget
    7. WP Memory Usage Dashboard Widget
    8. User Activity Dashboard Widget
    9. System Info Dashboard Widget
  • Additional WordPress optimization and security options
    1. Remove WP Version Meta-Tag
    2. Remove WP Emoji
    3. Remove WP RSS Feed
    4. Remove WP RSD
    5. Remove WP Wlwmanifest
    6. Remove WP Shortlink
    7. Disable WP REST API
    8. Disable WP oEmbed
    9. Disable WP XML-RPC / X-Pingback
    10. Disable WP Heartbeat
    11. Remove WP Rel Links
    12. Disable Self-Pingbacks
  • Additional WordPress options
    1. Remove WordPress Meta Boxes
    2. Remove WordPress Dashboard Widgets
    3. Remove WordPress Widgets
  • Translation ready (english and german is included)
  • RTL language support
  • Tested for Compatibility with popular plugins:
    1. WooCommerce
    2. Advanced Custom Fields Pro
    3. Visual Composer (WPBakery Page Builder)
    4. Avia Layout Builder (Enfold)
    5. Flatsome UX Builder
    6. Yoast SEO
    7. Contact form 7
    8. MailChimp
    9. WP Super cache
    10. Autoptimize
    11. WP Total cache
    12. Brute Force Login Protection
    13. Theme Check
    14. Antispam Bee
    15. WP Debug Bar
    16. WP Query Monitor
    17. WPML
    18. Polylang
    19. Content Aware Sidebars
    20. etc.
WP Admin Theme CD is the perfect WordPress Admin Theme for each type of blog and website.


Version 2.7 – February, 04 2022

+ NEW: Possibilty to enable/disable auto updates
+ UPDATE: WordPress 5.6 style improvements

Version 2.5 – August, 10 2021

+ FIX: Issues while the activation process with WordPress Multisite

Version 2.4 – August, 10 2021

+ FIX: Google Fonts dosen't work
+ FIX: Range field dosen't show the current saved value
+ UPDATE: License activation process
+ UPDATE: Translations
+ UPDATE: WordPress 5.8 style improvements

Version 2.3 – April, 07 2021

+ FIX: Accordion Menu dosen't work
+ FIX: Range field dosen't work
+ FIX: Javascript errors
+ UPDATE: Allow HTML in footer credits
+ UPDATE: Change from wpless to global variables to apply custom style options
+ NEW: Duplicate Posts and Pages
+ NEW: Auto-Update

Version 2.2 – August, 12 2020

* UPDATE: WordPress 5.5 style improvements
* UPDATE: WordPress 5.5 block editor style improvements

Version 2.1 – March, 27 2020

+ NEW: Now you can use this plugin on local environments without entering the purchase code
+ FIX: Escaped quotes in custom css fields
+ UPDATE: Featured Image column for custom post types on the post type list screen
* UPDATE: WordPress 5.4 style improvements
* UPDATE: WordPress 5.4 block editor style improvements
* UPDATE: Without a purchase code entered, your custom settings will no longer apply

Version 2.0 – November, 10 2019

IMPORTANT: Plugin name has been renamed to "wphave - Admin" 
Please deactivate and unistall the deprecated "WP Admin Theme CD" plugin.

+ NEW: Transient Manager page
+ NEW: .htaccess file page
+ NEW: robots.txt file page
+ NEW: php.ini file page
+ NEW: Error log page
+ NEW: Option to deny the full access to the plugin for multisite sub sites
+ NEW: Option to change the footer credit text
+ NEW: Option to disable the howdy greeting
+ NEW: Option to change the howdy greeting
+ UPDATE: Code refactoring
+ UPDATE: Compatibility improvements with for WordPress 5.3 and Block Editor
+ UPDATE: Design improvements
+ UPDATE: User activities dashboard widget - Add pagination to the user list
+ FIX: Purchase code will not displayed on plugin activation page
+ FIX: Purchase details will not displayed on plugin activation page
+ FIX: Permission issue for multisite sub sites
+ FIX: Footer displays the WP version after all footer widgets have been disabled
+ FIX: Rating notice is not dismissable
+ FIX: Custom WP icon for upper toolbar on frontend was not displayed

Version 1.9 – June, 11 2019

+ UPDATE: Improvements for unlock the purchase code process
+ NEW: Now only one license (purchase code) is necessary, to use this plugin for other subpages (only for multisite!)
+ NEW: Added note about updating the plugin to install the "Envato Market Plugin" and use automatic updates
+ NEW: Multisite Sync - Now you can sync only specific network blogs
+ FIX: Export/Import options for multisite

Version 1.8 – May, 29 2019

+ FIX: Undefined index issue on initial plugin load
+ FIX: Style issues with the "Select2" form field
+ FIX: Style issues with "Quick Edit" of post type items
+ FIX: Style issues with "Left Admin Menu" 
+ UPDATE: Multisite-Snyc -> Set default limit of 100 subsites to unlimited
+ UPDATE: Left Admin Menu is now sticky (with the ecxeption of activated "Spacing" option)
+ UPDATE: WP LESS variables improvement

Version 1.7 – March, 12 2019

+ NEW: Purchase Code Verification to enable options
+ NEW: Option to change toolbar background color
+ UPDATE: Compatibility improvements with for WordPress 5.x / Block Editor
+ UPDATE: Change plugin core method to interpret user variables with WP LESS
+ UPDATE: Disable "Spacing Option" by default (for better compatibility with other plugins)
+ UPDATE: Change "Left Menu Width" to 160px by default (for better compatibility with other plugins)
+ UPDATE: Change "Toolbar Height" to default height (for better compatibility with other plugins)
+ UPDATE: Design improvements
+ UPDATE: Mobile View improvements
+ UPDATE: RTL improvements
+ FIX: SVG / ICO Upload fix for WP 5.1

Version 1.6 – Dezember, 6 2018

+ UPDATE: Compatibility check for WordPress 5.0
+ NEW: Option to expand the submenu of the left menu
+ NEW: Option to change the width of the left menu

Version 1.5 – July, 13 2018

+ NEW: System Information Page
+ NEW: System Info Dashboard Widget
+ NEW: User Activity Dashboard Widget
+ NEW: WP Memory Usage Dashboard Widget
+ NEW: Recent Posts Dashboard Widget
+ NEW: Recent Pages Dashboard Widget
+ NEW: Recent Comments Dashboard Widget
+ NEW: Posts Count Dashboard Widget
+ NEW: Pages Count Dashboard Widget
+ NEW: Comments Count Dashboard Widget
+ NEW: Add option to the WordPress contextual help
+ NEW: Add options to remove WordPress Meta Boxes
+ NEW: Add options to remove WordPress Dashboard Widgets
+ NEW: Add options to remove WordPress Widgets
+ UPDATE: Move Admin menu items from Appereance to Tools
+ UPDATE: Performance optimization
+ FIX: Remove WP icon or add custom icon for frontend admin toolbar

Version 1.4 – March, 22 2018

+ NEW: Add theme support for the new Gutenberg Editor
+ NEW: Add option to customize the max width of the backend block with activated spacing option
+ UPDATE: Add a version number for plugin stylesheet files (Cache busting)
+ FIX: Style issue with the Content Aware Sidebars plugin
+ FIX: Style issues Avia Layout Builder (Enfold theme)

Version 1.3 – September, 27 2017

+ NEW: Option to disable the customized login page
+ NEW: Option to show a company box with logo instead of the user box
+ FIX: Style issue with query monitor plugin
+ FIX: Style issues with mobile view

Version 1.2 – August, 28 2017

+ NEW: Option to remove the footer credits
+ NEW: Option to disable the spacing
+ NEW: Option to hide the toolbar
+ NEW: Option to hide WordPress icon from the toolbar
+ NEW: Option to add a custom toolbar icon
+ NEW: Embed custom Google Web Fonts
+ NEW: Import / Export of all options
+ FIX: Style issue with left menu height
+ FIX: Style issue with Visual Composer
+ FIX: Style issue with Flatsome UX Builder
+ FIX: Multisite issues
+ UPDATE: Remove the WordPress logo at the bottom right side
+ UPDATE: Language file

Version 1.1 – July, 23 2017

+ NEW: RTL language support
+ NEW: Multisite support
+ NEW: WordPress optimization and security options
+ NEW: Allow SVG / ICO file upload
+ UPDATE: Language file