Discussion on WoWonder - The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform

Discussion on WoWonder - The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform

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Translator is still not working with Dutch language (Holland), I have reported this issue few weeks ago, I was promised it will be looked it

please use different translator, something like google translate , will be better


Thanks for your feedback, I have noted to change that in near future.

when will the new version come out?


In 1 month.

doughouzforest.ticksy no answer ? 1 day ago on Wednesday at 9:10am

I have a problem Status – section is not working The story is not working problem mobile—or tablet pc


I’ll reply to you soon as I can.

Hi, I got problem !!!! open this link: this is one of my gropus.Check the source html pleas :( Problem is withe that:

There is a invisible, repeatable code generated on group pages for every group member, this makes the page source huge and a lot data to download, if there is a lot members then browsers also start to struggle.

This needs a fix. Please Help

My site dont work !!!! RAM is 100 % zero space. And what I need to do ? can You support this problem ?

Do problem can be in Wonderful theme?. I have now Wonderful theam ?

Hi again,

Do you mean you face this issue just in the groups? the 30K avatar?

Send me your server details to: and I’ll take a look.

Send me root access, and admin login details.

You have 30K users, Let’s say 10% are online, That’s 3000 online user using chat etc, so 8 GB is enough you think for 3000 online users! You start to need a dedicated server. VPS is not enough more. A simple blog can’t run on 8 GB ram with 3K online users.

Can you help with the moving of the upload files to the Amazon server


Using SSH yes, if you don’t have SSH access, please download them to your PC, then from PC upload to Amazon.

Hello how to enable Access-Control-Allow-Origin ?

Hello how to enable Access-Control-Allow-Origin ?


On your server, or on third party server?

If on your site, take a look here: write this on the start of index.php

Hey, for the update, will it be a totally new theme or are you just updating the theme wowonder currently uses? I ask because my site has MAJOR custom work done to it.

Ok sounds good to me. Will this overrite all of my custom work for this theme? Also, do you mind telling me what will be different?


The colors, icons, and the structure will look different.

Yes, it will overwrite your current theme.



Possible to add new menu? I mean if i want new menus on the left where “my profile” is? If not can you add this in the update? Thanks


Yes for sure, from ./themes/wowonder/layout/sidebar/left-sidebar.phtml

are you planning to add this in new update? i think we all like it :)


Yes sure, I have noted that.

Ummm whats the point in the stories feature??

Yes but you are led to that users profile and you can only upload 1 image. Needs some adjustments to this feature

No, you should be able to upload a lot of pictures mate.

please try on my site. not possible

in the blog section you can not write any article, where can you create it? obviously as an administrator, can you fix that or tell me where you can add an article? Thank you

Thanks for the help, I had not noticed. I have another question, the categories of blog articles are the same categories of groups, pages, etc., can those categories be changed? Only categories for blog articles. Thanks in advance


For now, they use the same categories, it can be changed in future updates, or by custom work.

thanks, that sounds great, we’ll wait for updates

Mate …. check wa.

Sorry mate, lol, got few tasks left for another custom job.

Come on bro, how long do we need to wait i have a app dev asking questions here about timestrech wich is costing me money.

we still have a problem with your black tapes on the side of the video. Yet the videos are clean they have black band originally.


This is due FFMPEG requirement, the script still doesn’t support FFMPEG for videos.

This will work only on VPS, therefore we didn’t add it yet.

But I shall add it as soon as I can.

I use VPS only


Yes, that’s your server, however 90% of our buyers use shared hosting, we really can’t add that for now as it will effect all the users, however I can add it as optional option in v1.6

Please how can users add admin to the there pages I mean when i go to page settings under admin you will see No members found, how can i add members to manage the pages


Search for the username here:

only admin you can add without any other features again


I might add this on near future.

I would like as an administrator to be able to add free, unpaid advertising and as an administrator I can also give users prizes so that they can publicize their posts, but without paying too.

when I say prizes I do not mean a special prize, if not, I can choose who can publish their posts as publicity thanks to me, but give them a balance amount so they can not infinitely.

1.- if it can be said that they will place it in the next update? Thank you


I see, I might add this on near future.

thank you for your willingness to add this, we will wait for the update to publish ads without paying and give the possibility to users who also do it without paying, it sounds great that

Hi men, What is date for MAJOR UPDATE 1.6 ? approximaty .?


Until May, however and update before that will come out.

I am getting reports of iPhone users having problems with the message system, 404 errors and such. I noticed that there is an IOS app so I purchased that. Have you made it so that we need to buy all of the apps in order for the message system to work? I have no idea how to compile or use the app, and I don’t have a Mac computer, which appears to be required for part of the build process. Please advise…


No, you can still use the messages system without the apps.

However, if you get 404 error, what version are you using? It’s been a long time since we fixed this issue.

For the apps, please reach its developer and he can install them for you.

I am using the latest version:


Please email me your server details with the issue described to

Support VK smileys


Thanks for your suggestions, I have noted them.

Hi , I upgraded my wowonder system and i must tel you you rock.. You did it again.. I have a question. When i want to ad movie via admin i insert. Youtube url like : now fter inserting the information about the movie i press add movie. after that it shows a message : Check Details, I did try everyting. I cant add movies.. PLease advice? I also send email .



You need to use links like this:

Also a thumbnail should be used.

I do Doug. I insert as link and it changes automatic to as you can see the link change.

Oke it Works Doug Thanks…

No comment on photo album? Or upload multiple photos at once??

I meant on photo album photos..


This is not possible yet, however I shall add this on near future.