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Nice work. :) bookmarked ! i will have this in my wc review plugin :) soon will buy it

Thanks for comment

Nice work GLWS :)

Thanks for comment

i want to make a video gallery and put a voting system, can i use this for video.

Hi, this rating is general use, so can be used to rate images, texts, videos etc. So yes it can be used as rating in video gallery

Great work, good luck with sales!

can i used it in android application….

In javascript based application Yes. Plugin is adjusted to touch devices.


I bought the rating tool to use it in wordpress, but it seems not to be possible to use ist here, isn’t it?

Hi, It is possible to use it anywhere, Wordpress is not any exception.

Thank you. Is there any instruction for installing it to wordpress?

Hi, it is not wordpress plugin, it is javascript thing so it must be implemented in wordpress. Easy installing is possible in Wordpress plugins.


I have buy your plugin for my website, I was trying to make wow effect with swords shapes but its not working. is it possible to share more example with html so I can use it.

You must have some error in configuration. Script has example and documentation in Package. Check browser console for error.

One more thing no html is needed, only html elemeny in which ratings will be added. Check examples in package.

question, can I do json and and a database with out page refresh on this rating system?

never mind on the responsive, I got that now

Yes it is responsive.

thanks bossbyte

Hi bossbyte, this is very nice, now do you have an example with a callback, I need to do this with ajax, json and a database

Thank you

working on it right now

Im puzzled, I need an example with wr.getRate(); please

Badboy69 in documentation You have exactly what You need:

var ​ ”#example”​ ,{ //here are options });

wr.getRate(); //returns current rate

Hi, I can use this in ghost blog system? Regards!

It is javascript. It can be used in every project running on web browser. So yes.

Hi bossbyte, I purchase this item and I want to implement with multiple rating in a single page but will display only one rate. I use class with div: ”.rating” ,{...

So it can be used many times on one page but every usage must be done on single element for example by id or data attribute.

So I have to initialize the plugin every time I have to use, even if on the same page

It give different objects on every element it is obvious that You need to take rating from there, and in Your call proposition it would be not possible to take rate from single one. You just run it in loop on every element.

I want to use this as a stand alone solution to make review “with smiley” and write a text, fill a form of contact details and send. Admin will get the review! Can this be achieved with this system?

Yes it can be used as part of described flow. Plugin is very flexible.

Hello, when the I use for loop to cal ”.rating” ,{... for multiple elements div ids (more than 20) the plugin only appears on few of the elements or the rating is only 0 ?

Plugin was tested on use on many elements. I suppose something is wrong in usage of plugin.

How to make it readonly?

Option disabled: true. It is well documented in documentation added to package.

Does it save and show the average users rating? EXAMPLE: amazon shows 4.5 out of 5 stars on its products. So people can rank the products and see the average rankings.

Sorry this is not possible in current version to show halfs

Hello there id like you to answer a few questions if possible. 1. Can this feedback system be implemented in PHP (laravel) based website?

2. Can this be customized and turned into a user rating feedback system like ebay where buyer and seller leave one another feedback rating.

Please let me know. Thanks

It can work with any backend,so for both yes.


marlono Purchased

The methods not work

var wr =”#example”,{...

wr.getRate(); Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token


marlono Purchased

hello, the methods to return boolean and number rate not work

it is my code

var wr =”#example”,{....

and when I run the function, I get this error

wr.getRate(); Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token


marlono Purchased

solved, It was my mistake, everything is working :)

This is a great little plugin thanks! I purchased it a year ago, but now my needs have changed and had to make it accessible. If you’re interested msg me…