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Hello CustomizeWP I need your plugin , but I use to create my Optimizepress forms , can you tell me if your plug – in is able to integrate with Optimizepress?

How much cost to integrate in OP? Are you able to do this?

I am sorry, but currently I’m involved in developing other plugins, and do not have time for custom jobs. Maybe you could find someone on envato studio.

Ok thank you

Does this integrate with buddypress?

I think it is. My users register here There are extended profile fields. If it does not work can I hire a developer to integrate it to work with buddypress.


hi! is it possible to include your form in the check out form of the woocommerce default page!?

No sorry it is not

Is it possible to integrate this with buddypress, or is there too much alteration to be done in order for it to work with buddypress?

It is possible. I would ask a freelancer for an estimation to check if it is worth it for you.


will it work with 4.4?

Will it work with BuddyPress registration page:

and does it also work on social registration:

Best regards, Michael

Hi, I am sorry it does not work with buddy press, it shoudl wok with social login

I was considering your plugin but was wondering if this could be also added to the login field? I want my students to accet the terms and policies each time they log in to the site. Also, can I add other polciies for them to accept such as licensing policy?

Are you guys aware of that your contact page doesn’t work?!!!! ( All you can see if a google image wit the message: 404. That’s an error.

The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

Anyways: I was going to ask some questions to you guys, but I might as well do it here:

1., ) Can you link the TOS, data policy, privacy policy etc to an external website/page? We are using a FAQ site/knowledge base on a sub-domain where we have all the legal information etc.

2.) BuddyPress compatible?

Thank you!

Hi, Thank you for your awesome plugin! I have same problem that pop up option is opening on the same tab. Would you have some clue?

Is anyone using this plugin with WordPress 4.6.1? Does it work?

Is anyone using this plugin with WordPress 4.7.4? Does it work?

The plugin is supported by the author?

Hi, I want to use this plugin for existing user to force re-accept changed terms of usage when they visit site first time after I start to use plugin. Is this possible? If it’s how? does plugin compatble with wpml?