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105 comments found. how to solve that when i create new menu setup or update

It doesn’t work at all.

Can you elaborate on your issues? Kind regards,

Well, if I create a menu for the Editor it will remove some menus ok. But If I want to leave Appearance > Menu for example it only shows Appearance and now Menu. There are other tabs that don’t work too. Honestly this plugin hasn’t worked since I purchased it. I thought I would try it yet again and it just doesn’t work as advertised.

Can you provide admin access so we can take a look? You can contact us via the “Support” tab on the item’s page here at CodeCanyon.


moffzar Purchased

Hi, once I have created Custom Admin Menus and assigned it to specific role and Save it, I got 503 Service Unavailable.

Although the menu works, I can’t edit it. Please help tq.

That issue is usually related to a low PHP memory value. Edit your php.ini to increase the memory_limit and max_input_vars.

Hello, just purchased your plugin but getting 503 service unavailable error. I have increased the memory limit but still no luck.

Just emailed you

I had to delete the plugin in the end as it caused the site to go down, would it be possible to get a refund please

I emailed you the proceedings. Kind. regards,

I have a problem after wp update! The plugin don’t working !