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Hi, are all address book fields conditional by default? This way I couldn’t add a contact if I don’t have all (correct) details, and therefor, it wouldn’t be any use to me.

If you find any field not required by you, you can simply input n/a or it can be removed also. In case if you require any perticular field it can be changed/added.

Duplicate entry.

Where did you find duplicate entries?

Hello wpkraft,

my apologies for the confusion; I added a duplicate “comment”.

Okay, no problem :)

Hello wpkraft,

very nice! Would a future update permit for adding additional/custom input fields with icons?

Thank You in advance!

Hello wpkraft,

just wanted to follow-up if there was a scheduled update to manually add new fields as needed?

No updates yet.

Thank you for the quick reply, wpkraft – much appreciated!

Hello, how the contacts appear on the website’s pages (outside WordPress admin)? Does the plugin offer some shortcodes to use? Thanks for your time.

Currently, this plugin offers only admin side contacts. There is no shortcode added yet. However, upcoming version will have this option.

Is there any scope for admin only visible fields; for making notes on contact, uploading files etc…?

Not at now.

Hi before i buy this plugin there are a few things i need to know. Is it possible to add new fields because i need to add a lot of categories for a contact. And if yes can i use check mark fields?

It is possible to add new fields but you need to have basic html knowledge. There is no drag and drop option.

Looks promising, is it possible for each member of your community to have their own list? Can you email your contacts in segments or group/classify them by levels and use those lists to send them specific emails? Hope to hear from you :-)


I would like to remove the automatic entry in every input. With this formula autocomplete = “off” does not work.

You have a solution? Best regards

Can users add themselves as a contact?

No, it is workable only at admin side

Is there a way to display the address book on the frontend? And it would be great if you think about adding a search feature (like on the wp pages, usw.)

It is basically developed for the admin dashboard; but yes you can show it on frontend also after a little customization. Sure we will add the search feature in next release.

how the contacts appear on the website’s pages (outside WordPress admin)? Does the plugin offer some shortcodes to use? Thanks for your time.

Yes, you can use shortcodes.

So, this isn’t a plugin that allows end-users to maintain their own contacts list?

No, this is for admins.

Hello, can I use this Plugin and sync contacts with outlook and iOS?

Hi, we are sorry but no, this plugin does not offer such feature.

Its only work in backend, at frondend you can only show details.

Are you able to import from CSV or similar? I have an extensive list and adding addresses field by field, address by address seems daunting.

By default, this plugin doesn’t offer bulk import feature, however you can import and add addresses in bulk, by directly adding it to the plugin database.

am i able to display contacts on the front end

No, it’s for logged in users only.