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112 comments found. how to solve that when i create new menu setup or update

It doesn’t work at all.

Can you elaborate on your issues? Kind regards,

Well, if I create a menu for the Editor it will remove some menus ok. But If I want to leave Appearance > Menu for example it only shows Appearance and now Menu. There are other tabs that don’t work too. Honestly this plugin hasn’t worked since I purchased it. I thought I would try it yet again and it just doesn’t work as advertised.

Can you provide admin access so we can take a look? You can contact us via the “Support” tab on the item’s page here at CodeCanyon.


moffzar Purchased

Hi, once I have created Custom Admin Menus and assigned it to specific role and Save it, I got 503 Service Unavailable.

Although the menu works, I can’t edit it. Please help tq.

That issue is usually related to a low PHP memory value. Edit your php.ini to increase the memory_limit and max_input_vars.

Hello, just purchased your plugin but getting 503 service unavailable error. I have increased the memory limit but still no luck.

Just emailed you

I had to delete the plugin in the end as it caused the site to go down, would it be possible to get a refund please

I emailed you the proceedings. Kind. regards,

I have a problem after wp update! The plugin don’t working !

Why is that huge “WP Admin Menu Manager” at the top of the page? It’s covering the notifications and it’s unnecessary.

Hi, I really love your plugin! I was just doing some work on my client’s site and I noticed that when i add a new plugin to their site, it does not automatically appear in the dashboard menu. The only way to find the new plugin menu is to delete the current custom menu and start over again. Is there a fix for this? It is too time consuming to recreate my custom menus each time I add a new plugin.

Pre Purchase question:

Does this plugin supports multi-language? Does it support Wordpress 4.8.1?

when I try to save new menu it give me:

500 – Internal Server Error This is a temporary server error. Please try to reload the webpage later.

Could you try to increase the max_input_vars and memory_limit on your php.ini? Kind regards,

Hi, weird, it doesn’t work on one of my websites. It doesn’t save any data.

What’s the purpose of the big banner at the top of the page? It’s not very professional and it’s in the way. Just place the logo to the right of the page if you really need to have branding be there.


We just add that to our own plugin pages, and it is quite small when compared with some other premium plugins out there. It just helps with the overall look and feel of the pages.

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Hey there, does this work? I see that it hasn’t been updated in a year.

Yes, it does =)