WoWonder Desktop - A Windows Messenger For WoWonder Social Script

WoWonder Desktop - A Windows Messenger For WoWonder Social Script

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WoWonder Desktop is a windows chat application for WoWonder PHP social network , with our application users can chat together on their PCs using our new application, now chat is faster, easier, and more fun !

WoWonder Desktop is easy, secured, and it will be regularly updated.


1) Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10
1) Vs2022 + WPF

User Features:

  • Send, receive messages.
  • Share & upload images, video, music, and files.
  • Offline access to all messages and recent conversions.
  • Update chat status.
  • Explore latest user’s posts, friends and information.
  • Emoticons.
and much more…


Version 3.4 17/02/2023
  • Updated the code for WoWonder v4.1.5 and above
  • Update To .NET 7
  • Update Triple-DES Cert Key
  • Update on Socket system.
  • Version 3.3.1 28/04/2022 Stable Version for 2022
  • Fixed 5 Bugs from previous reported issues
  • Improved UI/UX.
  • Version 3.3 17/02/2022 Stable Version for 2022
  • Updated the code to work with WoWonder v4.0 and above
  • Update To .NET 5
  • Update Triple DES Cert Key
  • Improved the loading of images and data fetching.
  • Improved the size of the app.
  • Added New theme for the application.
  • Added Notifications in Windows.
  • Added report mode logs for errors.
  • Added ability to send maps and locations.
  • Added socket system for the app.
  • Added Gender field in register page.
  • Added Encrypted chat system.
  • Added Reply to message system.
  • Added Ability to view Video Thumbnail.
  • Added Twilio video call system.
  • Added Ability to Archived Chat.
  • Added Ability to Pin Chats.
  • Added Ability to Mute Notification Chats.
  • Added Ability to Forward Message.
  • Added Ability to React on Messages.
  • Added Ability to Favorite a Message.
  • Added Ability to Delete Messages.
  • Added Ability to view Message Info.
  • Added Ability to view nearby users.
  • Added Group chat system.
  • Added Ability to use Two Factors Authentication.
  • Added Ability to request List of user and groups.
  • Added Ability to view last events.
  • Added Ability to manage sessions.
  • Added Ability to block users.
  • Added Ability to change password.
  • Added Ability to delete account.
  • Added new Sticker system.
  • Added Ability to edit Wallpaper color and image.
  • Added Ability to load more list.
  • Added Ability view sum of un read messages.
  • Fixed All error dispatcher threads.
  • Fixed Reopen the app after logout.
  • Fixed Language issues.
  • Fixed 30+ Bugs from previous reported issues.
  • Version 3.2 2 Jan 2021 Stable Version for 2021
  • Added Reset Image Background Chat
  • Fixed magor reported bugs
  • Updated the code to work with latest WoWonder script
  • Version 3.1 21 Feb 2020 Stable Version for 2020
  • Updated the code to work with WoWonder v2.3.3 and up
  • Added ability to change password
  • Fixed Gif loading
  • Fixed the display of the notifcation system.
  • Fixed magor reported bugs
  • Version 3.0 9/01/2020
  • Updated the code to work with WoWonder v2.3.2 and up
  • Added two-factor system for login
  • Added ability to activate account
  • Added ability to view market message
  • Upgrade to .NetCore 3.0
  • Fixed font render on the application
  • Fixed magor reported bugs
  • Version 2.1 21/08/2019 Stable Version for 2019
  • Updated the code to work with WoWonder v2.5.1 and up
  • Fixed Login account issue
  • Version 2.0 01/02/2019
  • Updated the code to work with WoWonder v2.2
  • Fixed register account issue
  • Add react notifcation system
  • improved performance issues
  • Version 1.5 12/1/2018 Stable Version for 2018
  • Updated the code to work with WoWonder v1.5.4.2
  • Added ability to Handel TLS3
  • Added ability to Swich the theme to dark mode
  • Fixed all reported bugs
  • improved performance issues
  • Version 1.4 9/23/2017 Stable Version for 2017
  • Updated the code to work with WoWonder v1.5.3
  • Added ability to Handel SSL / TLS2 and high secured servers connections
  • Added ability to Handel RTL Mode on Arabic language
  • Fixed sticker reported bugs
  • Added ability to login via enter button
  • Added ability to control your own settings by new variables
  • Pointer mouse on Items and activities
  • Full translatable version
  • Edit Application and install full video added
  • Version 1.3 9/15/2017 Pre-release
  • Fixed 4 reported bugs
  • Improve speed of application 50% More
  • few Improvement on SQL connections and c# libraries
  • Version 1.2 9/11/2017 (60+ New Features)
  • Added ability to Make video calls via Twilio from the app
  • Updated the code to work with WoWonder v1.5.2 and up
  • Totally new design using Google Material Design
  • Send and Receive Stickers / more than 300 stickers
  • Send and Receive Gifts/ Search and save your chosen gifts
  • Send and Receive Images / Save them where you like
  • Send and Receive Audio / Play it with the new Wowonder Audio player
  • Send and Receive Video / Play it with the new Wowonder Video player
  • Send and Receive files / Progress download and upload
  • View and Receive Phone Contacts
  • Added ability to view your recent calles and deleting it
  • Added ability to Search and follow users
  • Added ability to View all users contacts
  • Added ability to Mute sound And disable or enable popup notifications
  • Added full push notifications system
  • Added ability to view pro users on the chat application
  • Added ability to view Trending hashtags on the chat application
  • Added ability to view all last notifications from the chat application
  • Added ability to search inside the conversations and messages
  • Added ability to view all user profile information
  • Added ability to view all shared files and images from the same conversation
  • Added ability Edit and save your profile from the application
  • Added ability view last call logs
  • Added ability to register new account from the application
  • Added ability to login using 5 social networks.
  • Added ability to change user avatar from the application
  • Added ability to view friends of users
  • Added ability to block users from chat conversation.
  • Added ability to delete all chat conversation and messages
  • Added ability to change and control chat background image
  • Added ability to Manage and Reorder Stickers packs
  • Added ability to Manage local storage and free the disk
  • Added ability to handle Offline mode
  • Added ability for user to choose between 2 types of connections
  • Added ability to load all message from cash system
  • Added SQLite Database connection and stored data in tables
  • Added ability to change chat box colors during the chat
  • Walkthrough pages to add your own logos and info
  • Increase speed of the app to more than 50% Using Tasks and treads
  • Added Fody propertychanged library
  • Added Multilingual Implementation System with abilty to tranclate the app
  • Added RTL support for languages such as arabic
  • Added Download progress on Files and images and videos
  • WebRTC system using Cefsharp and Chromium
  • Fixed more than 20 Reported bugs
  • Version 1.1.0 10/10/2016
  • Added newest TLS/SSL integration, for high secured servers.
  • Updated the code to work with WoWonder v1.4.2
  • Changed the password box view to hidden.
  • Fixed few bugs.
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