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the forum is not updated now?


The forum is already in the script.

Hi there mate, i made the payment. a few days ago. Can you please fix my issues?


Thanks for your payment, I’ll go ahead and start on your requirements and finish them soon as I can.

Hi, please check the emails from , it’s urgent


I’ll reply to you soon as I can.

When is the next update?


No date set yet for the next update, however, next update will just have bug fixes and script stability.


On v1.6

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Thanks for your suggestions.

bir sornaki güncellemede görebilirmiyiz peki


Not sure if you received my question above, but I would like to know which file controls the header section where the logo is in the Admin. See screenshot:

Nevermind. I found it.

How can I show posts with most comment on top?? in the group view?


This is is not yet implemented, but you can do that by hiring a freelancer.

I have two serious problems for now: 1. Despite sending TWILIO credentials you have not resolved my audio and video call problem, I am sending you an attached image of the APIs that I put on wowonder 2. Google+ API works for the user’s country; but as soon as he introduces his location in his profile, there is an error message that applies on his page, I also send two images for better understanding by email

Thank you in advance, even if my customers can not call audio, nor video more when it creates a status that does not appear well, ie the image or video status is visible only when you click on the white background, you can see it on my website an example

ERROR TWILIO You are receiving this email because the following debugging event triggered one of your configured Alert Triggers.

Error Time 20103 – Invalid Access Token issuer/subject 2017-11-07 18:11:21 UTC View the Debugger for your account. Not sure what this means? Please review the Understanding [App Monitor Trigger] emails helpdesk article. If you have any other questions, please contact our support team. Account Account Sid AC5d4257dc1d049bb9e89ff6xxxxxxxxxx Alert Trigger * Recurring Daily Unsubscribe from this email by visiting the Alert Trigger page and clicking “Delete this Alert Trigger”.

Thank you for your help and solutions, I want to write to you by mail for 2 small problems that I have; but video audio calls work well, as well as map google, I just follow your advice

Can you also add the GIF feature to messages as well? I know it is in the chat part, but it is not in the messages part.


Yes sure, I might add this on near future.

people want to compare Sngine with Wowonder, Wowonder technology is 100 times better than Sngine’s technology. without comparison, Sngine sucks!


We gonna do our best, and gonna add a lot more features!

Thanks for your feedback.

please i need the wowonder webview app , it is not in my file when i download wowonder latest version . can you send me the url to download please ; i lost i old file .

Hey is there anyway to use the old app that used to come with Wowonder instead of the new timeline app (which I did purchase). I find it is much better than the new timeline app which can only be used with the default wowonder theme.


Yeah sure, you can.

You can get them from here freely:

Building site pages I get this error concerning characters in page name: Invalid characters in page name. I formatted the page name as: as indicated but no go. What am I doing incorrectly?

Ok sure, did it work? :)


Perfectly. By the way, as I have not worked with social network scripts before how can I be sure that everything is working correctly before I launch the website? There is a heck of a lot more here than in a Wordpress blog ;0) I am especially interested in the Twilio integration and how to determine if I have that set up correctly. I would ask you to take a look but I see that you have over two hundred pages of comments already!


Oh, no problem, just email me your Twilio account, admin panel information, and I shall set up and make sure everything works perfectly.

When will the documentation be api?


On near future.

Hi Deen, i have some questions plz: 1- is it possible to install the webview app for me ? 2- if am using another theme not (wowonder original) so will be active also with webview app? 3- webview app has notifications system ? in case user got any msg or like or.. then will come a notification for them ?


1. I am sorry, but the webview apps are free and not supported.

2. Webview just shows the app as in your Google Chrome browser on mobile, nothing more or less.

3. No, push notifications system is not added yet.

if i use any webview app with push notification system then should be working ?


Yes sure :)

Hello Author,

Do you have a plan of releasing an email system script like yahoo mail? Please reply.

Thank you


I don’t have plans for that for now, however, I might consider adding it on future updates.


What i mean is a separate script from wowonder script. It should be independent email system like yahoo mail. I hope this is clear.



Oh I see, I really don’t have plans for that right now.

There are a lot of powerful scripts like that in the internet mate. ;)

Hello deen,

on my site when I try to upload music after processing, the process starts again but failed how to solve it and when we try login with FB we face an error Unspecified error. an error found while processing your request! Try again

Thank you

Have a Nice Day


Please open support ticket thru the support tab and send me your server details, so I can take a look.

dear sir can you hide this area from home page ?

please check screen


You can hide this from the code source.

you can hide me or need support with you ?


Please purchase the script before asking for support.


Vocês Tem Aplicativo Grátis ´Para A Rede Social ?

dear sir

this script include android app ?

and if i want to buy WoWonder Android Messenger – Mobile Application for WoWonder download just apk or source code ?


1. The script has free webview apps.

2. They will provide you with full source code.

3. Yes sure, you can add ads on home page, or between posts

How to can add ads from admin panel because not found for demo


Admin > Advertisements > Manage Site Ads