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MasJZ Purchased

Hi Bro. the size of mine is so wider not fix with my screen even im trying to minimize and maximize. please take a look, you have my ftp account, right…thanks

Hi MasJZ

Please contact our support team they will see and fix your problem ?

If you are talking about Wowonder Desktop then you dont need to send FTP ))


Elin Doughouz

Hello, if I order it with the applications IOS and Android is what you can install it with els applications?

Hi Lesducs ,

If you are buyer of regular license then you get 1 free install from us .

And for extended license you get 1 year free install on each new update .

For the IOS you get from us Just customizations (edit color logo and more) and help , but for install you need to do it by yourself .


Elin Doughouz

1) And make me customize the applications of www. ...place.fr with the logo and els colors of my site black and white that’s all. And exoplicate me where I have to put them online give me the links

2) Ok give me the link to order a license for le site www.eco …com that i send you name 3) And then we make the 3 rd cm and to finish the 4th comand for www.citizen.green

It is you who have lost 15 days in all these orders. Let me integrate www….place.fr which will be the model to make els others is more simpe

Hi Lesducs

I dont understand you , As i told you for every 1 domain name you need 1 Application license to buy .

Regular license then you get 1 free install from us. Extended license you get 1 year free install on each new update .


Elin Doughouz

Hello, I tried to install the messenger,...but it’s not working. Can me help somebody?


we got it! The Api is ok now

But the only thing is the username is still not there, see attached file (email).

Please can you help me.

And please whats about translations?....cause wowonder is in different languages


Hi Thalia_Skywalker

Once you are a buyer send to our support team what you need


Elin Doughouz

Thank you. Perfect support!


Nice work on your product. I have a few pre-sales questions:

- Can you please add functionality that allows for new chat sessions with users directly through the desktop interface? This looks like it only allows chat with sessions that are first established in the web interface. (i.e. If I want to talk to user Joe, I must first start the chat in the web interface, I can’t just search for him directly in the desktop app and start the chat that way)

- Can the desktop app be resizeable in the next update, please? Looks like it’s fullscreen or the default window size, at the moment.

- Is group chat and video calls (that are both already available in the web app version) planned for a future update?

Thank you in advance for your response.

Hi mber92

1- Yes, The Desktop application at the main time has a search on top if you dont have any activities you can chat from the search bar .

2-Yes the next update it will resizeable for sure + we will add Audio call and video calls .


Elin Doughouz