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WordPress Admin Menu Manager

Manage WordPress admin menu was never so easy! You can hide, rename, reorder and change the icon of every WordPress admin menu item, and submenus too! You can have a clean and mistake-free menu for your clients, to other WordPress users and even entire roles.


  • Hide WordPress admin menu and submenu items;
  • Rename WordPress admin menu and submenu items;
  • Reorder WordPress admin menu and submenu items;
  • Change the icon of WordPress menu and submenu items.

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Version 3.0.11 and 3.0.12
- Fixed: Imcompatibility with VC
Version 3.0.10
- URGENT FIX: plugin won't deactivate
- Fixed: Plugin now handles the new VC versions
Version 3.0.9
- Fixed: incompatibility with WP 4.5
- Fixed: bug when searching icons.
- Fixed: Comments breaking HTML
Version 3.0.8
- Fixed: little incompatibility with Material WP
- Fixed: Now you can apply a setup to a role and overwrite that with a setup to a specific user.
- Fixed: Prefixed the plugin class to prevent conflicts with other plugins
- Useless files removed.
Version 3.0.7
- White label styles bug fixed.
- Other branding fixes.
Version 3.0.6
- Removed SASS class that was conflicting with some popular themes.
- Visual Composer Frontend editor compatibility issue resolved.
Version 3.0.5
- REMOVED ADVANCED CUSTOM FIELDS COMPLETELY (ACF is no longer a dependency and is not included).
- Bug in creating Multiple Menu Setups fixed.
- MAJOR BUG FIX: Menu Setups now apply to roles correctly.
- MAJOR BUG FIX: Separators do not "pop up" after updating Menu Setups.
- Ultimate Add-ons and other plugin conflicts solved.
- Fatal Error in menu creation solved.
- New: Support to menu items that have image icons in the WPAMM interface.
- WPAMM Menu only displayed to admins.
- "Close Item" button now works again.
Version 3.0.3
- Bugfix in the Widgets admin section, scripts conflicting solved.
- iconPicker bug fixed on comments and plugins menu items.
Version 3.0.1
- Large portion of the code was rewritten to fix some of the persistent bugs and to allow easier debugging;
- Auto Updates System implemented to make it easier for the buyer to get updates, validating by their purchase code **(NEW)**;
- Ability to create and exclude separators **(NEW)**.
Version 2.1.4
- Compatibility issue with iconmoon.
Version 2.1.3
- New ACF Version (5.2.0) added, solving update alert bug for good now.
Version 2.1.2
- New ACF version (5.1.8) added, solving the update alert bug.
Version 2.1.1
- The next update was not really the version 2.1.1 due to a mistake in the release process. We are very sorry. This new update is the new version, 2.1.1.
- Performance enhancement to hight traffic sites.
- Minor bugfixes.
Version 2.1
- Deactivate menu setups temporarily (new feature).
- Export single menu items (new feature).
- Change menu icons (new feature).
- Table now shoes relevant information about the menu setups (new feature).
- Fixes on submenu support.
- Label on the exporter changed from ambiguous "Menu" to "Admin custom menu".
- "Keep Calm" notice hidden when whitelabeled.
- Update on ACF bundled version.
Version 2.0.2:
- ACF upgraded to version 5.
- Bugs related to new plugins being installed fixed.
- Filter to whitelabel the plugin: add_filter('wpamm/settings/whitelabel', '__return_true');
- Conditional loading of ACF to avoid redundancies.
1.1.0 - Roles and Submenu Support as requested!
1.0.6 - Minor Bugfix to extend support to PHP bellow 5.4 (5.3.28)
1.0.5 - Initial Release on CodeCanyon