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Hi! Deen, Where could I add more currency? I would also like to ADD MXN currency to the list…


You can add in ./assets/includes/app_start.php, find the array: $wo[‘currencies’]


You are welcome :)

Will this upcoming Update 1.6 offer New Features oh just Fixes? And if it is going to offer New Features can we know what features they are?


We will be adding new features and will be fixing all the reported bugs.

Awesome! Thanks!

You are very welcome!

Dear Sir

I want create social Network for school

1- I need we can register the school from admin panel. 2- student can search there school and can register by code or other method 3- student can see own school content only 4- student can chat with own school student only

tell me is it possible


You can simply disable the registration from the admin after they signup or you can add their database from MySQL Database while keeping the registrations disabled.

Hi! A new idea for security is 100% of spam (hacker). For example: who can add posts a link from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, is allowed – eg scr: And other websites – autoblock. This is not good scr: Hope next update v1.6 if have time.

I read the comments that you wrote “We have that feature already” for ffmpeg. I understand a little, is this the latest version 1.5.3 or will it be 1.6? We have the latest version 1.5.3, there is still no ffmpeg. I meant this video compression.

Have a good day. :)


You can record your suggestion for v1.6 here

2) we don’t have ffmpeg for wowonder yet. ffmpeg is only available for playtube at the moment.

Understood. Sent. When will ffmpeg? :D

Thank you for reply. ;)


You can include that in the list as well. we will be adding most requested feature :) & you are most welcome :D

Hello all. When is the new Update comming? Because the new privacy law whe have to. Whe dont want te get in truble


We will be releasing v1.6 in June – July

How to migrate or export all posts of a website build using WoWonder php script to Wordpress CMS, Do you have wordpress plugin ?


This isn’t possible.

Hello when will be the next update please? Because GDPR became enforceable on 25 May 2018 ? You are in late. Thank you.


We are aware of this change & we will implement that in the next update in v1.6 we will release that in June – July.

I just hope that this is your top 1 priority ;-)


Of course :) in meantime you would want to send us suggestion for v1.6 also include regarding GDPR

Big problem with the blog area. By default the creation of a blog creates two articles. One is represented by just the id number and the other is the full url. This will definitely make the blogs rank lower than their full potential and could be why the same redirected blog pages that were ranking perfectly on WordPress have all dropped considerably. I have changed urls before so redirecting alone would not effect the blog content that much. But the blogs that are indicated with id numbers should definitely redirect to the full version of the blogs. This is a coding error. Is there any fix for this extreme duplicate content issue yet?

By default there should be a reaction system. Something simple to give more engagement. WoWonder needs to do this because freelancers don’t follow coding principles and their plugins are buggy. From now on I will only purchase plugins developed by WoWonder. I believe that basic functionality should be hard coded into your source code. It can’t be that hard to do. Start very simple and expand if you choose as you continue to build and develop your code.

By default some of the pages are not sticky or you have to refresh the page for it to remain sticky. In the format of your software, I don’t understand why everything is not sticky by default. It looks much more cleaner that way. Also, all of Facebook pages and other professional social networks are sticky. If you are using the platform on a desktop and scroll too much you should not have to scroll all the way to the top of the page again to find sidebar content.

Hi, When release next update(time)? I hope GDPR is your priority number 1 !

can you make a very small update for the GDPR ?

Hi Deen; I am extremely sorry for this belated message. I know, everybody want to get prioritize. I’ll never ask you and make you head ache if this is not an urgent thing.

However, i can say Its the matter of life….I hope you will take a look at my ticket urgently… I am sorry and i hate myself for asking you this kind of favour…But please you may understand the situation…

Thanking you

this free support?

I only get 1 theme, where I can get the other theme?

How to delete chat history from DB in PHPmyadmin : Wo_UsersChat Thank you.

verification document like passport and government id when user upload it at which folder it will save ?